What Republicans ARE Doing.

05 Feb

The $100,000.00 question for me will always be, why and how did Republicans win this past mid-term? I don’t get how they convinced people to vote for them … they offered NOTHING. Seriously, they offered absolutely NO solutions/alternatives to whatever President Obama was doing. They just complained about everything. And proudly boasting that they are the party of NO. Like a petulant six-year-old. “No! No! No!” Good grief.

By the way, what I just stated is factual. Republicans didn’t bring anything to the table when it came to Health Care Reform, Unemployment, Tax Cut extensions, how to bring down the deficit, how to create jobs. Nothing. They offered nothing. And I dare anyone to find me one piece of video or an interview a Republican politician did that offered solutions/alternatives to anything. I dare ya.

So how did they convince people to vote for them. One can only assume that it’s because they were voting against the black guy in office. All through the Health Care debate, at those town hall meetings, we heard over and over “We want our country back.” And now we know that’s slang for … “We want our country back from the black guy.” I will say, without apologies, again and again … the Tea Party are now the racist fringe of the Republican Party. They are so out in the open with it, yet won’t cop to it. Cowards. Hiding in plain sight.

So HOW did Republicans win this past mid-term? I still don’t know. Maybe they promised jobs? But as of today, Republicans have had control of Congress since January 5, 2011 and I have not heard one Republican politician even utter the word ‘job.’ Not one. Republicans talked non-stop about Health Care repeal since they took over Congress. Nothing on Jobs. Now all I’m hearing is how many Republican men want to change the Rape laws. Redefine rape. Can’t call a rape victim a victim, have to call her an accuser. Are you proud of yourselves America? That is what you voted in office? Old, white, men who do not care about finding you a job, but want to make sure rapists are protected under the law. This is their priority. THIS IS THEIR PRIORITY.

Remember: Truth, Facts, & Logic should ALWAYS trump everything else, including emotions.

Happy Saturday!

Kathryn Scaglione

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