‘The Sky is Green’ Effect.

28 Nov

This is my new ‘saying’ for Republicans/Conservatives who look truth in the face, and STILL lie. I can see me & Sarah Palin looking at that big blue Alaskan sky and the wench will still look at me, and the sky, and tell me it’s green. THIS is the new Republican Party. AKA … The Tea Party.

Let’s start with the biggest load of crap the Republicans want you to believe and has proven to be a lie, that President Obama is a Muslim. First I take issue with the fact that they are accusing him of being a Muslim. Typical Conservatives, making this religion pure evil. All of it. All of them. (My personal opinion is that ALL organized religion is evil)

Question: So what if he’s Muslim? What are you implying when you accuse him of being Muslim? That his goal is to what … fly planes in to our buildings? Turn this country in to all Islam? Some of you idiots already believe he is implementing Sharia Law in certain cities. And if you believe this AT ALL … YOU ARE AN IDIOT. My conclusion is that if you really believe the President is Muslim, you pretty much can call yourself a racist. It’s funny how Republicans and Fox ‘News’ spent all of the campaign running sound bite after sound bite of Rev. Wright and his anti-American sermons. y’all were stunned that then Senator Obama attended this Church for 20 years and put up with Rev. Wright’s anti-American speeches. Remember that? I remember hearing all of the racists and bigots at the McCain/Palin rallies making the assumptions that just because Obama is black, it automatically makes him an Arab, or Muslim. Morons. Yes, his father is from Kenya … but it has been proven that Obama only met his father once when he was 10 and that was in the States!!

Here’s another point to the racist aspect. When has this ever happened: When has anyone gone up to someone and ask their denomination and the person answers, “Catholic,” or whatever and that person goes, “Nah, I don’t think so, I don’t believe you.” So why when President Obama states he is Christian, that is not enough? Because he is black? There are morons out there who believe wholeheartedly he is Muslim simply because of the color of his skin. These people are what we call ‘racists’ & ‘bigots.’ I have learned over the last 3 years to kinda just accept it. They exist. The only thing is I wish they would just own their racism. Just say it like you mean it. You hate the President because he’s black. Not because of his policies or his idealogues, YOU want your country back from the black guy. We all know what you mean. Moron.

Question: You don’t think that if President Obama wasn’t born in this country, this would have come out during the campaign? Uh … RACIST! This wasn’t even a thought in a Tea Bagger’s pea brain during the campaign. The vetting process, I’m sure, is MUCH better than McCain’s vetting of his VP candidate. This all came to surface after the President was elected. Did you hear me? OBAMA WAS ELECTED by the People of the United States. From what I can remember, this was actually started by Hillary supporters and then after Obama came to Office, Republicans ran with it. And are still running with it. In fact, Newt (I cheat on my dying wives) Gingrich has gone so far as to say that President Obama channels his dead father’s Kenyan ideas so he can run this country like a Muslim. Stand up guy.

So THIS is a prime example of what I am talking about. Hawaiian officials twice now have come out verifying Obama’s birth certificate. Is that good enough? Obviously not. What more can he do? These retarded Republicans keep saying that the President won’t produce his birth certificate except … HE HAS!! And the state of Hawaii has. This is THE SKY IS GREEN effect. Makes sense now, eh?

Now This Newsweek cover says it all, to me:


Everything this cover says can be proven to be false. Does that matter? Think Sean Hannity will ever tell the truth? Will Hannity ever report the truth? Why should he? He has a following of moronic idiots who believe anything and everything he says. How about Glenn Beck’s claim that Obama is a racist?

I can just see the average Fox News viewer sitting up in their barcalounger screaming, “You got that right, Beck! You so right Glenn!” Spilling their beer as they do so. Ugh just the thought. Not anywhere can you find me anything that would even come close to suggest that Obama has a ‘deep seeded hatred for white people.’ How unbelievably irresponsible. Quite breathtaking at how easy this comes out of his mouth. But to the Fox News viewer … THE SKY IS GREEN.

Another thing too is how successful the stimulus has been for this economy. Yet in interview after interview, Republicans will tell you how it has failed, sent us into more debt … blah, blah, blah. I for one was against the stimulus, I said, “Let them all fail.” But what do I know, I’m not an economist. And Obama seems to know what he’s doing and has surrounded himself with people who also know what they’re doing.

What I’ve also realized is that the American people as a whole, are STUPID. Really. The Republicans convinced them to vote out Democrats in Congress & the Senate based on what? Being the Party of NO. Offering NO ideas & NO solutions & NO alternatives to Obama and the Dems. Yet, these moronic Americans voted them in! WHAT???

Last QUESTION posed to Republicans: This is about the Bush Tax Cuts. These cuts were enacted in 2001 and 2003. So we’ve actually had 9 years of the Bush Tax Cuts and look where we are. Hello?? You think these cuts may have something to do with this economy you keep bitching about? They don’t work. Rich people DON’T put spend money to jump-start the economy … THEY SAVE. Because they can. Also, how can you cut taxes AND lower the deficit? This means you have to cut spending in social programs. i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, Education. But I can’t find one Republican politician to actually answer where they will cut spending. So to the American voter: How is that acceptable?

So in conclusion … next time you see a Republican/Conservative & all of Fox News staring TRUTH in the face and still lying, you can just say, “Yup, The Sky is Green.”


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6 responses to “‘The Sky is Green’ Effect.

  1. Rich Mangano

    November 29, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    lol… I found this yesterday…

    Let’s not forget how Obama is a Socialist.

  2. historygoddess

    December 2, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    I enjoyed your post. You gave an example I really hadn’t thought about- If you told someone you are Catholic, would you expect someone to question it? Good point.

    Frustrating all this Tea Party BS. Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. superbaggles1

    January 17, 2011 at 8:13 am

    Showing someone the facts and them still denying the truth, eh? Kind of like Liberals proclaiming at the top of their lungs that Jared Lee Loughner is a right wing activist influenced by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, etc. despite constant proof and facts that he was in no way interested in politics. Also, great job using facts to prove your point that facts don’t matter to the Right and not just making vague, general statements that are clearly just your opinions. Oh wait, that’s right…

  4. Conservative One

    August 16, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    Just because you don’t like what people say, doesn’t mean they lie.
    What you’re guilty of doing is characterizing and generalizing. Not to mention just being plain ignorant. You’re also a propagandist.
    You call this “your blog”, yet it’s full of liberal talking points and distortions.

    The Tea Party is not the “new Republican Party”. This is a Liberal Myth to try and belittle the movement. The Tea Party is made up of Conservative Democrats, Independents, Moderates and Yes Conservative Republicans. You cannot acknowledge this because the truth hurts your liberal cause.
    Now, as far as Obama being a Muslim. You do know that Obama’s Father was a Muslim, right?
    You also know that Obama’s Step-Father was a Muslim also. Now, I don’t know too many “children that choose to be a Christian when they are born into a Muslim Household, do you ???
    Now, that doesn’t mean he didn’t change as an adult, but persobally I don’t care.

    As for the “Muslim Religion” … Until they stop executing people for becoming Christians and denounce the attacks from the so called extremists, then yes, I consider them evil.
    In my opinion, they are savages. The behead living human beings. They beat their women. The conduct “mercy killings” on their children.
    Google the Story about the Muslim that beheaded his wife in Buffalo, NY because she asked for a divorce. This man owned a television station that was promoting the Muslim Religion as peaceful.

    Osama bin Laden said himself that Islam would not need the sword to defeat the West. He proclaimed that they could do it through political correctness, liberal laws and the political arena. Political Correctness allows them to do just that here in this Country.

    And since you’re being so honest about Obama “the man”. Why don’t you tell your readers how Obama stabbed his mentor, Senator Alice Palmer in the back to take away her Senate Seat ???
    Alice Palmer was grooming Obama for her Senate Seat because she was running for Congress. She lost her bid for Congress and Obama (With the help of ACORN) petitioned against her, and had her disqualified from her Senate Seat. Now that’s Character.

    You make up assumptions to fuel your own hate and disdain for Conservatives. Nobody thinks Obama has implemented Sharia Law in this Country. The political correctness that liberals seem to adore will certainly make the environment conducive for such a thing though.
    See, you make implications based on your own biased views. Liberals like yourself fabricate a radical stance and then claim that Conservatives believe it. You’re simply a liar.

    And cast the “racist” term all you want. You people have abused the term so much that it doesn’t have the same meaning anymore. Nobody buys into to your typical accusations. I don’t even think you know what a “racist” truly is.
    Is it racist for Liberal Democrats to keep minorities on welfare as a career ??? Is it racist to tell a Black Youth that we’ll lower the standards so they can pass in school or get into college ???

    As far as the Birth Certificate … Who Cares. I’m sure with George Soros’ money, he can have just about anything made. But You Liberals cannot doubt your Messiah. You just circle the wagons and protect him like he’s Dracula himself.
    You people didn’t care that his political career was started in the living room of Domestic Terrorists, William Ayers. You didn’t care that he conducted a “shady” land deal with convicted felon, Tony Rezco. You didn’t care that he didn’t Register for Selective Service when he turned 18 years old … Hmmmm … It is the LAW that ALL Males 18 yrs of age that are United States Citizens, must register. Obama didn’t … Why Not ???

    And finally, Tax Cuts do work. What you fail again to tell your readers is that during 2003 to 2006, the United States saw some of the largest economic growth on record. More Small Businesses were created during that span than any other time. Guess that was an convenient omission on your part.
    You Liberals always think that tax increases are the solution. You thrive on class warfare because you know it will help you keep your “dependent” base. You believe you’re helping people by keeping them on welfare and entitlement programs. In reality, you’re destroying their work ethic and desire.

  5. Conservative One

    August 16, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    Democrats have always been very giving and caring with other people’s money.
    Eventually what’s happening in New York is going to start happening through out the Country.
    The “Rich” in New York are getting tired of the tax rates and they’re claiming residency in States like Florida to escape the tax extortion.
    Sooner or later, the Rich are going to get tired of footing the bill for those who pay nothing, yet still want more. When that happens, the Democrats will have to begin getting it from the Middle Class to sustain the entitlements in this Country.

    The Obama’s received a $26,000 tax refund this past year, and not ONE LIBERAL seem to care. Not ONE LIBERAL demanded that he give it back like they do with the “evil rich”.

    I have to ask … Do you think that Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Hollywood, Michael Moore, and other liberals are POOR ???

    What about Obama Loving, Jeffery Emlet, CEO of General Electric ??? GE showed a 26% profit last quarter. Is it because they support Obama that nobody considers them part of the “evil rich” ???

    The fact is Conservatives are very giving and consistantly contribute to the needs of their fellow man. However, unless it’s a liberal cause, Liberal Democrats do not consider it “giving”. Liberals want to “dictate” what charity and helping others is. So, they lie and distort to make themselves appear to be the caring ones.
    Meanwhile, the poor stay poor. Nothing has changed in decades. They just keep thinking entitlements are the answer. And all they’ve done is created a needy race and a dependent society.

    You don’t love a great debate. You tip your hand in your profile when you say:
    “I hate Republicans/Conservatives more than I love being liberal” <<<< That says it all.
    That's what liberalism promotes. Hatred for those that don't see the world the way you do. You liberals have no tolerance for anyone, yet you demand it from everyone.
    You don't have the ability or knowledge to "call anyone out". Maybe in your self absorbed nature you feel you do, but then again, you liberals have always been about self praise.

    It is my mission to expose liberals like you and your hate for others. People like you will lie and fabricate because you believe the "ends justify the means". You choose to follow the rules only when you determine they are worth following.
    I thank GOD everyday that liberalism is the minority in this Country. It's people like you that fuel racism with your irresponsible claims. It's people like you that call anyone that disagrees with you, a racist. It's people like you that purposely divide this Country using class warfare and hate.

    Liberalism = The Fear Of Self Reliance


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