Rep. Bobby Franklin

20 Mar

Rep. Bobby Franklin:

I seriously hope you’re not married, and if you are, I don’t know who is more despicable, you or your wife. How can a woman be married to a vile tool like you? All of your attacks against women, rape victims, incest survivors … makes you the worst man on the face of this planet. You are a coward. You can’t even go up against Roe v. Wade itself and try to stop abortion that way. You have to be cunning and sneaky and just make abortion unattainable. You make me physically ill.

QuestionHave you ever been a foster parent? Have you ever taken in any of these unwanted children you are so desperate to save in the womb? And by a very small chance you were a foster parent, were they black babies? Crack-addicted babies? Suffering from mental disorders? Or did you want your perfectly white little baby. I’m thinking that’s what you wanted. However, my money is on you NEVER being a foster parent.

I also assume you are against GAYS. And I mean gays in general. You don’t want gays living, am I correct? Because the GAYS are the miracle workers who actually adopt the black babies, the handicap children, the mentally challenged babies, and the older children. YOU don’t give a crap about those kids, do you? You don’t care about all these unwanted kids who will be born and then beaten and tortured and abused, BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. I don’t see you adopting those children. Why? Why not put your money where your mouth is? Man up. Man up and adopt a non white baby. How about FIXING THE FOSTER CARE SYSTEM. Would that be too much to ask? Actually, it IS too much to ask. Because you are the guy who thinks a miscarriage is murder. You are the guy who thinks rape isn’t rape. YOU are the guy who wants to protect a rapist, more than the victim. Yeah, YOU ARE THAT GUY. YOU are a worthless, sorry excuse for a human being.

Question: What IS your solution to all of these unwanted babies? Wait a minute, let’s back up here. Asking you this question is pointless. Because you are so against abortion, you are okay with a rape victim, an incest survivor, carrying a pregnancy to term. You are okay with THAT kind of torture. Do you have daughters? I could Google and find out myself but I don’t want to. But could you look your own daughter in the eyes, at the age of fourteen, and tell her she HAS to carry her rapist’s baby to term? Could you do that? You think you are so full of compassion because you want to ‘save’ the unborn, but your cruel beliefs, siding with a rapists, and a father who is raping his 13-year-old daughter, YOU ARE ON THEIR SIDE. Good for you. Why don’t you hold a rapist rally? Bring out all rapists and tell them they are good to go. They will never be prosecuted, as long as they impregnate the woman they rape. Now the woman, who has just been RAPED … she will have consequences to pay, if she terminates the pregnancy, via RAPE. Who cares if she was forced into intercourse. Who cares if the rapists stuffed her mouth with a sock. Who cares if he put dead weight on her thighs to make sure her legs stayed open. Who cares if he punched her, slapped her a few times to make her stop screaming. Who cares if she was a fifteen year old girl, who has never been intimate before. Who cares? Right Bobby Franklin? These ‘women’ will be prosecuted if they want to terminate their pregnancy. A pregnancy they DID NOT participate in.

 So what happened to you, Mr. Franklin? What happened to you to make you hate women so much? What happened to you that you have absolutely NO empathy, sympathy for a woman, a girl, who has been RAPED? Imagine, Mr. Franklin, walking down the street. YOU walking down the street., being grabbed from behind. Forced into an ally. YOU being forced into an ally. And there are three men there, they punch YOU in the face. YOU fall down, not knowing really what just happened. YOU getting your pants ripped off of YOU. These men turning YOU over and RAPING YOU. Over and over and over. YOU being penetrated, over and over and over. YOU, sir, being assaulted, tortured, beaten. YOU being RAPED. Can you imagine that? How would you feel? Would you feel ashamed? Embarrassed? Would you even report it? Would YOU even report YOUR own RAPE? Mr. Franklin? Yet, you still have an edge over a woman here, YOU don’t have to worry about being pregnant … BY YOUR RAPIST.

I still would like to know how you would tell a thirteen year old incest victim she HAS to carry out her pregnancy. How would you tell her, Mr. Franklin? Hey look I’m sorry your Pops has been having sex with your for years, and now you’re pregnant, but it’s wrong to terminate your pregnancy, little girl. You will be committing murder if you terminate. So, YOU HAVE TO CARRY YOUR FATHER’S BABY TO TERM. Yup, you have to do that. Even though you’re only thirteen. You HAVE to go through this torture, and I haven’t even figured out if it’s not your fault yet, I really don’t care. I just care that you don’t murder your father’s baby you are carrying. Does that sound about right? Mr. Franklin? Does that sound compassionate to you? Ask ANY incest victim and I guarantee having to carry that pregnancy, is more torturous, than the actual molestation. A minute by minute reminder that your dad raped you. Night after night. And here comes this old, white guy, telling me I HAVE to give birth to this fetus. Nicely done, Mr. Franklin. You are a stand-up guy.

And you know what’s sad? That doesn’t even cover the fact you just want to take away a woman’s right to CHOOSE. Period. Any scenario a woman would be in, contemplating having an abortion, is not a scenario you would EVER be in. So it’s beyond insulting that this old, white, guy from Georgia thinks he can just come into Congress and change the rules for women. How dare you! You want to stop funding to Planned Parenthood, yet you don’t want these women to have health care either. You enjoy being a hypocrite? Actually, I think you do. And I don’t think that you care you ARE a hypocrite.

WOMEN & MEN: PLEASE contact Mr. Franklin. Send your own letter, or send him this one. PLEASE. This is NOT acceptable. Not for us women, not for our mothers, not for our daughter … not for ANY woman anywhere. The Republicans are assaulting women, and women’s rights. THIS MUST STOP!!

Rep. Bobby Franklin:

401 Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30334


HOME: (What it says on his contact page)

4552 Cedar Knoll Drive
Marietta, Georgia 30066

770.928.0896 – Home

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  1. jimi

    September 28, 2011 at 1:40 am

    u suck maggot biche


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