The Dumbing Down of America

05 Nov

One can only assume Fox News has something to do with this. All I want is for people to be more like me. I have my phone next to me at all times, Google is my home page. I do my own research. When I hear something that I have no clue about, I make sure I look it up & do the research myself. That doesn’t seem to happen lately.

Case in point: President Obama is a Muslim … Uh, NO he’s not. But still people believe this nonsense. This can only happen for two reasons, in my opinion. The people who believe it are racists. Yeah, I said it … and I’ll say it again. The people who believe President Obama is Muslim, ARE racists. I even read one Facebook comment stating that he has a picture of the President praying to Mecca. Really? Post it. Did he? Of course not. It doesn’t exist, unless it’s been photoshopped. I mean seriously, you don’t think Fox News would have been all over this during the campaign? They weren’t. All they talked about was Rev. Wright.

The other reason is that the Americans who believe this are too lazy to do their own research, and just take what Fox News says as gospel. That really ‘grinds my gears,’ as Peter Griffin would say.

The other one is that President Obama was not born in America. Good grief. Really? That’s all you can come up with? I feel sorry for the President. First black President in this country’s history and he has to deal with people hating him for his skin color. What century is this? What country am I in? It’s embarrassing.

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Posted by on November 5, 2010 in Politics


One response to “The Dumbing Down of America

  1. Kayla M. Abbott

    November 5, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    It’s sad that racism and bigotry is still going on. It’s only a little over 30 years ago when Harvey Milk was protesting for Gay equality, but yet this is 2010, and we’re still fighting over the same issue!

    Obama was raised to think for himself and raised in a secular household, although he’s call himself a Christian. He must be a very open one, because he supports humanism and secular societies. There has been times though (according to some articles) where he was anti-secularist on certain issues. That’s just an individuals opinion. His real father was muslim but, died an Atheist. Of course Obama never really knew him, so I guess Obama Sr. doesn’t really matter in this picture. I guess he had a step father that was muslim, but also called himself hindu etc. So Obama grew up to learn “diversity” quickly. His mother was just open, I guess you’d call her a free thinker.

    I love America, but there’s a lot here to be improved. This is “home of the brave..” but it’s not necessarily “Land of the free..” I know I reversed the two, I’m just saying. If this was a free country, Gay rights wouldn’t still be an issues, If this was a free country, then the government wouldn’t try their hardest to control every aspect an American citizens life, not to mention censorship when the first amendment gives me the right to hear swearing and see a tit. If this was a free country I wouldn’t have some bimbo trying to take my masturbation rights away, simply because her husband wants to keep his dick dry.

    See where I’m going with this? I love America, but we the people, need to improve it and try to work together, or we will face more issues down the road.

    What do I know though. This is just an opinion.


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