Dana Loesch: Who?

14 Mar

Why am I blogging about Dana Loesch? I’ve asked myself this question as well. But her unbelievable ignorance about Michele Bachmann on Real Time with Bill Maher sent shivers down my spine. This episode aired 3/11/11. And Dana mentioned she liked Michele Bachmann as a Republican woman representative.

Of course BIll Maher said something like, Um, how can you support someone who doesn’t know her American History? She was bewildered. She didn’t believe Michele Bachmann even gave that horrific slavery speech! How can you be a political pundit and not know about this??? Watch the amazing video of Michele Bachmann talking about slavery … and being DEAD WRONG. It is quite jaw-dropping.

Now Dana, how did you not know this? Like seriously, how did you not know this? I’ve been making fun of this for weeks! It’s been everywhere. Do you not watch any news? Oh wait. I think I’m onto something. You only watch Fox News.

And I’m pretty sure Fox News NEVER showed Michele Bachmann’s slavery speech. Probably never even discussed how unbelievably WRONG she was. Am I close? I’m probably right. Which means, you don’t even watch your own station CNN. Tsk, tsk. This is bad journalism, my friend. Fellow St. Louisian. ALthough you probably don’t have ANY regard for truth and facts. And, you’re a hypocrite.

I have no desire to let anyone know about Dana Loesch’s history, but here’s her Wikipedia page:

And here is the AMAZING Michele Bachmann speech on slavery. Please, don’t try to laugh too hard. A freakin’ 5th grader knows how wrong she is.

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One response to “Dana Loesch: Who?

  1. Perry MacNeil

    April 8, 2011 at 12:36 am

    God, Girl. I just kept yelling at the TV! Couldn’t stand the woman, and wanted to just shake her or slap some sense into her empty little head!

    Y’know, it’s one thing being ignorant of a subject, but it’s another to go on national TV (or cable…) and display your ignorance for all the world to see.

    Great post – keep fighting the good fight!


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