I Don’t Get It. Why are Poor People Voting Republican?

07 Nov

I Don’t Get It. Why are Poor People Voting Republican?

To me, this is the $64,000 question. One can only assume that most people don’t do their own research. Which is asinine to me. I need to speak with a poor family who voted Republican this mid-term, and ask … WHY?

#1: The Republicans, since President Obama took office, have offered NOTHING. Seriously, they have offered nothing as an alternative to Obama’s agenda. They have said … on many occasions … that they will be the party of ‘NO.’ They are going to say NO to everything, and by golly … they have. Yet, they never offered a solution. How is that ok with Americans? You voted for a party with no ideas. You really did. So the question is … are Americans even paying attention?

#2: Do these poor people, who are most likely receiving Government assistance, realize that Republicans want to take this away from you? Good-bye to the Unemployment extension. Let me say this clearly: REPUBLICANS ARE COMPLAINING THE MOST ABOUT THE HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATE, AND YET THEY DON’T WANT TO EXTEND THE UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS TO SO MANY AMERICAN FAMILIES. I can only assume this didn’t enter your mind when you were in the voting booth? At least see the massive hypocrisy with that.

Here’s another one that’s been bugging me: YOU WHO ARE MAKING UNDER $250,000 … WHY ARE YOU UPSET ABOUT REPEALING THE BUSH TAX CUTS FOR THEM? Seriously, why? PAY ATTENTION: Republicans are also whining about the deficit along with taxes. How can you bring the deficit down without taxing someone? how about the rich? And it’s only an extra 3%. How do you think anything is going to get better without some type of capital coming in? HELLO??? President Obama campaigned on this!! Watch Mitch McConnell NOT answer this question. And you voted for this guy?

You guys hate the President SO much you are going to vote in Republicans, makes me ill. Here ya go. Mitch McConnell stating the actual Republican agenda.

That’s the change you voted for? You’re ok with that? Democrats DO live up to their stereotype … they are weak. They can’t sell their own accomplishments. And believe it or not, the President and the Congress and Senate accomplished a lot in a year and a half.

Even as crazy and psychotic as the Tea Party is, in a political climate, the ones who DO scream the loudest seem to be heard the most and win the ‘argument.’ The Democrats and liberals don’t know how to scream at all. The Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally to restore sanity WAS in essence, true … but it felt like I was in 3rd grade and the teacher was giving the whole class a lecture, even though everyone knew who the culprits were. Please watch this video from Real Time with Bill Maher from 11/5/10. Bill is correct.

So if you are poor, and by poor I mean the ‘working poor.’ Unemployed, trying to keep your family afloat, can’t find a job … please tell me why you voted for Republicans. And did you even pay attention to the truth? Or just heard the Tea Party because they were the loudest and got the most attention? Even though the Tea Party IS full of CRAP. Please, explain.


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3 responses to “I Don’t Get It. Why are Poor People Voting Republican?

  1. Mike Bini

    November 7, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    We know why. The poor have less education, are more religious, andmore suseptable to suggestions from their religious leaders.

  2. Nasir Muhammad

    November 8, 2010 at 9:11 am

    The Democrats have provided income transfer programs, but not much of a “Hand Up”. Skill training is the only way out of poverty!


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