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The House GOP’s Plan to Redefine Rape

The House GOP’s Plan to Redefine Rape

Good job, dumb America. This is what you voted for.

Rep. Chris Smith, (R) from NJ – says rape should only be called rape, if it’s forced. WHAT?? Here’s your WTF moment. Although I believe Sarah Palin would be ok with this. This is under the new ‘bill’ proposed by Republicans in Congress, that unless you are FORCED to have sex, Medicaid will not pay for your abortion. Unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE. This is right up Sharron Angle’s ally.

Ok, so abortion is one of those subjects ya just don’t talk about. Well I do talk about it. I talk about it brazenly and loudly and obnoxiously. And here’s the bottom line:


And even some ‘people’ with a uterus shouldn’t have an opinion either. i.e. Sharron Angle. Sharron Angle is vile. A disgusting human being. Even worse, a disgrace to women everywhere. This is the quote from her that helped me come to this conclusion:

I think that two wrongs don’t make a right. And I have been in the situation of counseling young girls, not 13 but 15, who have had very at risk, difficult pregnancies. And my council was to look for some alternatives, which they did. And they found that they had made what was really a lemon situation into lemonade.” –Sharron Angle, explaining why she is against abortion even in cases of rape or incest, July 8, 2010

SHE’S LYING. I promise you she is LYING. No human being, much less a woman, would EVER meet with a 13-year-old incest victim and try to talk her into keeping a baby that was put there … BY HER FATHER. You are wretched, Sharron Angle. Can YOU imagine, for 9 months, carrying something in your belly, knowing YOUR father IS the father? … that you had to endure the torture of being raped BY YOUR OWN FATHER? … and now someone wants you to carry that baby to term. It’s sickening. Most girls would do everything to kill it. Drink, even physically hurt themselves … just to not be pregnant anymore. How unbelievably insensitive of you Sharron Angle. And to think, you came very close to actually being a Senator. I think anyone to actually voted for you, should have to register and have their names be known. I can only assume their collective IQ is around 72.

And don’t bring the bible into this. Abortion isn’t even mentioned in the bible. And … NEWS FLASH: THE Bible is NOT the Constitution of the United States. All you pro-life phonies are just that. Phonies. You all seem to only care about these fetus’ before they are born, once they’re here, f*ck ’em. Right? Seems that way. I don’t know of one Republican pro-lifer who is a foster parent, or has even adopted. Adopted a black baby, a baby with disabilities, a crack-addicted baby, a non-white baby. You know who adopts those babies? GAYS. The gays adopt black babies, babies with disabilities, and also older children who aren’t wanted. And yet you don’t want them to raise children either. WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU REPUBLICAN NEO CONS??? Heartless. And I don’t see one of you fighting to fix the foster care system. Not one. You just want to make sure the extremely wealthy get their tax breaks. This happens to be a fact. A sad fact. I find it amazing that the hard-line bible-thumping Conservatives are the LEAST Christ-like.

By the way, nobody is ‘pro-abortion.’ You’re not going to walk in to Planned Parenthood and your only option is to have an abortion. It is about choice. Choice that would be taken away if Roe v. Wade was reversed. Can you imagine what kind of country this would be if every woman, potentially, would become a ward of the state, for a nine month period of her life? She would have absolutely no control, no choice as to what happens to her body, to her life. That is a horrific thought.

Men: If your 12-year-old daughter is raped, you would be ok with her being forced to carry that baby to term? If you’re ok with this, I feel sorry for your daughter, and your wife.

I went to Catholic school. I even went to a Pro-Life rally when I was 13 years old at Barnes Jewish Hospital here in St. Louis, MO. Then I grew up. I became a woman. And the thought that people out there, at some point, actually would have control over my own body. Mostly old, white men.

I believe that A.) Men just have absolutely NO say in this whatsoever. So take your ‘life begins at conception’ and shove it. B.) You REALLY don’t get to have an opinion, if you’re not doing anything about it. If you have no interest in these children after they’re born … you can shove it too. C.) If you’re a woman, and you are anti-choice, you need to hit the effin’ road. Such a betrayal. What made me sick last year during the Health Care Reform debate was that the Democrats gave in to the Republicans about Government funding abortion procedures. Another NEWS FLASH: IT’S A LEGAL PROCEDURE. How can any female Democrat be ok with that? It was stunning. And embarrassing.

Rep. Chris Smith: I don’t think YOU understand the absolute horror and violation of being raped. This is the WORST thing that can happen to a woman. Do you get that? And then that woman lives with the fact she was raped for the rest of her life. And now you don’t think that being drugged is the same as being raped? You are disgusting. A disgusting human being. A disgusting man. A low life whose main issues have nothing to do with being a man. You will never know the feeling of being tortured and raped, or having to make an agonizing decision to have an abortion because the ‘man’ up and left.

You know what Rep. Chris Smith? FUCK YOU

I’m actually holding back here. Just wait ’til someone tries to put this bill into reality. I’ll be on my way to Washington DC in a heartbeat.


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Journalism is Dead?

The ‘follow-up’ question is dead. That’s what I’ve noticed. At least since Sarah Palin was unleashed on us. I don’t know exactly what the problem. Do these ‘journalists’ run out of time? Do they just not catch the lie? Are they so uninformed, they don’t know what the actual truth is? Are they afraid to confront the Politician? Are these interviewers such ass-kissers they are afraid of confrontation? Maybe some of you so-called ‘journalists’ can answer these questions for me.

Rudy Giuliani: My first example, it’s an easy one, is George Stephanopoulos interviewing Rudy Giuliani on GMA. Rudy Giuliani, Mr. 9/11 himself, said, “There were no domestic terrorist attacks under Bush.” Now I will give Giuliani the benefit of the doubt. He’s a Conservative and he hates President Obama so much, that it skewers everything in his head. It was a mistake. Giuliani obviously meant to say there weren’t ‘any more’ terrorist attacks under Bush.  But did George correct him? NO!! Watch at the 3 min mark:

George! What was going through your head when you heard that? Does this mean interviewers are not paying attention to what people are saying? Seems that way. I know you apologized for it later, but it absolutely put a black mark on that particular interview with the Mayor.

Sen. Jon Kyl: This tool was interviewed by Al Hunt from Bloomberg TV and stated that the economy growth was due in part by the Republicans getting President Obama to sign the Bush Tax Cut extension. Yeah. He did say that. Even though that was passed IN DECEMBER, and the growth was for 2010. Not a ‘math’ guy? Are ya Mr. Kyl? What’s worse? Al Hunt. Really? You couldn’t have put THAT one together and say, “Whoa, whoa, wait a sec.” “How is THAT possible? How could the Republicans take credit for economic growth for 2010 with a bill that passed in December of 2010??” All 2:47 min of this video is worth watching.

No follow-up. No correction. Just let this guy go on his merry way. Even though a 2nd Grader would know it’s not possible for Republicans to take credit for that. Nicely done, Al Hunt. Whoever you are.

Fox News: And here lies the problem: STUPID AMERICANS! In my opinion, The new Republican party’s base are the absolute dumbest, laziest, racist, bigoted Americans they can find. Yeah, I said it. This can only explain how Republicans took over the majority in Congress this past Mid-term. They were voted in based on absolutely NO solutions, or alternative ideas given by the Republican party. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Obviously because of Fox News. OBVIOUSLY. I’m not saying that Fox News is dumb, lazy, racist, and bigoted. I am saying Americans who are dumb, lazy, racists, bigots  … do watch Fox News. And Holy Crap are they given the WRONG information. ON PURPOSE TOO!! Still this is my favorite video from Sean Hannity. Editing President Obama’s speech. Classic:

Now surely after this blatant attempt to LIE about the President, Hannity certainly can’t look in the mirror and call himself a ‘journalist’, right? But this is what I think goes down at Fox News: They don’t care. They feel they can edit all the video they want because their dumb, lazy viewers will NEVER question what they say. They will never watch President Obama’s speech and then see that Hannity is lying about it … and even when the truth is punching them in the face, these precious Americans don’t care. They just don’t care about the truth and about the facts.

Sarah Palin: Another prime example of a missed follow-up question. Well a few examples. And they all have to do with our favorite quitter, Sarah Palin. The whole Death Panel lie. That was lie of the year in 2009. Not one journalist asked her what I would have asked her, “You REALLY believe President Obama has assembled a ‘death panel,’ to which the elderly (your parents) and the mentally challenged (your son) are to stand in front of them, and actual people determine whether they live or die?” SERIOUSLY?? Why wasn’t this question asked 1,000 times??? Okay, this quitter doesn’t go on any other TV outlet besides Fox … which proves my point!! Journalism is DEAD at Fox News. (That’s redundant)

We don’t consider Mary Hart, from Entertainment Tonight, a journalist, right? She missed a golden opportunity with her fluff interview with Sarah Palin. When Palin martyred herself and said, “I will Run for President in 2012 if There’s Nobody Else To Do It.” BARF!! Mary … what’s wrong with you?? Next question would be: “Mrs. Palin, why don’t you tell me, in the history of this country, when the GOP didn’t have a candidate to run for President.” Simple enough. But I think Sarah Palin has SO many stipulations when she does an ‘interview.’ She submits her own questions to the interviewer. That HAS to be the case, because nobody challenges her. NOBODY.

Eric Cantor: Recently, this liar has been lying about Health Care Reform. The Republicans, including Cantor, have been calling it the ‘job-killing’ bill. Which is a LIE. But nobody challenges him on it. The dude is standing in front of so many reporters and they say nothing!!

Tom Delay: Tom Delay did an interview with Candy Crowley last year and boy, that was an embarrassment. And Candy Crowley did nothing to challenge Tom Delay on anything he was lying about. What’s wrong with this is that I think CNN sells Ms. Crowley as their legitimate news person. This interview was a love-fest. She was so smitten and didn’t do her job. No follow-ups. Here’s the video, I’ll let Cenk from The Young Turks do the dirty work.

Shame on you Candy. He says, “It’s true, unemployed people choose to be unemployed” and you move right along. Ugh.

Dumb Americans: READ THIS, please. The Republicans are lying to you about Health Care Reform being a ‘job-killer.’ They are referring to the fact that this bill will allow more people to retire early. Meaning that yes, they will leave the work force, but that is NOT job-killing! PLEASE start doing your own research. Truth is always the truth. Facts are always the facts. And your party has been so dishonest since President Obama became President. And for some reason, y’all are buying into it. Why? Is it because Obama is black? (My guess) You at least HAVE to acknowledge a lie. Sean Hannity DID manipulate that speech from the President. Eric Cantor IS lying about HCR being a ‘job-killer.’ Those are the FACTS. But does that mean anything to you?

Journalists: And boy do I use that term loosely. What’s going on? Why are all of you so afraid to ask follow-up questions? Why are you all so afraid to confront a politician when he/she is lying? It seems to me that Journalistic integrity is obsolete. You guys basically do fluff pieces. Why? To make sure those liars come back on your show? How is that suppose to inform the American people with correct knowledge? I wish more Americans would hold journalists accountable for their failures. It would be for the betterment of this country.


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The Gullible American

One of the biggest questions I have is this: How stupid are Americans? Can their votes really be swayed that easily? Are they that gullible? And who are these moronic Americans? I am assuming they are Independents. And this ‘epidemic’ first occurred to me when Sarah Palin was unleashed on us in 2008. If I recall, then Sen. Obama had close to a 10 point lead over John McCain. Sarah Palin gave her convention speech, and then McCain had a 10 point lead. Of course as soon as Mrs. Palin opened her mouth and people realized how stupid she was, the polling then gave Obama his lead back. WHAT?? That was stunning to me. Who are these people whose vote can be swayed so easily? The Liberal agenda and the Conservative agenda are so fundamentally different, I just don’t understand how you were going to vote for Obama, then heard Palin’s Convention speech and decided to vote for McCain. Really? I need all these people to come forward because I have some questions for you.

So this brings me to this past November’s Mid-Term. I am serious about this, my friends. I NEED someone to explain this to me. The Republicans campaigned on nothing. Seriously, NOTHING. Other than Health Care repeal, AND the promise to get President Obama out of office? Maybe? I paid attention to this. Not one Republican politician could come up with a solution to all these so-called problems they were complaining about. So how did they sell ‘Vote Republican’ to anybody?

I feel that what this country lacks is integrity. I really do. Wait, they seem to be lacking intelligence, common sense, logic and reason as well. Americans are lazy. Now do I mean ALL Americans? No, of course not.  Listen, if you are a hard-line Republican, I’m not even talking about you. Not talking about the Republican base either. I’m talking about voters who claim to be Independent. The ones who voted for President Obama in 2008, and then voted Republican this past November.

Why? President Obama campaigned on Health Care Reform. He really did. So this reform bill wasn’t surprising. I do understand, being a part of the liberal base, was SO upset when the Public Option was taken off the table. I seriously was doing my own campaigning, in getting people to NOT vote in the mid-term. Then my anger subsided and I realized not voting was more detrimental to this country. But even as angry & upset as I was, I would never vote Republican. Never. I just wouldn’t vote. Like I said earlier, the differences between Republicans & Democrats, in their beliefs, are SO different.

So what did the Republicans say that made you vote for them? The Republicans offered NO solutions. NONE. ZERO. ZILCH. NIL. They just bitched, and bitched, and bitched about spending. But offered NO answer, ever, as to how they were going to fix this. I remember hearing Republicans talking about this administration’s spending, and we have to fix the deficit. Yet when asked how are you going to do this, no Republican politician ever had an answer. Watch. Classic example of this on Meet the Press.

So someone come forward and tell me why this interview was not an issue in you choosing to vote Rep over Dem. But this isn’t even my biggest issue. This is where I can’t get over how dumb Americans are. Dumb, lazy, racist, I don’t know which … but how on God’s green Earth were you people okay with the Republicans fighting with all their might, to make sure the Bush tax cuts were extended for the wealthy? How?

Did you not see what they were doing? It was crystal clear that the rich needed to be taken care of, before the poor, working poor, and middle class. These tax cuts were more important than feeding hungry children. Dramatic? I don’t think so. The Republicans said they wouldn’t vote for anything unless these tax cuts were extended to the wealthy. Not even extending unemployment benefits. So many families depend on that right now, to actually feed their families. But making sure Mr. Trump had enough money to buy a new yacht was more important. C’mon! That was so obvious! In getting into debates with some Conservatives about unemployment benefits, they all have the same argument. ALL UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE CHOOSE TO BE UNEMPLOYED. ALL UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE SPEND THEIR BENEFITS ON FLAT SCREENS, DRUGS, AND LUXURY ITEMS. Yes, I promise you they do think this. So here’s what I didn’t get. Republicans whined about President Obama not creating enough jobs, and in the same breath, saying Americans don’t deserve unemployment. WHAT?? This is a fact, people. Republicans DID say these things. And they still were voted in.

And on point with the above video, in the same breath, Republicans screamed how wrong it was to NOT extend the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy WHILE bitching about how high the deficit is. You can’t have both. It would seem that a logical and reasonable would know this. And the fact that Republicans never came up with a solution on how to fix both, stuns me. It’s breathtaking that people still voted for them.

So someone please tell me what compelled you to vote Republicans. Is it because Obama is black? You didn’t care that Republicans didn’t offer any alternative solutions? You didn’t care Republicans were lying all the time? I don’t get it. Someone, please help me. I’m confused.


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Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the ‘Connection’

I think the point people are missing is that WE know Sarah Palin did not pull the trigger. We meaning, liberals. We know she didn’t actually kill these innocent people in Tucson. WHY we are so angry with her, and lashing out at her, is because Republicans/Conservatives have been spewing all this hate rhetoric since McCain rolled her out in 2008. THAT IS A FACT. As I remember, this started when Palin kept accusing President Obama of ‘palling around with terrorists.’ That was intentionally used to play on the fears of the Xenophobes at the McCain/Palin rallies. FACT. Sarah Palin going to certain cities claiming she was in the ‘real America.’ Or that particular city is the only ‘pro America’ city. That incites anger. She knows that. You’re damn right she knows that. She doesn’t care. This hate rhetoric DID start during the campaign in 2008. And it’s no coincidence that it started AFTER Palin was shoved down American’s throats.

Glenn Beck: I haven’t figured this clown out yet. I don’t know if he’s doing schtick, or if he’s for real. Just listening to clips of his show on YouTube has aged me 10 years in 3 minutes. If you’re a dumb person, like most Fox News viewers, then you have no choice but to believe his bullshit. He is telling his moronic viewers that you better do something, before something is done to you. Watch:

This is dangerous talk. when the ‘crazy’ people hear this, this is what gives them the validation to actually go out and assassinate a Congress-woman. So for the media to say it’s a far leap to blame Palin, too early to jump to conclusions; NO IT IS NOT. When a popular, polarizing, public figure posts a map on her website, using crosshairs to target actual human beings, AND the woman who was shot in the head IS ON THAT MAP … why WOULDN’T you draw that conclusion?? That is common sense. When that same popular, polarizing, public figure uses the phrase, “Don’t Retreat, RELOAD” every chance she gets, it is absolutely NOT a stretch to draw the conclusion that she enticed this murderer into committing an act of violence. Everything she says and does has been VIOLENT hyperbole. Sorry but that happens to be a FACT.

Bottom Line: Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck have been speaking this violent, hateful, rhetoric for a long time now. And basked in its ‘glory.’ Claiming to ‘love’ their country and are afraid of what it’s becoming. ‘Take Our Country Back.’ What do you suppose they mean by that? Palin & Beck wanted Americans to join them in a Revolution against this administration. They both have been lying and misinforming and exaggerating every step of the way, and NOT being held accountable for anything they have said or done. Well NOW they should be held accountable. SARAH PALIN: You need to explain your ‘terrorist map.’ YOU need to explain your ‘RELOAD’ statements. GLENN BECK: You need to explain EVERYTHING. Both of you spew this hate with no back-up. None. You prey on the idiots who watch you and listen to you and have no desire to know the truth or do their own research. If they did, they would know EVERYTHING that comes out of your mouths is a LIE.

So to the Media … again it is NOT a stretch to lay some blame on the Right Wing commentators. Not in the least.

And don’t you DARE say this is on both sides. It most certainly is NOT. No, THAT statement should not be tolerated by any Democrat/Liberal. That type of hate speech does NOT come from the left. It is not the same. IT IS NOT THE SAME.


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Make Sarah Palin Accountable

This is what has to be done folks. You know right now she’s preparing herself to go on Fox News and explain away. Not being asked follow-up questions. Only answering pre-determined questions. The WORST part of that is she thinks that should be it. She will go on Fox News, make an excuse, and then that should be it. WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN. Sarah Palin has been SILENT since this tragedy in Tucson because there has been such an uproar about her hateful, violent rhetoric.

And now I want to answer all of the ‘Palin apologists’ out there. (How can there even be ANY ‘Palin apologists’?)

And we are going to be dealing with FACTS here, people.

The obvious IS her famous map with the crosshairs on it. To be quite honest with you, it is pretty self-explanatory. The FACT is that Rep. Giffords’ district IS on here, and there IS a crosshair over her district, and Rep. Giffords’ name IS listed.

Sarah Palin's Terrorist Map

Do I think Sarah Palin actually wanted these people listed to be harmed in any way? No, but Sarah Palin’s ‘base’ are gun-toting morons who only believe in the 2nd Amendment. She LOVES that she represents gun-loving, bible-thumping, ‘patriotic’ Americans. But there is NO WAY on God’s Creation that she didn’t know that this type of visual aid would draw this conclusion. This visual tells you to target these particular people. The crosshairs put a bullseye on these specific people. She needs to be accountable for her actions here. Her new mantra of  ‘Don’t Retreat, RELOAD’ directly ties her to this conclusion.  This statement only means ONE THING. Reload your GUN. Don’t ‘reload’ your ‘vocabulary,’ or anything else. It means to reload your GUN.

This type of rhetoric is what mentally ill people crave. Palin’s hate-filled words, plus Glenn Beck’s ‘we need to start a revolution’ crap just makes someone who is NOT rational, become rational in their own minds. Like all this anger and hate is mounting on the inside. This mentally ill person already hates the Government, already hates President Obama, already hates everything NOT liberal … they just need to be validated. Then along comes Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Sharron Angle.

Sharron Angle said, “2nd Amendment Remedies.” What could that possibly mean, other than what it means!! C’mon! You can’t come to ANY other conclusion other than … 2nd Amendment Remedies!

Glenn Beck. Oy Vey. If you can stomach to watch his show longer than 2 minutes, he would have you believe that this country is on the verge of collapsing. He says we needs a Revolution NOW! And he’s crying about it! Another validation to someone who’s mentally ill.

Another thing, all day yesterday she was scrambling to take down EVERYTHING on all her social networking sites. The map was GONE. All of her ‘Don’t Retreat, RELOAD’ Tweets were GONE. Also removed were the unbelievable hate-filled comments from her followers. Previous Tweets were deleted. If she wasn’t a part of the violent political climate, why did she do that? Why remove all of her statements? Freedom of Speech? Ahh, only when it hasn’t killed anyone yet. If you’re not guilty of anything, then you shouldn’t feel the need to delete every hyperbole that YOU have said. THAT MAKES YOU LOOK WORSE. That, to me, means you know that your statements are hate-filled and violent-prone. She was also deleting any negative comments about her. Here is a site that did a WONDERFUL job listing all of the things she was from her Facebook page. It is quite fascinating.

Here is a site that lists all the HATE in response to the assassination attempt: This makes your stomach crawl.

What is NOT acceptable is only allowing Sarah Palin to go on Fox News and try to excuse herself. You know she will only address the map and not her hyperbole. ‘Don’t Retreat … RELOAD.’ That’s her new motto. Really? WE CAN’T LET HER GET AWAY WITH THIS!! She MUST cop to her hate-filled status updates, hate-filled Tweets, and hate-filled speeches.

Here’s another thing I observed. Sarah Palin is known for ONLY Republican talking points. Every speech, every interview she has ever done falls into that category. She can memorize her talking points, for sure. The only original thoughts that have ever come out of her mouth, is hate-filled rhetoric. Seriously, prove me wrong. She’s so proud of her ‘reload’ gimmick. I guess she should tell the parents of that nine-year old little girl to ‘reload.’ I’m sure that will make them feel better.

This past year, the worst thing has been that she hasn’t been held accountable for ANYTHING. She never has to answer to any other ‘news’ people other than Fox News. Her hands are too bloody, too deep in this tragedy for her to just release a statement, or to just go on Sean Hannity’s show and excuse herself away. If the American people accept that, then this is a truly sad moment for this country.

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Sarah Palin: Cleaning House on Facebook

She MUST be feeling guilty. But I also think that she REALLY doesn’t think her rhetoric is harmless. Here, read this. She’s pathetic. Her followers are even more pathetic.

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