Republicans Lack Integrity.

16 Dec

The new definition for being Republican kinda means you ARE a hypocrite, and that you’re ok with that label.  The lack of integrity coming out of the Republican party is breathtaking.


in·teg·ri·ty: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.


John McCain:

This guy USED to be one of the good guys. He may have been a Republican, but at least he had a conscience. He WAS a maverick … Until August 29, 2008. Now I still have a hard time believing that McCain actually had anything to do with the decision to bring Palin on as his running mate. As soon as she opened her mouth, I was like WHAT?? I’m sure McCain agreed to this pick under duress. And watching him have to defend her for the next three months made for cringe-worthy TV moments.

But as we all know, he has done some MASSIVE flip-flopping on many recent issues. During the mid-term campaign, he just about flip-flopped on EVERY issue. But what really makes John McCain disgusting, is the flip-flopping he did with ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.’ And watching this SOB try to defend himself is sickening. THIS is hypocrisy at its finest or worst, whatever you prefer. Rachel Maddow is brilliant … this video IS brilliant. One can only hope McCain actually watched it. I think he may watch it, and go into spin mode, “How can I spin this so I don’t look as bad as it seems?” I really think John McCain has become that guy.  This video IS the ultimate about John McCain flip-flopping. Thank you Rachel Maddow.

So John, are you ever going to answer to any of this? Will you ever grow some balls and sit down with Rachel Maddow and answer to each and every one of your flip-flopping issues? No, you won’t. Which is sad because YOU were a War Hero. WERE. Not anymore. Your POW status means nothing now that you have ZERO integrity. ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NONE. This video is for pure entertainment.


Sarah Palin:

First watch this video, two years ago they did a ‘fact-check’ on her and whoa baby … lie after lie after lie.  So she started out this way. Well, just watch:

Question: All of you Palin supporters, what makes you continue being a supporter of hers, even though she has told lie after lie after lie? This means that integrity means NOTHING to a Republican when supporting a candidate. Sarah Palin IS free of integrity. And there isn’t anyone out there that can prove that she does have integrity. One being that she refuses to answer for anything. And when I say anything … I mean ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. It just seems she has her Republican talking points, and that’s it. Why? Because that’s all she knows. She has to be fed information. This woman lacks knowledge unlike anybody I have ever seen. Yet, she gets away with it. To me, the absolute WORST thing about Sarah Palin is that she is not held accountable for anything that comes out of her mouth, or any of her actions.


1,) You are ok with the N word and the F word, but the R word sends you into a tizzy making you call for people’s jobs, right? Please explain THIS reasoning. Well, it’s self-explanatory if you ask me. Dr. Laura Schlessinger said the N word on her show 11 times. ELEVEN. And you said, “Don’t retreat, reload.” Really? Rahm Emanuel called members of his own party ‘retards’ and you called for his job. YOU, Sarah Palin, are the Queen of FAKE outrage, and quite frankly … a racist.

2.) You kept talking about ‘Obama’s death panels’ last summer, do you REALLY believe Obama assembled a ‘death panel’ to determine who would live or die? And now that there really is a death panel in Arizona, why aren’t you outraged about that? Oh, is it because when it’s your own party, it’s heroic, when it’s the democrats … it’s a ‘death panel.’ You NEED to answer for this. But YOU ARE A COWARD.

3.) Here’s another thing … you gave this interview with Mary Hart and said you will run for President, “If noone else will.” Really? Has there EVER in this history of the world ever been a time when the GOP didn’t have a someone to run for President? YOU are a damn moron. MORON. And people who watch this video and say, ” Oh My God. She IS a martyr. She WILL step up.” They ARE bigger morons than you. It’s daunting that so many stupid people live in this country. It’s quite embarrassing. And be proud Sarah, all of the dumb ones are YOUR supporters. The REAL America.

Quite honestly, I could do blog after blog about Sarah Palin and how horrible of a person/woman she is. I asked myself this about a month ago: I was watching Palin at some rally and she was bashing ‘Obamacare.’ And I was wondering, if someone asked her just one question about Health Care Reform, could she even answer? All she knows are her talking points. She doesn’t have one original thought. I have asked many Republicans over the last year to show me one, just ONE original Sarah Palin thought. Just one. And they can’t. They are ALL talking points.

I could go on about this wench but that will be another blog … and another one after that … and another one after that.


Mike Huckabee:

Ugh. This guy was ok ’til he made the statement about gays adopting children as ‘a Science experiment.’ He’s gross. He thinks letting gay people adopt is like ‘treating the children like puppies.’ What a horrible, horrible thing to say. The problem is that nobody asks the follow-up questions. If I would have heard him say that, my response would be, “Really? How many children have YOU adopted?” and “If you did, I wonder if you would have ever considered adopting a black baby/child? Or a special needs child?” I doubt it. So in a retort interview with Rosie O’Donnell, (and she failed miserably with the questions she asked) he was telling lie after lie. He gave the standard, “I know gay people who have adopted.” LIAR. No you don’t. Absolutely not. That’s a lie. Because if you did know gay people, period, you would NEVER have said the things you did. NEVER. That’s just like the ‘I have black friends’ excuse for a racist statement. Mike Huckabee, YOU lack integrity. But you’re Republican, and it’s kinda the ‘Republican’ thing to do.



Well as I have been writing this, I am also watching this Tax Bill implode. The Republicans here are really showing a lack of integrity, dignity, or just humanity.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas has requested 54 earmarks worth more than $170 million and Sen. John Thune of South Dakota has made 43 requests totaling more than $165 million. When asked by Fox News to explain his earmarks, Cornyn said Wednesday, “I believe I can. But I’m not going to, because I’m going to vote against this bill. … So I am for voting this bill down, even though it could arguably help some of my constituents.”

This is stunning. I have to say after this stunt, if you do vote Republican from here on out, you need to have your head examined. It almost seems like the did everything they could to get President Obama to compromise and get them what they want … only to throw it in his face. The Republicans are trying to be the heroes here. ‘Look at us, we are AGAINST this bill because of all the wasteful spending, even though a GOOD portion is our own earmarks … but WE are going to give the American people what they want. We are, and Obama caved and he is ALL for earmarks. We are not. But, don’t forget that we forced the President into a corner and MADE him compromise.’ No, wait … PLEASE FORGET THAT.

This right here is priceless:


I could go on and on about Republican hypocrisy, and how they lack integrity. This blog contains some that have been weighing heavily on my mind lately. Maybe I was just venting.

PLEASE remember logic, truth, and reason should ALWAYS trump any situation. TRUTH & FACTS … these two things should be the only things that matter, in any discussion and in any situation.


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