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Republicans’ Assault on Women

I haven’t had any desire to blog about anything lately because I am so disenfranchised with stupid Americans that I figure, what’s the point? These stupid Americans DO NOT care about truth and facts … if the truth and the facts don’t fit into their beliefs … then these stupid Americans have no problem changing the facts to fit their own needs. Wait. Let me put this how I really mean … Republican politicians/pundits/commentators will state their own opinions as facts, and the stupid Americans believe them. But today, I’m back.

Let me start by saying that there are so many old, white, men in political office, that need to hit the freakin’ road. These men are bringing so much destruction to this country, especially to women, that it literally makes me physically ill. This IS an assault on women everywhere.

The Republican agenda is not to create jobs, not to balance the deficit, not to stabilize the economy, it’s to stop federal funding to Planned Parenthood. This is a disgrace, and such an attack on women’s rights … all women.

First of all, do any of you know how Planned Parenthood even operates? I mean are you that dumb that you really think that when a girl/woman walks in to Planned Parenthood that her only option is to have an abortion? Yes, YOU ARE THAT DUMB.

I would like one of these Congressmen, the ones who are so anti-abortion, they want to redefine rape, they want to stop funding to Planned Parenthood, they want to overturn Roe v. Wade … are any of these Congressmen foster parents? Have any of these Congressmen adopted a non-white American baby? Any of them? I don’t think so. So how dare you think YOU have any right to take away a woman’s right to choose? You aren’t even a part of the ‘solution.’ Who are going to take care of all these unwanted babies? Obviously not any of you. You know who does take care and adopt the disabled babies? The older kids in foster care? The non-white babies? Gays do. Gays are the ones who take these forgotten children in and you don’t even want them to be able to adopt children, right Mike Huckabee? THIS INFURIATES ME like nothing else. And this should infuriate all women everywhere.

Is it me, or maybe these old, white, geezers just don’t see the bigger picture. The horrifying bigger picture. One can only assume they don’t have a rape victim in their family. If they did, they certainly would NOT be trying to take away the rights of a woman to CHOOSE how to live the rest of her life. I think these old guys believe that abortion is only for black women who keep getting pregnant. That’s not far-fetched since most of them have racist tendencies. I mean call it for what it is. These old men are so out of touch with actual reality, they don’t have the capacity to have compassion for a rape victim, for an incest victim. Nope, they ignore that because too many black women are getting pregnant and having abortions. Tunnel vision. They only see that abortion’s necessity is for birth control.

Again, a girl doesn’t walk in to Planned Parenthood and her only option is to have an abortion. Are you not familiar with what CHOICE actually means? They are counseled and given choices. And what if this 16-year-old, who was raped 3 months before and didn’t report it … which is VERY common, now finds she is pregnant with her rapist’s baby, you have no problems telling her she HAS to carry that baby to term? Are you going to adopt and take in that baby? No, you’re not. Because you old, white pieces of garbage talk the talk … you sure don’t walk any walk. Where would that girl go if there wasn’t a Planned Parenthood? She is obviously ashamed of being raped. Most rape victims are. And thank God she has a choice, right now, to be able to go someplace anonymously and get help. YOU want to take that help away from her. And THAT is an assault on women. 

This is a backdoor way for these wretched men to make an abortion unattainable. Instead of going after Roe v. Wade directly, they are wanting to change the laws and make it impossible for a woman to have an abortion … we women CAN’T LET THIS HAPPEN.

Here are the despicable men who are assaulting women. Please contact them and tell them what they are doing is WRONG. They might as well take away women’s right to vote.

Mike Huckabee: He claims to be a Christian, however, he’s not very Christ-like. He compared abortion to slavery. Also talking about gays adopting children, he said, “Children are not puppies, this is not a time to see if we can experiment and find out, how does this work?” How horrible is that? He is such a bigot. Please send this monster a message that this old, white, guy has no say pertaining to women’s issues.

Rep. Mike Pence (In): He has talked about taxpayer’s dollars going to fund abortions, that this is morally wrong. Well I think the Iraq ‘war’ is morally wrong and THAT has bankrupt this country and it was all based on a lie. Yet I don’t have a say, as a taxpayer, that my tax dollars were wasted on that occupation of a sovereign country.

Rep Chris Smith (NJ): He wants to redefine rape. How unbelievably disgusting and insensitive. This guy, and I know this is harsh, I want to send him to prison for a day … and he still has it easy because he doesn’t have to worry about being pregnant.

There are actually 173 Congressmen in favor of this bill to stop funding to Planned Parenthood. That’s astonishing. All men. I still feel that if you don’t have a uterus, you don’t have a say.


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What Republicans ARE Doing.

The $100,000.00 question for me will always be, why and how did Republicans win this past mid-term? I don’t get how they convinced people to vote for them … they offered NOTHING. Seriously, they offered absolutely NO solutions/alternatives to whatever President Obama was doing. They just complained about everything. And proudly boasting that they are the party of NO. Like a petulant six-year-old. “No! No! No!” Good grief.

By the way, what I just stated is factual. Republicans didn’t bring anything to the table when it came to Health Care Reform, Unemployment, Tax Cut extensions, how to bring down the deficit, how to create jobs. Nothing. They offered nothing. And I dare anyone to find me one piece of video or an interview a Republican politician did that offered solutions/alternatives to anything. I dare ya.

So how did they convince people to vote for them. One can only assume that it’s because they were voting against the black guy in office. All through the Health Care debate, at those town hall meetings, we heard over and over “We want our country back.” And now we know that’s slang for … “We want our country back from the black guy.” I will say, without apologies, again and again … the Tea Party are now the racist fringe of the Republican Party. They are so out in the open with it, yet won’t cop to it. Cowards. Hiding in plain sight.

So HOW did Republicans win this past mid-term? I still don’t know. Maybe they promised jobs? But as of today, Republicans have had control of Congress since January 5, 2011 and I have not heard one Republican politician even utter the word ‘job.’ Not one. Republicans talked non-stop about Health Care repeal since they took over Congress. Nothing on Jobs. Now all I’m hearing is how many Republican men want to change the Rape laws. Redefine rape. Can’t call a rape victim a victim, have to call her an accuser. Are you proud of yourselves America? That is what you voted in office? Old, white, men who do not care about finding you a job, but want to make sure rapists are protected under the law. This is their priority. THIS IS THEIR PRIORITY.

Remember: Truth, Facts, & Logic should ALWAYS trump everything else, including emotions.

Happy Saturday!

Kathryn Scaglione

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