Mike Huckabee: Really?

11 Mar

Mike Huckabee, you’re really pissing me off, ya know? Can’t you take responsibility for anything? How shameful. And you’re a father? Didn’t you teach your children what integrity was? Well hopefully your wife did because you certainly don’t have any. You are making all of these statements, and then backtracking when someone calls you out on it. What the hell is that? It seems you’re doing a lot of misspeaking, uh, really? You were misspeaking for FIVE minutes talking about President Obama growing up in Kenya? Puh-lease.

And now you make this ridiculas statement:

Mike Huckabee says single moms ‘very poor, under-educated, can’t get a job’

Uh oh. But wait! Here comes the excuse and the spin on why he said this. I mean be a freakin’ man and own your hateful views. There is nothing worse than a hypocrite. YOU, Mike Huckabee, are a hypocrite. No integrity.

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Posted by on March 11, 2011 in Politics, Religion


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