The Gullible American

20 Jan

One of the biggest questions I have is this: How stupid are Americans? Can their votes really be swayed that easily? Are they that gullible? And who are these moronic Americans? I am assuming they are Independents. And this ‘epidemic’ first occurred to me when Sarah Palin was unleashed on us in 2008. If I recall, then Sen. Obama had close to a 10 point lead over John McCain. Sarah Palin gave her convention speech, and then McCain had a 10 point lead. Of course as soon as Mrs. Palin opened her mouth and people realized how stupid she was, the polling then gave Obama his lead back. WHAT?? That was stunning to me. Who are these people whose vote can be swayed so easily? The Liberal agenda and the Conservative agenda are so fundamentally different, I just don’t understand how you were going to vote for Obama, then heard Palin’s Convention speech and decided to vote for McCain. Really? I need all these people to come forward because I have some questions for you.

So this brings me to this past November’s Mid-Term. I am serious about this, my friends. I NEED someone to explain this to me. The Republicans campaigned on nothing. Seriously, NOTHING. Other than Health Care repeal, AND the promise to get President Obama out of office? Maybe? I paid attention to this. Not one Republican politician could come up with a solution to all these so-called problems they were complaining about. So how did they sell ‘Vote Republican’ to anybody?

I feel that what this country lacks is integrity. I really do. Wait, they seem to be lacking intelligence, common sense, logic and reason as well. Americans are lazy. Now do I mean ALL Americans? No, of course not.  Listen, if you are a hard-line Republican, I’m not even talking about you. Not talking about the Republican base either. I’m talking about voters who claim to be Independent. The ones who voted for President Obama in 2008, and then voted Republican this past November.

Why? President Obama campaigned on Health Care Reform. He really did. So this reform bill wasn’t surprising. I do understand, being a part of the liberal base, was SO upset when the Public Option was taken off the table. I seriously was doing my own campaigning, in getting people to NOT vote in the mid-term. Then my anger subsided and I realized not voting was more detrimental to this country. But even as angry & upset as I was, I would never vote Republican. Never. I just wouldn’t vote. Like I said earlier, the differences between Republicans & Democrats, in their beliefs, are SO different.

So what did the Republicans say that made you vote for them? The Republicans offered NO solutions. NONE. ZERO. ZILCH. NIL. They just bitched, and bitched, and bitched about spending. But offered NO answer, ever, as to how they were going to fix this. I remember hearing Republicans talking about this administration’s spending, and we have to fix the deficit. Yet when asked how are you going to do this, no Republican politician ever had an answer. Watch. Classic example of this on Meet the Press.

So someone come forward and tell me why this interview was not an issue in you choosing to vote Rep over Dem. But this isn’t even my biggest issue. This is where I can’t get over how dumb Americans are. Dumb, lazy, racist, I don’t know which … but how on God’s green Earth were you people okay with the Republicans fighting with all their might, to make sure the Bush tax cuts were extended for the wealthy? How?

Did you not see what they were doing? It was crystal clear that the rich needed to be taken care of, before the poor, working poor, and middle class. These tax cuts were more important than feeding hungry children. Dramatic? I don’t think so. The Republicans said they wouldn’t vote for anything unless these tax cuts were extended to the wealthy. Not even extending unemployment benefits. So many families depend on that right now, to actually feed their families. But making sure Mr. Trump had enough money to buy a new yacht was more important. C’mon! That was so obvious! In getting into debates with some Conservatives about unemployment benefits, they all have the same argument. ALL UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE CHOOSE TO BE UNEMPLOYED. ALL UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE SPEND THEIR BENEFITS ON FLAT SCREENS, DRUGS, AND LUXURY ITEMS. Yes, I promise you they do think this. So here’s what I didn’t get. Republicans whined about President Obama not creating enough jobs, and in the same breath, saying Americans don’t deserve unemployment. WHAT?? This is a fact, people. Republicans DID say these things. And they still were voted in.

And on point with the above video, in the same breath, Republicans screamed how wrong it was to NOT extend the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy WHILE bitching about how high the deficit is. You can’t have both. It would seem that a logical and reasonable would know this. And the fact that Republicans never came up with a solution on how to fix both, stuns me. It’s breathtaking that people still voted for them.

So someone please tell me what compelled you to vote Republicans. Is it because Obama is black? You didn’t care that Republicans didn’t offer any alternative solutions? You didn’t care Republicans were lying all the time? I don’t get it. Someone, please help me. I’m confused.


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2 responses to “The Gullible American

  1. Eileen Evans

    January 21, 2011 at 10:46 am

    Respectfully, your diatribe illustrates why we fared so poorly in the past election. These pejoratives exemplify the typical Liberal arrogance that turns people off. 2010 was another year that Dems tried to pound square pegs into round holes and failed, in too many cases, to give reasons to vote for them.

    The DNC neglected to educate its candidates & constituency about its coups. Did you watch any debates on CSPAN and see how poorly prepared our contenders were? The poor management of some local campaigns dragged others to defeat. Our supporters’ ignorance about issues & our wins is pathetic. Voters were in a surly mood. I just heard a stat that 73% of us have either lost our job or have a friend or family members who did. Instead of facing & fixing our inadequacies, we resort to tired old maxims (like ‘no organized party,’ ‘big tent,’ ‘we value diverse opinions,’ and/or voters are stupid) for being ineffectual.

    The G.O.P. adopted Obama’s 2008 Campaign tactics. We didn’t. I expected our side to pull off something brilliant. Never happened. The DNC was so effective when Dean was its Chair. Based on track record, I’m disgusted that Kaine will remain for 2 more years. The G.O.P. seized and dominated the narrative (as usual). They studied voters to develop messaging. We, predictably, adopted the usual fixed campaign models. Their candidates were personable & out mixing it up with voters. Ours made the usual stops.
    Party leadership resists adapting. Consider blogging about the DNC’s ineptitude. Dems are like American tourists who set out for remote Mexican village but, upon arrival, complains that no one speaks English! Old habits are hard to break but each time we blame voters our agenda has a snowball’s chance in Hell.


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