Where are the Jobs?

04 Mar

Wasn’t this the slogan for the Republicans during the mid-term campaign?

Well it seems that the Republicans in Congress haven’t even said the word jobs since they took office. Am I missing something? Uh, NO. This is what they do. The old Bait & Switch. So I need voters to come forward, voters who were so disenfranchised with the Obama Administration, and voted Republican because you were sold on what Republicans were telling you. Are you happy? Is this what you wanted?

Ever since Republicans took over, they have been focused on these issues:


Redefining Rape

Health Care Repeal

Stop Funding for Planned Parenthood

Stop Funding for Teachers

Shut Down Unions/Collective Bargaining Rights

This is not an exaggeration. They are not made up issues. It is a FACT that Republicans have only been focused on these issues.

So voters, are you ok with this? You’re ok that job creation is nowhere on the minds on the elected Republicans you voted in?

Let’s break this down.

What has been the most evil since Republicans took over has been their assault on women. Wanting to redefine rape, take away funding from Planned Parenthood. There is nothing more insulting and disgusting than an old, white man wanting to take away women’s rights. Instead of actually going after Roe v. Wade, they are trying to make abortion unavailable. Cowards. The fact that this is happening makes me physically ill. And what’s worse, is that we should be seeing ALL women, Republican & Democrat, stand up and shut this down. Too many ‘politicians’ in Congress and the Senate.  (Please read my post before this one, to see how I really feel about this subject)

And now what’s happening in Wisconsin is so disgraceful. When did teachers become the enemy? I feel like just playing a whole bunch of clips from the Daily Show because they have been EXCELLENT in pointing out the hypocrisy Republicans have been showing here.

Here’s the point I REALLY want to make about Wisconsin … and THIS IS THE TRUTH: Pay attention voters, ok?

The Republicans fought with every fiber of their being to make sure the wealthiest Americans got their tax extension. They fought with all their might to make sure Americans making over $250,000.00 got their tax extension. FACT. So now, because they are SO in favor of the wealthy NOT contributing to this country, they want to take away from the Teachers, the Police, the Firefighters … anything Federal. basically anyone NOT making over $250,00.00. So any voter who voted Republican who DOES NOT make over $250,000.00 and this mindset, this policy is OK with you, PLEASE tell me why. PLEASE.

So going back to my original question: Where are the jobs? Ask John Boehner that question and this is what you get:

What’s wretched about this video is not only the hypocrisy, but the fact that he LIED about how many jobs were added. Now, will Boehner ever have to answer for this? Uh, NO. No Republican EVER has to answer for what they say. Right out of the Sarah Palin handbook.


What is scaring me now … are two things. Newt Gingrich & Mike Huckabee. Wow. Major douchebags.

Newt Gingrich: One thing. CHEATER. And you cheated twice. Once while your wife was battling cancer. That IS your moral character, buddy. And you’re a moron. Your horrific speech you made about President Obama channeling his dead father’s Kenyan beliefs was unbelievably irresponsible and such a big, fat, LIE. Please read my previous post about Newt.

Mike Huckabee: What happened to this guy? Such hate you have displayed this past week. First off, you did what I hate the most. Make a statement, and then backtrack. Start spinning. Puh-lease. Your interview and your comments about President Obama growing up in Kenya were deliberate. You know it, and anyone with an IQ over 80 knows it. Oh wait, anyone who is NOT a racist knows it. Then you release a statement saying you misspoke. No you didn’t. You most certainly did not. You knew what you were saying. YOU were talking to the Tea Party. You were talking to the Republican base. But then you had to come out with a half-ass apology, well it wasn’t even an apology … just you saying you misspoke. THAT statement you were talking to Republicans & Independents who know the truth about President Obama. You are a tool.

Then you made these judgemental comments about Natalie Portman being an unwed, pregnant woman. Wow. Another assault on women. Um, I don’t recall you saying anything about Bristol Palin being an unwed, pregnant woman. YOU, sir, are a BIG hypocrite. And not Christ-like at all. You should be ashamed.


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13 responses to “Where are the Jobs?

  1. Mitchell

    March 4, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    So Democrats are the answer?

    Republicans have talked about the budget and deficit more than any of those items you listed.

    Jobs? Of course Republicans want jobs. Just not Federal jobs. They want jobs that contribute to the tax base not take from it. So the video is a bit of a straw man. Our gov does not create money, it takes from the ones who do.

    You make it sound like Republicans are for the rich but most of the priciest zip codes in our country are overwhelmingly blue.

    Also, rich people especially liberals are the least charitable. Studies show that non-religious, left-leaning people are the least giving of both money and time. Hmm…. First ones to cry about something but the last to do anything about it.

    Even if the Republicans focused ONLY on those issues you mentioned, it is good politics, they are stirring up part of the base. Democrats do the same thing.

    You talk about Newt being a cheater. Should that disqualify him from office? Do we need to list the Democrats who done the same? Clinton, Kennedy, Edwards, Spitzer, Gary Hart, Barney Frank (?), Jesse Jackson, James McGreevey, etc. are you equally appalled with them?? I sure hope so, wouldn’t want a double standard.

    You talk about Republicans just wanting to take rights away from everyone. Tell me then, did Margaret Sanger take any rights from people? Her little vision of weeding out minorities from the population is EVIL. Why you think planned parenthood offices are mostly in poor neighborhoods? Ever heard of the Negro Project?

    If I want to have guns and someone on the left wants to take them away, are my rights being stripped away? Equating pro-life views to anti women rights is irresponsible.

    You and others are painting with broad strokes. Republicans ARE lame, but so are Democrats. Republicans want to get rid of unions, I agree with that. Unions do some good sure, but also do very bad. Do you know how hard it is to fire a teachers union member for incompetence? Extremely hard so it is rarely done. are you okay with America’s kids learning from morons? I am not.

    If you and I really want a better world which Im sure we do. Name-calling, belittling, acting intellectually superior and holding double standards won’t help.

    I cannot in good conscience say I want to unite the country while putting down one half of it. Every time I insult a liberal view I allow liberals to take offense. That doesn’t unite. Every time a liberal belittles a conservative view all the conservatives get offended. Our country is divided because we are dividing it.

    The country is at ideological war. If there is to be peace, someone has to be nice.

    Unfortunately that isn’t gonna happen. Because the war is really about who is right, better, or fitter so reason and objective discussion can’t be involved.

    Sorry for my sarcastic tone in some of my points. I would go back and change it but would lose my focus.

    FYI- I am independent. I think politics is dirty and politicians are worse, for the most part. I don’t even take part in the process because of my contempt.


    • Janie

      March 5, 2011 at 7:29 pm

      Your last paragraph nullifies everything you just said. If you don’t take part you have NO say.

    • politikasm

      March 5, 2011 at 9:45 pm


      Your whole comment is a Republican talking point. And you bought into it. What the Republicans in Congress have actually done and said is all the proof you need, my friend. The problem lies in Republican voters who just don’t care about truth and facts. It’s like no matter what the actual fact is, it doesn’t matter because taking the side of a liberal is just plain wrong, right?

      Republicans DID threaten to take hostage all other issues pertaining to Congress during the lame duck session, if the Bush tax cuts weren’t extended to the wealthy. That is a fact. Here is the truth. Republicans are against the wealthy getting a 3% tax hike, but are ok with cutting benefits and jobs to people who make, on an average, $50,000.00. You don’t see anything wrong with that?

      Seriously, I had to read your comment over again because it’s unreal that everything you’re trying to point out, is a Republican LIE … right off of Fox News. You think Planned Parenthood was set up to weed out minorities? I mean you really believe that? I know a Planned Parenthood here in St. Louis that’s in an upper class neighborhood. You are the one who proves my point. No desire to do your own research and actually get the FACTS.

      Research shows that liberals give the least? Oh good God. That’s a direct quote from Ann Coulter. You NEVER see a Republican doing any type of benefit, or volunteer work. NEVER. It’s always George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt. I don’t remember seeing on Republican ever doing a PSA for Katrina, or the tsunami, or Haiti. Not one.

      I bet you’re a birther too, aren’t you. Sad

  2. Mitchell

    March 5, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Lol, what a convenient response.

    If I don’t vote, then I have every right to “say” because I didn’t put the people in office.

  3. Janie

    March 5, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    No, you don’t.

  4. Mitchell

    March 5, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    Okay, I change my mind. I am not an activist. *donates $2000 to stop abortion.*

    Now can we talk?

  5. Mitchell

    March 5, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    Uh no its not. I am an Independent. You said that it was “fact” that the Repubs were only talking about social issues. You were wrong. By a long shot.

    I watch MSNBC more than any news outlet.

    It doesn’t matter if I see anything wrong with tax breaks for the rich. I was just calling you out on your arguments, which were flimsy at best. You just called names and hurled insults and not once presenting a valid argument. All I saw were strawmen.

    Did you read my post? I said pp (planned parenthood) was MOSTLY in poor neighborhoods. Margaret Sanger was a big advocate for eugenics. You knew that right? Do YOU see anything wrong with that??

    Seriously, all you are doing is assuming. You have not presented one reasonable argument. You just attack me rather than my arguments. You don’t know me, what I read, who I watch but you certainly act like you do. That is silly, how can I take you seriously?

    You want facts?? You can’t handle the facts!

    Regarding Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood:

    Regarding liberals being charitable:

    I do hope you read or at least skim through these sites.

    But please don’t come back with “you are just brainwashed” or “you are blinded by Fox News” it really just insults you.

    If you want to discuss these issued point by point I will. But not if you just make assumptions and avoid the arguments on their merits.

    I cannot wake you if you are pretending to sleep.

  6. Janie

    March 6, 2011 at 6:39 am

    Are you serious? These links are to right wing, conservative sites. Anyone can find anything one wants to back one’s beliefs. Diane Dew was a bible spouting hard line religious activist, and Arthur Brooks is about as far right as one can get without sliding off into the radical fringe element.

    If these are the people from whom you get your ideas then you, my friend, are not an independent.

  7. Mitchell

    March 6, 2011 at 10:32 am

    And ABC News, Wikipedia? Right wing too?

    It doesn’t matter if a source is on the right, it matters if they are telling the truth.

    You just can’t refute the arguments.

    You watch MSNBC, so you are just repeating left-wing radical ideas. There I am doing what you do.

    And Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Since he was a Republican he is unable to tell the truth right? It is scientific fact that Republicans cannot tell the truth?

    I guess his contribution to society should be ignored, with him being a “right winger” and all.


  8. Janie

    March 6, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Yes, I DO watch MSNBC. BUT I do not try to pass myself off as an “independent”. Therein lies the difference between you and me. If you believe the same way as Diane Dew or Arthur Brooks, fine, but have the guts to admit it.

    Lincoln was far different than the Republicans of today. Besides, I have a sneaking suspicion that “Honest” Abe wasn’t totally truthful at all times. That’s a myth.

  9. Mitchell

    March 6, 2011 at 11:48 am

    Janie, who said I believe the same way as Diane Dew? Because I posted some info of hers? If I post an article from the New York Times does that make me a liberal?

    You refuse to argue the points, you just make up stories and make broad assumptions about me.

    I am a registered Independent. I just changed my PA when I renewed my license.

    Because you watch MSNBC does that make you someone who ONLY spits out their talking points? NO! But you assume that with me.

    Your argument was basically that Republicans can’t tell the truth.

    How about this, do you believe in eugenics? Do you fully support what Margaret Sanger wanted to do with her “Negro Project?” Just answer that.

    Im sorry but you haven’t even studied the history of PP.
    Maybe you don’t want to study it because you are in favor of weeding out the imbeciles? Are you racist? I mean, that is your right I just think it is disgusting.

    And Hitler used Darwinist views to wipe out millions of people. Are you in favor of that?

    Please surprise me and offer an argument.

  10. Janie

    March 6, 2011 at 11:57 am

    You are the one calling names and giving no facts. You are the one making assumptions. No, I am definitely NOT a racist, sir.


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