Crazy Like a Fox: Sarah Palin

19 Dec

This girl is playing all you ‘lamestream’ media outlets like a damn fiddle. I mean the Robin Roberts interview was a fluff piece. The definition of ‘fluff.’

NO follow-up questions, NO pointing out her contradictions, NO answering to things that REALLY matter. These questions were totally submitted before-hand. And the only controversial thing Palin addressed was what Aaron Sorkin said about her. Calling her a ‘Witless-Bully.’ That’s it?? I promise you that she only answering  that, was calculated.

The hypocrisy with this woman is so outrageous that all I can do is laugh now. And the media … all the media is falling for it; hook, line, and sinker. She’s setting this up, if she does an interview with ABC, CBS, or NBC and looks good, she will ALWAYS refer to it as … ‘nuh uh, you can’t say I avoid mainstream media … look at that interview.’ ie. Robin Roberts. And if an interview goes badly, she will always say, ‘they are out to get me. I am the victim of the lamestream media.’ And so many people are falling for it. it’s beyond ridicules.

In this video she talks about debating. I was literally laughing at that. I don’t think she knows what a debate is. Sarah Palin has her Republican talking points and that’s it.


1.) You are ok with the N word and the F word, but the R word sends you into a tizzy making you call for people’s jobs, right? Please explain THIS reasoning. Well, it’s self-explanatory if you ask me. Dr. Laura Schlessinger said the N word on her show 11 times. ELEVEN. And you said, “Don’t retreat, reload.” Really? Rahm Emanuel called members of his own party ‘retards’ and you called for his job. YOU, Sarah Palin, are the Queen of FAKE outrage, and quite frankly … a racist.

2.) You kept talking about ‘Obama’s death panels’ last summer, do you REALLY believe Obama assembled a ‘death panel’ to determine who would live or die? And now that there really is a death panel in Arizona, why aren’t you outraged about that? Oh, is it because when it’s your own party, it’s heroic, when it’s the democrats … it’s a ‘death panel.’ You NEED to answer for this. But YOU ARE A COWARD.

3.) Here’s another thing … you gave this interview with Mary Hart and said you will run for President, “If noone else will.” Really? Has there EVER in this history of the world ever been a time when the GOP didn’t have a someone to run for President? YOU are a damn moron. MORON. And people who watch this video and say, ” Oh My God. She IS a martyr. She WILL step up.” They ARE bigger morons than you. It’s daunting that so many stupid people live in this country. It’s quite embarrassing. And be proud Sarah, all of the dumb ones are YOUR supporters. The REAL America.

Yes I know these questions are from two blogs ago but I want them asked dammit!


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Posted by on December 19, 2010 in Politics


One response to “Crazy Like a Fox: Sarah Palin

  1. Perry MacNeil

    December 27, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    Sometimes, kid, ya gotta ask the tough questions because they won’t just go away. Way to go.


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