Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee

08 Mar

Hypocrites of the week: Sarah Palin & Mike Huckabee

These two idiots make it so easy to call them out on their hypocritical statements. Sarah Palin, moron of the decade, has had NO original thought since John McCain unleashed this genius on us in 2008. She is the talking points Queen. Seriously, I dare anyone to find me ONE, just ONE speech, or interview she gave where it wasn’t a Republican talking point. You can’t find one. It doesn’t exist.

Anyway, Palin talked with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News and just kept putting her foot in her mouth, hypocritically, of course.

1.) Palin said the Wisconsin Democrats who went into hiding should be fired. That they are retreating, not reloading. Um, didn’t this one QUIT being Governor? Yes, yes she did. SHE QUIT. And now she’s commenting on other politicians doing their job. Really, Sarah?

2.) With the same theme of what Palin said, you know, hiding, fired, retreat, reload, yada, yada, yada … Where was she when Republicans were filibustering EVERYTHING in the Senate, since President Obama took office? Why was that acceptable? I mean they were just retreating, and I certainly don’t remember Republicans coming up with any alternative/solutions to anything President Obama was proposing.

3.) I know this hypocritical statement happened a while ago but it may be my favorite. When she called for Rahm Emanuel’s job because he called Democrats in Congress retards. Yet, she gave Rush Limbaugh a pass because, what? He’s using satire? Really Sarah?


Boy, Mike, what a week you had. A lot of misspeaking, huh. I don’t think so. The worst characteristic any human being can have, is lack of integrity. Not holding yourself accountable for your own behavior. I thought you were a man of God? You sure aren’t practicing what you’re preaching. True that I don’t know what you’re preaching, obviously you’ve never given a sermon on integrity or accountability. You are a bigot, you are hateful, and you’re ‘President Obama was raised in Kenya’ BS means you are a racist. Sorry, you are. Everyone with an IQ over 80 knows President Obama was born in Hawaii and was NOT raised in Kenya. Only met his father ONCE, in Hawaii, and didn’t even go to Kenya ’til he was accepted into Harvard. THESE ARE THE FACTS Mr. Huckabee. Do facts mean anything to you? Or you just don’t care. You are talking to the Republican base, and the Republican base these days, are the dumbest, most hateful racist people, this country has to offer. And YOU are making sure you are speaking their language. Just like Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann. You lack integrity.

But here’s what’s making me ill about you. Your disparaging statements about Natalie Portman:

“People see a Natalie Portman who boasts, ‘We’re not married but we’re having these children and they’re doing just fine,’ I think it gives a distorted image. It’s unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out-of-wedlock children.”

But, here is what you said about Bristol Palin:

It ought to be a reminder that here is a family that loves one another. They stuck with each other though the tough times and that’s what families do.”

Do you see how backwards this is? What is wrong with you? Are you misspeaking again? You are a coward who lacks integrity and won’t hold yourself accountable for your own behavior. Do you think God would approve of this behavior? How do you sleep at night? You are also the guy who compared gays to incest. It’s old, white, men like you who needs to hit the road. You want to take away women’s right, even though you will NEVER give birth. You don’t even have the integrity to bash ALL unwed pregnant women. You pick and choose. You are the worst kind of man, a man who hides behind God. I hope people figure you out and tell you to go away. But like I said before, the Republican base ARE the stupidest Americans.

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Posted by on March 8, 2011 in Politics


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