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‘The Sky is Green’ Effect.

This is my new ‘saying’ for Republicans/Conservatives who look truth in the face, and STILL lie. I can see me & Sarah Palin looking at that big blue Alaskan sky and the wench will still look at me, and the sky, and tell me it’s green. THIS is the new Republican Party. AKA … The Tea Party.

Let’s start with the biggest load of crap the Republicans want you to believe and has proven to be a lie, that President Obama is a Muslim. First I take issue with the fact that they are accusing him of being a Muslim. Typical Conservatives, making this religion pure evil. All of it. All of them. (My personal opinion is that ALL organized religion is evil)

Question: So what if he’s Muslim? What are you implying when you accuse him of being Muslim? That his goal is to what … fly planes in to our buildings? Turn this country in to all Islam? Some of you idiots already believe he is implementing Sharia Law in certain cities. And if you believe this AT ALL … YOU ARE AN IDIOT. My conclusion is that if you really believe the President is Muslim, you pretty much can call yourself a racist. It’s funny how Republicans and Fox ‘News’ spent all of the campaign running sound bite after sound bite of Rev. Wright and his anti-American sermons. y’all were stunned that then Senator Obama attended this Church for 20 years and put up with Rev. Wright’s anti-American speeches. Remember that? I remember hearing all of the racists and bigots at the McCain/Palin rallies making the assumptions that just because Obama is black, it automatically makes him an Arab, or Muslim. Morons. Yes, his father is from Kenya … but it has been proven that Obama only met his father once when he was 10 and that was in the States!!

Here’s another point to the racist aspect. When has this ever happened: When has anyone gone up to someone and ask their denomination and the person answers, “Catholic,” or whatever and that person goes, “Nah, I don’t think so, I don’t believe you.” So why when President Obama states he is Christian, that is not enough? Because he is black? There are morons out there who believe wholeheartedly he is Muslim simply because of the color of his skin. These people are what we call ‘racists’ & ‘bigots.’ I have learned over the last 3 years to kinda just accept it. They exist. The only thing is I wish they would just own their racism. Just say it like you mean it. You hate the President because he’s black. Not because of his policies or his idealogues, YOU want your country back from the black guy. We all know what you mean. Moron.

Question: You don’t think that if President Obama wasn’t born in this country, this would have come out during the campaign? Uh … RACIST! This wasn’t even a thought in a Tea Bagger’s pea brain during the campaign. The vetting process, I’m sure, is MUCH better than McCain’s vetting of his VP candidate. This all came to surface after the President was elected. Did you hear me? OBAMA WAS ELECTED by the People of the United States. From what I can remember, this was actually started by Hillary supporters and then after Obama came to Office, Republicans ran with it. And are still running with it. In fact, Newt (I cheat on my dying wives) Gingrich has gone so far as to say that President Obama channels his dead father’s Kenyan ideas so he can run this country like a Muslim. Stand up guy.

So THIS is a prime example of what I am talking about. Hawaiian officials twice now have come out verifying Obama’s birth certificate. Is that good enough? Obviously not. What more can he do? These retarded Republicans keep saying that the President won’t produce his birth certificate except … HE HAS!! And the state of Hawaii has. This is THE SKY IS GREEN effect. Makes sense now, eh?

Now This Newsweek cover says it all, to me:


Everything this cover says can be proven to be false. Does that matter? Think Sean Hannity will ever tell the truth? Will Hannity ever report the truth? Why should he? He has a following of moronic idiots who believe anything and everything he says. How about Glenn Beck’s claim that Obama is a racist?

I can just see the average Fox News viewer sitting up in their barcalounger screaming, “You got that right, Beck! You so right Glenn!” Spilling their beer as they do so. Ugh just the thought. Not anywhere can you find me anything that would even come close to suggest that Obama has a ‘deep seeded hatred for white people.’ How unbelievably irresponsible. Quite breathtaking at how easy this comes out of his mouth. But to the Fox News viewer … THE SKY IS GREEN.

Another thing too is how successful the stimulus has been for this economy. Yet in interview after interview, Republicans will tell you how it has failed, sent us into more debt … blah, blah, blah. I for one was against the stimulus, I said, “Let them all fail.” But what do I know, I’m not an economist. And Obama seems to know what he’s doing and has surrounded himself with people who also know what they’re doing.

What I’ve also realized is that the American people as a whole, are STUPID. Really. The Republicans convinced them to vote out Democrats in Congress & the Senate based on what? Being the Party of NO. Offering NO ideas & NO solutions & NO alternatives to Obama and the Dems. Yet, these moronic Americans voted them in! WHAT???

Last QUESTION posed to Republicans: This is about the Bush Tax Cuts. These cuts were enacted in 2001 and 2003. So we’ve actually had 9 years of the Bush Tax Cuts and look where we are. Hello?? You think these cuts may have something to do with this economy you keep bitching about? They don’t work. Rich people DON’T put spend money to jump-start the economy … THEY SAVE. Because they can. Also, how can you cut taxes AND lower the deficit? This means you have to cut spending in social programs. i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, Education. But I can’t find one Republican politician to actually answer where they will cut spending. So to the American voter: How is that acceptable?

So in conclusion … next time you see a Republican/Conservative & all of Fox News staring TRUTH in the face and still lying, you can just say, “Yup, The Sky is Green.”


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Fox News Viewers: We Need to Talk

Dear Fox News Viewer:

This is an open letter to anyone who watches Fox News on a regular basis. As much as I don’t want to, I will give you some benefit of the doubt because one can only assume you don’t watch any other news outlet, so you don’t know any better. You really don’t know how you have become brainwashed because there is nothing else you watch that would change your mind or counteract with what Fox is telling you. This is exciting to me because in this letter, I can also post videos of Fox News lying, and I don’t mean your average little white lie … I mean HUGE lies. Like editing a video of the President’s speech and then talking about it, as if he actually said what they want you to think he said. I can play THE WHOLE VIDEO! And you can learn the truth. All I am asking, is that at the end of this, you realize that TRUTH & LOGIC are more important than anything else. However, I do also understand that some of you are just plain hateful, stupid, racist, bigots, & well … stupid. I can’t help you. And quite frankly, I don’t want to. So with that out-of-the-way, let’s get started.

I first started thinking about this subject during the campaign. A girl I worked with commented on my Facebook page and listed every falsehood about then Senator Obama’s childhood. Literally she was telling me about Obama being born in Kenya, that he went to the same grade school as some of the 9/11 hijackers … and on and on and on. This stunned me, it shouldn’t have, but it did. I replied saying, “Do you watch anything other than Fox? Do you care to do your own research?”  Well nonetheless, she de-friended me. Wah. At that point too, I realized that some people don’t care about the truth. They hated this black guy so much that truth was about as important as their garbage in the kitchen. It was scary to me. Thanks to the McCain/Palin campaign, the racists reared their ugly heads. And the climate in this country is that it’s ok to hate black people. Excuse me … non-white people. I am not too fond of white people at the moment. All the racism, bigotry, hatred, hypocrisy … it’s sickening.

Question: Who of you out there believed Sarah Palin when she was talking about ‘Obama’s ‘death panels”? Really? Here is her quote.

Sarah Palin’s lie, which was posted on her Facebook account on August 7, 2009: Seniors and the disabled “will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care.”

What this means is that there were morons out there who really believed that the elderly and mentally challenged would stand in front of a ‘death panel’ and someone would tell them if they would live, or be put down. Like a dog. Does Sarah Palin actually believe this? We’ll never know since she only goes on Fox and NEVER has to answer for anything. But again, who is to blame? Her and her retarded (that was on purpose) statements? Or the stupid Americans who believed that? I want all Americans who actually believed this to come forward and stand in front of a ‘stupid panel’ and have to wear a S on their forehead. For utter stupidity.

Another thing that happened on Facebook was a woman posted an article stating that President Obama was wanting to ban recreational fishing. Then the comments that followed her post were astonishing, actually having a conversation as if … AS IF … it was real. I posted my own comment, I said, “Did you even say this out loud? Did you let the words come out of your mouth and go into your ears? Seriously? The President wants to ban fishing?” Needless to say, she de-friended me too. Wah.

Also, Fox News Viewer: THE CONSTITUTION IS NOT ONLY YOURS. The 1st Amendment is just as important than the 2nd Amendment. You can’t scream 2nd Amendment when it suits you, and then trample all over the 1st Amendment. The whole ‘Mosque’ issue should have been put to rest with three words. FREEDOM OF RELIGION. That’s it. You don’t get to choose which religion deserves its freedom. THE BIBLE IS NOT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

I have encountered many people, on social networking sites, and in person, who are afraid Obama is going to raid everyone’s home and take their guns. And they are serious. (Eyes roll) I don’t even recall Obama ever talking about guns, or gun control, or the 2nd Amendment at all … even during the campaign. Can someone find me when he did? Do you understand you are all up in arms about NOTHING? But wait, I think you just don’t care. Fox News tells you Obama wants your guns, then that’s it. That’s the truth. Because Fox News said so. Stupid.

Fox News commits MY biggest pet peeve daily/nightly. They state opinions as facts. I HATE THAT. Fox News states their opinions as facts. They are also just full of hypocrisy every damn day as well. Just watch The Daily Show and almost every night, Jon Stewart and his genius writers/research department point this out. Fox still isn’t calling themselves ‘Fair & Balanced’ are they?


I have aired this video many times. Only because it is exactly what Fox News is. Manipulating LIARS. And Sean Hannity is at the helm of this one. So FOX NEWS VIEWER … watch this and then explain to me WHY you are ok with this?

Conclusion: I’m going to say this and most likely regret it later. Oh who am I kidding, I have NO problems calling the average Fox News Viewer a racist. The problem is that a lot of these people I guess don’t know what it means to be a racist … Here is clue #1 … If you start a sentence with, “I am not a racist, but …” I promise you, you are a racist. Because a person who is truly NOT a racist would never even say anything that could be misconstrued as being racist. Clue #2 … if you find yourself saying, “Well I have black friends,” you are most likely a racist. A non racist person would never feel the need to quantify his ‘black’ friends to anybody. And I’d bet money, this token black person really isn’t your friend. Clue #3 … If you believe that reverse racism DOES exist, you are more than likely a racist. Because this means, to me, that you are absolutely clueless about the history of blacks in this country. You know nothing about the true horrors of slavery. And this history of TRUE racism. And I would also bet a year’s paycheck that you, Fox Viewer, will never educate yourself about slavery & racism. Are you familiar with Emmitt Till? I didn’t think so.

Here are a list of O’Reilly videos I find SO amusing to watch. Lie after lie after lie. I love it. And last question … Fox Viewer: What would have to happen, to get you to see the TRUTH about Fox News? To say to yourself, “You know what? I am a Republican, but I can’t watch a channel that is so disingenuous to its viewers, manipulates speeches to further its agenda, and lies constantly to make the Republican party’s agenda, Fox’s agenda.” What would it take?


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The Republican Hypocrisy: 9/11

The biggest hypocrisy of all, if you ask me. But who’s asking me? Nobody. So I have to offer up my 2cents the old fashion way … by blogging!!

I remember the months leading up to the war like it was yesterday. I used to frequent this American Politics chat room on Webtv. Does anyone remember Webtv? I’m dating myself. But I loved it. If I was an actual human being standing IN this chat room, I would have been murdered for being ‘unpatriotic’ because I asked one simple question: “What did Saddam Hussein have to do with 9/11?”

Even today … isn’t that the $100,000.00 question? George Bush and his ‘pimping’ of his book the last week has brought up all these memories. He is so smug and arrogant that it makes me want to vomit. He refuses to take responsibility for ANYTHING. And everything ‘blindsided’ him. Whatever dude. You are a spoiled, entitled piece of shit. yeah, I said it. He is a piece of shit. But back to the chat room. When I asked that question to a room full of conservative chatters, I became a terrorist, to them. Well when you have the President saying, “Either you are with us, or you’re with the terrorists,” there really is no gray area. What a bunch of gullible puppies.

Sidebar: Now on Fox News, NOT questioning the President is unpatriotic. Back then, questioning the President during war-time was the most unpatriotic thing an American can do.

Start watching at 2:11.–the-new-liberals

YOU that actually watch Fox News … you are ok with all the lying & manipulating? Really? Do you hate the President that much that you just don’t care what the truth is? Please, don’t see the MSM is liberal bias and MSNBC is the same as Fox News. It isn’t. Find me one time on MSNBC or CNN where they obviously lied and manipulated video to prove their own agenda. I dare anyone.

My FAVORITE Fox News video.

Another question I have is this; how are you Republicans/Conservatives ok with George Bush NOT catching Osama Bin Laden? How is that acceptable? You guys (Republicans) were all about playing on the fears of the Americans in this country, yet NOT going after Bin Laden was ok? Seriously? When Fox News and their commentators/pundits were telling everyone that if you questioned the President YOU are un-American.

Another question. Republicans & Fox News LIVED for 9/11 and war talk. When President Bush was called to speak to the 9/11 Commission, he DEMANDED three things:

1.) He was not to be under oath

2.) It was not to be recorded

3.) And Dick Cheney had to be in there with him

Oy Vey. Still acceptable Fox News? Sean Hannity? I still think THE BIGGEST HYPOCRISY is this … Impeach President Clinton for oral sex, DON’T impeach President Bush for starting a war based on lies. As soon … AS SOON as it was realized that no Weapons of Mass Destruction were going to be found in Iraq … A Patriotic Democrat should have sacrificed himself/herself and DEMANDED Bush & Cheney be put under oath to answer questions. Dems do live up to their stereotype of being cowardly and gut-less.

Look at the mess this country is in and President Obama is being blamed for it, even though he really did inherit it. Yet Bush and Cheney walked away. Just walked away. Lying all the way.

Fox News: Sean Hannity: Bill O’Reilly: … where is your integrity? Do you even know what that is? At least you know you can’t call yourselves journalists. Journalists, for the most part are all about FACTS. Even if they are opinionated … but FACTS mean nothing to Fox News and their commentators.

Well I happened to find this video … A Symphony of Lies … This is one of my favorite songs ever, and makes everything in the video so sad.

Please tell me what you think, if you have anything to add or just think I’m a kook. Whatever … These are MY opinions … BASED ON FACTS.


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The Racist Face of the Republican Party – Newt Gingrich


Where have I heard that before? Sometimes you have to call it like you see it. When I read an article of Newt Gingrich talking about “President Obama is operating from within a ‘Kenyan, anti-colonial’ worldview, I got so angry – and I don’t know if it was what Newt was actually saying … or the morons who were believing him. Here’s a video of what he said …

Here is the actual quote:

“Our President is trapped in his father’s time machine. Incredibly, the U.S. is being ruled according to the dreams of a Luo tribesman of the 1950s. This philandering, inebriated African socialist, who raged against the world for denying him the realization of his anticolonial ambitions, is now setting the nation’s agenda through the reincarnation of his dreams in his son. The son makes it happen, but he candidly admits he is only living out his father’s dream. The invisible father provides the inspiration, and the son dutifully gets the job done. America today is governed by a ghost”

First of all, you don’t get any more racist than this. NEWT, did these words actually come out of your mouth before this time? Did you hear how this sounds? So racist, Newt. Here’s my take on why he said it: He’s playing to the Tea Party. This statement was to pander to the Tea Party. Do I think Newt Gingrich really believes this? I don’t know … it only seems that the whitest, red-necky, no tooth, confederate flag flying, gun-toting Hoosier would actually believe this.  

So, here is the problem … and my pet peeve of the moment; is he ever going to go on any station, of than Fox News, to answer for this? To explain why he actually believes this. That the President is actually channeling his dead father from Kenya … on how to govern the United States? Really?? Where are the facts here Newt … you do know President Obama only met his father once when he was 10. According to you, that must have been one hell of a meeting.

Now Newt actually got this from an article he read in Forbes Magazine:

This Dinesh D’Souza idiot has a history of writing whatever he wants … truth or no truth, facts or no facts … he doesn’t care. And reading this, Newt … you should have known that it was about as made up as Dora the Explorer being an actual person. But I think Newt said to himself, “Hmmm. The Tea Baggers will eat this up!” Since he is considering a run for President in 2012, this was a Godsend. The Tea Baggers, and dumb Americans who are believing this crap, will believe and fall for anything. The Republicans are throwing spaghetti against the wall and whatever sticks, then that’s what they will focus on. The ‘wall’ being America. The BS about the President being Muslim … that stuck. The BS about the President not being an American citizen … that stuck. Again, I’m torn as to who I am actually angry with, the pundits/commentators/conservatives who spew this venom … or the idiots who actually believe it.

Also, consider the source … This guy, Newt Gingrich, left his cancer stricken wife for another woman. In fact, while his wife was in the throes of trying to beat cancer, he was cheating on her … also while trying to impeach President Clinton. WOW … Pot … Meet … Kettle.

You are scummy, Newt. You are a hypocrite and a liar and a coward. A coward because I don’t see you doing interviews with any other journalists … other than those ‘journalists’ on Fox News. Makes you a HUGE COWARD!


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I Don’t Get It. Why are Poor People Voting Republican?

I Don’t Get It. Why are Poor People Voting Republican?

To me, this is the $64,000 question. One can only assume that most people don’t do their own research. Which is asinine to me. I need to speak with a poor family who voted Republican this mid-term, and ask … WHY?

#1: The Republicans, since President Obama took office, have offered NOTHING. Seriously, they have offered nothing as an alternative to Obama’s agenda. They have said … on many occasions … that they will be the party of ‘NO.’ They are going to say NO to everything, and by golly … they have. Yet, they never offered a solution. How is that ok with Americans? You voted for a party with no ideas. You really did. So the question is … are Americans even paying attention?

#2: Do these poor people, who are most likely receiving Government assistance, realize that Republicans want to take this away from you? Good-bye to the Unemployment extension. Let me say this clearly: REPUBLICANS ARE COMPLAINING THE MOST ABOUT THE HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATE, AND YET THEY DON’T WANT TO EXTEND THE UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS TO SO MANY AMERICAN FAMILIES. I can only assume this didn’t enter your mind when you were in the voting booth? At least see the massive hypocrisy with that.

Here’s another one that’s been bugging me: YOU WHO ARE MAKING UNDER $250,000 … WHY ARE YOU UPSET ABOUT REPEALING THE BUSH TAX CUTS FOR THEM? Seriously, why? PAY ATTENTION: Republicans are also whining about the deficit along with taxes. How can you bring the deficit down without taxing someone? how about the rich? And it’s only an extra 3%. How do you think anything is going to get better without some type of capital coming in? HELLO??? President Obama campaigned on this!! Watch Mitch McConnell NOT answer this question. And you voted for this guy?

You guys hate the President SO much you are going to vote in Republicans, makes me ill. Here ya go. Mitch McConnell stating the actual Republican agenda.

That’s the change you voted for? You’re ok with that? Democrats DO live up to their stereotype … they are weak. They can’t sell their own accomplishments. And believe it or not, the President and the Congress and Senate accomplished a lot in a year and a half.

Even as crazy and psychotic as the Tea Party is, in a political climate, the ones who DO scream the loudest seem to be heard the most and win the ‘argument.’ The Democrats and liberals don’t know how to scream at all. The Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally to restore sanity WAS in essence, true … but it felt like I was in 3rd grade and the teacher was giving the whole class a lecture, even though everyone knew who the culprits were. Please watch this video from Real Time with Bill Maher from 11/5/10. Bill is correct.

So if you are poor, and by poor I mean the ‘working poor.’ Unemployed, trying to keep your family afloat, can’t find a job … please tell me why you voted for Republicans. And did you even pay attention to the truth? Or just heard the Tea Party because they were the loudest and got the most attention? Even though the Tea Party IS full of CRAP. Please, explain.


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Why I Hate Sarah Palin

Yes I know ‘hate’ is a strong word but that emotion has grown on me since she was rolled out two years ago. And I did have a moment of weakness when she walked onto the stage that fateful day, August 29, 2008. I said to myself, “Wow, we are either going to have our first black President, or our first woman Vice President.” I did say that. And then she opened her mouth.

The first sign of trouble was when she introduced her youngest son: Trig Paxson Van Palin. Uh oh … this woman likes Van Halen, I LOVE VAN HALEN. They are my second favorite group! Anyway, that’s not important …

Sarah Palin sends women, women’s rights, & the advancement of women in general back about 100 years. No kidding. Susan B. Anthony has to be rolling in her grave screaming, “I did all that for HER?” I disagree with everything Palin ‘stands’ for. And I quite honestly don’t know if she really stands for anything herself. She is the Queen of TALKING POINTS. Republican talking points.

Challenge: Find me a Sarah Palin speech that she actually talks about HER ideas & beliefs; what SHE really wants for this country. The only thing I have come up with is that recently she stated that she is never talking to the Mainstream media ever. “I Don’t Want To Talk To Media Outlets Other Than Fox News.” I do believe that is a Sarah Palin original.

Sarah Palin Plays the ‘victim’ Perfectly

And that started with the Katie Couric interview. The famous Katie Couric interview. Classic. Palin’s complaint with the interview was that Katie Couric was ‘out to get her.’ … you know, GOTCHA! Whatever lady, YOU DIDN’T KNOW SQUAT. Bottom line. YOU were running for VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, NOT the PTA for Christ’s sake. And everyone had McCain dead in less than four years so you were inadvertently running for President. But you NEVER took responsibility for your ignorance. YOU blamed Katie Couric. This was stunning to me. Really? You didn’t have an answer for ANY question. You really didn’t. OWN IT. Watch & cringe.

If I had a daughter, and my daughter grew up and started showing characteristics of Sarah Palin, I would have to recuse myself as her mother because that would mean I failed miserably. Her parents should be ashamed. Playing the victim, for three years, is such an embarrassment for women everywhere. The fact that she is anti-choice is bad enough … really bad, but to lack the ability to take any responsibility for, quite frankly, everything she has said & done, is pathetic. Her VP debate with Biden was a joke. I mean anything short of her falling on her face … she was going to be successful. Seriously? She came out and basically said that she was going to give HER answers to questions SHE thinks the American people want to know. Remember? Duh! All talking points, because there was NO WAY she was going to be able to answer an unscripted question. SHE DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING! Watch this … it’s amazing. I don’t understand how anyone can say she beat Biden.

Palin Will not be Challenged on Anything she Says … From Now On.

I think what makes me mad the most right now, is that she can say anything she wants, tell all the lies she wants, mistruths, exaggerations, oh and … LIES. And nobody will be able to challenge her about why she is saying what she is saying. How is that American? This woman was so offended by the use of the word ‘retard,’ yet told Dr. Laura to ‘reload’ when she said the N word on her show 11 times. WOW. Nobody will ever ask her about that. And another thing, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, criticizing Palin about her wardrobe is NOT sexist. She came out at the Republican National Convention in a $1,500.00 Valentino jacket claiming to be ‘Joe Six-Pack’ and a ‘Hockey Mom.’ I don’t know ANY hockey mom or just an average mom who would ever be able to afford that jacket. So if her whole schtick is “I’m You.” Then you’re damn right we get to ask her about her wardrobe. There is one question I would ask Mrs. Palin – Do you really believe our President is a terrorist? Most likely another talking point.

Another thing that I can’t stand is watching her during the midterm campaigns. Complaining about the Health Care bill. Criticizing President Obama left & right. However, if anyone were to ask her anything about what is actually IN the bill, would she even be able to answer? We’ll never know because she refuses to talk to anyone but Fox News. Pitiful.

She Quit!

Yet, she really doesn’t believe she quit. I mean she really doesn’t. She doesn’t think the words ‘quit’ & ‘resign’ mean the same thing! She said that to Andrea Mitchell. That’s what I am talking about from before … not taking responsibility for anything. I mean it is shameful.

I know there are many more things I can type out, but I am sure this is long enough … plus there’s a great thing called the ‘edit’ button. So enjoy this last video … Sarah Palin at her best!


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This was a post I made on Facebook on 9/19/10.

I GET IT NOW!!  It all makes sense. There is NO liberal media, there is only Fox News and their commentators who want everyone to believe there is a liberal media. I mean I used to think … I don’t get it … I don’t see anything in the MSM that comes even close to how bias Fox is. But because Ms. O’Donnell doesn’t have to answer for her past, Fox and all its pundits are going to blame the ‘liberal’ media for being ‘out to get her.’ They now take her on their private Fox island and protect her, just like Palin. When they rolled Palin out 2 years ago, it was a surgical strike. I mean the woman knew NOTHING, that was obvious. So the McCain camp hit everyone with the ‘you’re sexist for asking that question.’

Here’s the problem. These brainwashed morons  watch Fox and believe everything that is said. Even though it all is manipulated. (Sean Hannity is proof of that) Their viewers have no desire to do their own research for actual truth. And quite frankly, truth means nothing to Fox, Fox viewers, and the Tea Baggers.

Their hatred for Obama is so overwhelming, that truth has no place. And yes, it is racial.

The Tea Baggers 1st hate being called racists. The 2nd thing they hate is black people.


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