Make Sarah Palin Accountable

10 Jan

This is what has to be done folks. You know right now she’s preparing herself to go on Fox News and explain away. Not being asked follow-up questions. Only answering pre-determined questions. The WORST part of that is she thinks that should be it. She will go on Fox News, make an excuse, and then that should be it. WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN. Sarah Palin has been SILENT since this tragedy in Tucson because there has been such an uproar about her hateful, violent rhetoric.

And now I want to answer all of the ‘Palin apologists’ out there. (How can there even be ANY ‘Palin apologists’?)

And we are going to be dealing with FACTS here, people.

The obvious IS her famous map with the crosshairs on it. To be quite honest with you, it is pretty self-explanatory. The FACT is that Rep. Giffords’ district IS on here, and there IS a crosshair over her district, and Rep. Giffords’ name IS listed.

Sarah Palin's Terrorist Map

Do I think Sarah Palin actually wanted these people listed to be harmed in any way? No, but Sarah Palin’s ‘base’ are gun-toting morons who only believe in the 2nd Amendment. She LOVES that she represents gun-loving, bible-thumping, ‘patriotic’ Americans. But there is NO WAY on God’s Creation that she didn’t know that this type of visual aid would draw this conclusion. This visual tells you to target these particular people. The crosshairs put a bullseye on these specific people. She needs to be accountable for her actions here. Her new mantra of  ‘Don’t Retreat, RELOAD’ directly ties her to this conclusion.  This statement only means ONE THING. Reload your GUN. Don’t ‘reload’ your ‘vocabulary,’ or anything else. It means to reload your GUN.

This type of rhetoric is what mentally ill people crave. Palin’s hate-filled words, plus Glenn Beck’s ‘we need to start a revolution’ crap just makes someone who is NOT rational, become rational in their own minds. Like all this anger and hate is mounting on the inside. This mentally ill person already hates the Government, already hates President Obama, already hates everything NOT liberal … they just need to be validated. Then along comes Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Sharron Angle.

Sharron Angle said, “2nd Amendment Remedies.” What could that possibly mean, other than what it means!! C’mon! You can’t come to ANY other conclusion other than … 2nd Amendment Remedies!

Glenn Beck. Oy Vey. If you can stomach to watch his show longer than 2 minutes, he would have you believe that this country is on the verge of collapsing. He says we needs a Revolution NOW! And he’s crying about it! Another validation to someone who’s mentally ill.

Another thing, all day yesterday she was scrambling to take down EVERYTHING on all her social networking sites. The map was GONE. All of her ‘Don’t Retreat, RELOAD’ Tweets were GONE. Also removed were the unbelievable hate-filled comments from her followers. Previous Tweets were deleted. If she wasn’t a part of the violent political climate, why did she do that? Why remove all of her statements? Freedom of Speech? Ahh, only when it hasn’t killed anyone yet. If you’re not guilty of anything, then you shouldn’t feel the need to delete every hyperbole that YOU have said. THAT MAKES YOU LOOK WORSE. That, to me, means you know that your statements are hate-filled and violent-prone. She was also deleting any negative comments about her. Here is a site that did a WONDERFUL job listing all of the things she was from her Facebook page. It is quite fascinating.

Here is a site that lists all the HATE in response to the assassination attempt: This makes your stomach crawl.

What is NOT acceptable is only allowing Sarah Palin to go on Fox News and try to excuse herself. You know she will only address the map and not her hyperbole. ‘Don’t Retreat … RELOAD.’ That’s her new motto. Really? WE CAN’T LET HER GET AWAY WITH THIS!! She MUST cop to her hate-filled status updates, hate-filled Tweets, and hate-filled speeches.

Here’s another thing I observed. Sarah Palin is known for ONLY Republican talking points. Every speech, every interview she has ever done falls into that category. She can memorize her talking points, for sure. The only original thoughts that have ever come out of her mouth, is hate-filled rhetoric. Seriously, prove me wrong. She’s so proud of her ‘reload’ gimmick. I guess she should tell the parents of that nine-year old little girl to ‘reload.’ I’m sure that will make them feel better.

This past year, the worst thing has been that she hasn’t been held accountable for ANYTHING. She never has to answer to any other ‘news’ people other than Fox News. Her hands are too bloody, too deep in this tragedy for her to just release a statement, or to just go on Sean Hannity’s show and excuse herself away. If the American people accept that, then this is a truly sad moment for this country.

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