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Recap of The Real Housewives of New Jersey – 5/23/2011

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The question of the day is this: Are you Team Teresa? or Team Melissa? If you’re Team Teresa, I don’t get it. Especially knowing Teresa’s history and her abhorrent behavior on the show for two seasons. In a nutshell, last night was Teresa blaming everybody else for her and her disgusting husband’s behavior.

And if anyone watched the after show Watch What Happens: Live with Andy Cohen, he missed a golden opportunity to call her out on it. There IS footage of this incident. Teresa acted as if she were Mother Teresa, and that there was NO WAY she would leave those girls unattended. Well Teresa, ya did.And lo and behold, it’s the return of Kim G. As a human being she is awful. For TV, she’s fantastic. I can’t think of anybody else, in the history of reality television, that is as two-faced and as backstabbing as Kim G. No integrity, and no dignity. And I don’t think she cares one bit. She wants camera time and that’s it. I would love to sit down with Kim G. and confront her on everything. I bet in next week’s episode, she’s Teresa and Jacqueline’s best friend.

Okay, here’s my take on the whole Teresa vs. Joe/Melissa deal. I don’t like Teresa. I thought she was even worse than Danielle Staub. At least Danielle was up front about her financial woes. Teresa acted as if she was worth over 100 Million dollars. To watch her spend like she did, on things that were obviously unnecessary, and then file for bankruptcy for ELEVEN MILLION dollars was revolting.

Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice, & Joe Gorga

And for her to say she had no idea, is a lie. She’s lying. And when her icky husband, Joe, called her brother a midget, she said the same thing she always says, “Oh that’s how they talk, they were just being funny, blah, blah, blah.” She said the same thing in season one when Joe called the dance instructor a gaywad. I am not a fan of people who can’t own their behavior. She makes excuses for everything, and blames everyone else for her and her husband’s behavior. No integrity.

As for Joe and Melissa Gorga, they both are a little dramatic. Maybe they are playing up to the camera, maybe they are a little fake, who knows. All I know is I am NOT Team Teresa.

Caroline and Jacqueline – still kind of boring this week. I do think that Caroline’s children are lucky to have her as a mother. I’m sure all three know that. Jacqueline is trying so hard to be more assertive, but she’s still a doormat. Poor girl. Maybe both their storylines will get more exciting. However I would be just as happy if all episodes were just about Teresa, Melissa, Kathy, and all 500 Joe’s.

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Recap of The Real Housewives of Orange County – 5/22/2011

The Real Housewives of Orange County: 2011 Edition

Warning: This is not really a recap, per say. More of an observation of the ladies this season, thus far. It is a little mean, but please comment and tell me what you guys think of the OC Housewives and what’s been going on with them and their behavior this season!

One thing is for certain. Thank God for my DVR. As I was enjoying the night of my life at a Bon Jovi concert in St. Louis, the First Ladies of Bravo were just being the great, self-absorbed women of the OC. For this ‘recap’, I felt compelled to write each lady a personal letter. And I really do feel the NEED.

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley

Dear Gretchen Rossi: (@GretchenRossi) For two seasons everyone was on your side. Why? Because you took the high road. This season, you have now become one of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Cunning, gossipy, mean, and very self-absorbed. Congratulations.You are coming off very full of yourself. The success of the show has gone to your head and you’ve lost that I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this treatment sympathy. Now you are that mean girl. Is is Slade? Three seasons? Who knows, I was afraid this would happen, but anybody can be corrupted by ‘fame’. You’re no different.

Tamra Barney

Dear Tamra Barney: (@TamraBarney) Every few seasons or so, the mean girl nobody likes finally has a season where she garners the sympathy from the viewers and the people get on your side and have your back. This seems to be your season. VIcki’s was last year. Since you’ve been on the show, I was consistently screaming at the TV yelling at you to get away from Simon. He was toxic. Last season I could have strangled him myself. So mean and verbally abusive. So maybe my sympathy for you came from that. You have been the most backstabbing, gossipy, fake OC Housewife since you started. But this year, I believe everyone has your back. We’ll see. Thumbs up for the preview of next week. Throwing a drink in Jeana’s face is priceless.

Vicki Gunvalson

Dear Vicki Gunvalson: (@VGunvalson) It is so hard for me to conjure up any kind of sympathy for you, which is ironic because all you want is sympathy and attention. The only thing I think of when I think of you is, ‘GROW UP.’ You act like such a baby.You try so hard to portray yourself as this working woman bringing home the bacon, when all I see is you saying, feel sorry for me, pay attention to me, look at me! Look at me. -Good Lord lady. Get rid of that inner child of yours, she’s annoying. And poor Don. He deserves to be happy, you take him for granted and walk all over him. And I hope you actually take some responsibility for your divorce. But knowing you, it’s all Don’s fault. Right?

Alexis Bellino

Dear Alexis Bellino: (@AlexisBellino) Where do I begin with you? First thing that comes to mind is ‘Christian hypocrite’. Another word that comes to mind is ‘fake’. But if you weren’t fake, you wouldn’t be on the show. Your mean-spirited, almost misogynistic husband is a little gross. HE is a bigger hypocrite than you are. In my 37 years of existence, the words ‘I would never let you go …’ haves NEVER come out of a partner’s mouth. NEVER. My ex husband never even came close to saying something like that. I take serious issue with you because young girls may be watching this show and you are beyond a poor role model. If I had a daughter, I definitely would watch you with her and use you as an example of what NOT to be as a young woman. And quite frankly, maybe … MAYBE I would take your Bible-quoting a little more serious if you actually lived a life of what you are quoting. THAT’S my issue. Maybe you’ll see footage of your two seasons and see why I say that. But I don’t think your husband will let you.

Peggy Tanous

Dear Peggy Tanous: (@PeggyTanous) You pretty much remind me of Gretchen’s first season. You haven’t done anything to be ‘hated’ yet. But pay attention to Gretchen this year. She’s becoming a mean girl and I see that she’s liking every minute of it. The ‘fame’ has gone to her head and she is changing before out eyes. VERY self-absorbed. So … FAIR WARNING!!

FYI: I am WELL AWARE this ‘recap’ was mean and harsh. But watching the show on Sunday, this is what I was compelled to write. It does seem like the real interesting episode will air next week. I promise no personal letters to the ladies. 🙂

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Recap of The Real Housewives of New York – 5/19/2011


I ask myself one question after every Housewives show: Do they really not see footage from the show? And also: Does Ramona not see footage of herself? And I’m not even referring to her ‘bug eyes’, I’m speaking of her behavior. Ramona is definitely the Queen of Denial. Anyway, enough about Ramona. For now.

I always give about 50% leeway that this is still a show on TV. How real is it? Who really knows, who really cares. I just know I love every minute of it. I have also realized that my recaps are recaps of the ladies’ behavior, and not so much about the scenarios on the show. But being critical about their behavior is a TON of fun. I’ve already started on Ramona, let’s move on to Kelly Bensimon. ( @kellybensimon )

I really don’t have a read on this girl. I tend to think that when I do have her figured out, the NY Housewives will have ‘Jumped the Shark.’ This episode, and even this whole season, she’s all about zen, Right? Yet she’s a bit of a drama queen. Her confession of having been in an abusive relationship came off as scripted to me. And maybe that’s just me, but I think an opportunity was missed for her to open up a little more and let other women know they are not alone.

Kelly Bensimon


Knowing Kelly, at least from the show, she doesn’t think she has a responsibility to others. Fine. Nobody asked her to be a role model, I don’t even think she knows what a ‘role model’ is. And she also did the one thing that makes me want to slap her. What is it with women who can’t say the word Vagina? Seriously. Get over yourself, Kelly. So you saw Sonja Morgan’s vagina, big deal. And then you act all innocent and that you have never seen another woman’s vagina before. I don’t buy that for one second. I don’t think any body does.

And speaking of Sonja’s vagina. This girl is getting on my last nerve. Sonja Morgan ( @SonjatMorgan ) is so full of herself her head’s about to explode. Yes, she really posed ‘sexy’ on her kitchen table about cooking with a toaster oven, yet the toaster oven was nowhere in sight.

Sonja Morgan

And she IS the mean girl this year, and I think she likes it. Sonja, do YOU watch footage of the show and cringe? I know I would. But also in defense of her, she’s very open about being single and being very sexually active. I like that. It’s refreshing. She’s a grown ass woman. Get over it people, and by people, I mean LuAnn.

Now LuAnn de Lesseps ( @CountessLuAnn ) has rubbed me the wrong way since the first season. The moment she threw a fit that Bethenny Frankel ( @Bethenny )introduced her to the limo driver as ‘LuAnn’ and not ‘Countess de Lesseps’ was a horrible first impression. I remember thinking, “Your life must be empty if that’s what you’re worried about.” I will give her this though, I LOVE her hair. I love that cut, and her body is sick. That’s about it.

LuAnn de Lesseps

This season she is definitely the troublemaker. I say that with trepidation because the scene when she was confronting Ramona and saying all those things about Jill, I would be the same way. Nobody should filter themselves around Ramona. She deserves every bit of brow beating one is willing to dole out.

And back to Ramona Singer. (@ramonasinger ) This is another one who HAS to watch footage of herself. Right? And she STILL doesn’t see anything wrong with her behavior. Ramona!

Ramona Singer

You are so mean this season! You are unbelievably narcissistic. Don’t you see that? And you are the worst at admitting when you are wrong. I wonder if your daughter is ashamed of your behavior. I know I cringe FOR her.

CIndy Barshop. (@CindyBarshop) I guess she is going to be coming into her own this year. She’s a little boring. Who she is and her integrity are what I want for the other Housewives. However, if that happens, there would be no Housewives show. The best part is the confessionals, the backstabbing, the betrayals … without that, the show would suck.

This episode for Alex McCord ( @mccordalex) was kind of non-existent. I will say she HAS stepped up and stood up for herself this season. And what she said about Sonja’s abhorrent behavior during the Equality Rally was dead on. And the fact that Sonja can’t even acknowledge her own behavior speaks volumes about Sonja and gives Alex credibility. FOOTAGE PEOPLE!!!

Cindy Barshop, Jill Zarin, & Alex McCord

I guess the obvious observation about Jill Zarin ( @JillZarin ) is that she’s pretty fake. Maybe fake isn’t the correct word. She is who she is no matter how much she wants to change. She says she is going to be different on the show this season, and she hasn’t been different at all. She falls back in to the gossiping, and trash talking so easy. It’s who she is. And Jill, you should just own it. You’re a teenage girl at heart. You HAVE to be the center of attention or you cook up your own drama to MAKE yourself the center of attention. Please don’t change. You change, the show goes away. And we don’t want that.

I just want to say that my recaps of ALL the Housewives shows are going to be cynical, and critical, and maybe kind of mean. But please ladies, don’t listen to me or take my advice, my observations may be dead on … but if you become better people, I won’t have a recap to write. 🙂


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The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 3 Premiere

I did warn that 90% of this blog IS politics, however, 10% is going to be me reviewing all of the Real Housewives. My guilty pleasure. I am conceding that this franchise has captured my heart and mind, and makes me human. Anyway, if I’m flawed, it’s because I enjoy the Housewives to a degree of embarrassment. Whatever.


I think I quite possibly experienced the greatest 90 minutes of my life last night. between 8-9:30pm. CST. The third season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey began. And boy did it. The episode started with every Italian in New Jersey at a Christening. The baby was the nephew of Teresa Giudice. This year, we have the pleasure of being introduced to two new girls joining the show, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile. Both are related to Teresa and both have major family issues with her. Thank God. I absolutely abhor Teresa since her big ’80’s hair flashed before my TV on 5/12/2009.

Melissa Gorga married Teresa’s brother. She spoke of family, and cooking for her husband, being a mother, and a lot of Jesus in her interviews during the show. Her son Joey is being Christened and she keeps asking her infant if he’s ready to enter ‘Jesus’ Kingdom’. I have always found the “Jesus” aspect of these Housewives to be the most entertaining and the most hypocritical. First off, wearing a hot pink mini dress to your son’s Christening is not what Jesus would want, I’m guessing. And the fight that broke out at the party was both amazing and disturbing. As an Italian myself, all I kept thinking about was that this was no better than The Jersey Shore. Do the rest of Americans really think this is how all Italians act? All we do is pick fights, have sex, and have ties to the mob. (Mob Wives takes care of that last one.) But as I watched this piece of fine television, all I could think of was that this was for the camera. Was it scripted? I don’t think so. But the drama that ensued within the altercation itself did come off as fake, to me. But I’m not complaining. This anger was directed at Teresa & her disgusting husband, Joe Giudice. And chicks dig the long ball.

The core of why Teresa and her brother are squabbling has to do with Teresa’s husband, Joe. (There’s A LOT of ‘Joe’s’ in this family) Teresa’s brother, Joe, says his brother-in-law has been saying some very hurtful and unkind things to Teresa and Joe Gorga’s father about him. What was noticeable was the constant reminder that ‘family is everything’ and Joe Gorga has to work to support his family, and that they ‘actually pay their bills.’ That was in reference to Teresa and Joe filing for bankruptcy in 2010 for $11 Million dollars. (Reason #1 WHY I can’t stand Teresa.)

But this is only episode one! Other Housewives did appear in the show last night. But nothing as breathtaking and as exciting as the ‘Baptism fight.’ I have to say I do have the utmost respect for Caroline Manzo and her family. She has three amazing, well-adjusted, and respectful children. And obviously a husband who loves her. But that does not make for good TV. Her scenes were quite boring. Loving family kinda boring.

Now at least Jacqueline Laurita’s scenes were a little more entertaining than Caroline’s. I still don’t know what to make of this girl. She comes off as a doormat even though she’s trying not to. She is trying to be more assertive. She is failing in that department with her daughter, Ashley. Ashley, as you’ll recall, infamously pulled Danielle Staub’s hair last season and there were court dates and blah, blah, blah. THAT’S boring. But now Ashley somehow got an internship at a PR firm in NYC. Her mother came to visit and sent Ashley into a crying spell. And I seriously don’t know who was more annoying in their scenes, mother or daughter. Ashley comes off as extremely sensitive and everything anyone says about her makes her angry and also makes her cry. But she does get ‘curve’, she’s only 20. And I felt that Jacqueline was a little cruel to Ashley.

Especially in the restaurant where she met Ashley and her husband Christopher Laurita. It was obvious Ashley was not responding at all to her mother and was at least attempting to hear what her step-father was saying. Well Jacqueline was having none of that. She threw a hissy-fit and stormed out of the restaurant like a fifteen year old. Nice job, Jacqueline. Bad mothering moment. You chose your ego over your daughter. Period. And you were making these back-handed, hurtful comments to her. I hope you looked at that footage and realize you could do better.

And very quickly, the other new Housewife, Kathy Wakile, kind of didn’t contribute at all this episode. Just some colorful commentary on Teresa. She’s actually Teresa’s cousin. This season should be fun. Gang up on Teresa: Season 3. I love it.

FYI: I also review now for a wonderful site Check it out for more than just MY reviews. It is VERY entertaining.


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The Ultimate Conservative Hypocrisy

What should have been one of the greatest weeks for this country, the Republicans have turned it very political. Okay I am sure some Democrats have done the same thing pertaining to Osama Bin Laden’s death, but, go read a Conservative’s blog. This is about me pointing out the ULTIMATE hypocrisy from Republican/Conservatives. Finding wrong in Bin Laden’s death.

Republicans’ hate President Obama so much that even killing Osama Bin Laden doesn’t change anything. I mean the GOP used 9/11, Bin Laden, terror, & fear for seven years of the Bush dictatorship on a consistent basis. And I remember that ostracizing The Dixie Chicks was the most important thing for this country, even though Sarah Palin goes abroad and bashes President Obama, nobody says anything about that.

We all know that Jon Stewart & The Daily Show are the very best at pointing out the Republicans’ blatant hypocrisy.One has to wonder if Fox News & their commentators ever watch The Daily Show. Obviously not since they don’t learn their lesson. All I know that when the Iraq Occupation started, Conservatives had no problem telling you to your face, that you are ‘with the terrorists’ if you said anything disparaging against Bush. If you questioned the President YOU are unpatriotic. Now all they do is question President Obama. I mean he can’t even kill Osama Bin Laden and get proper credit. The absolute worst thing that could happen to the GOP was that President Obama was the one who eliminated Bin Laden. So then the scheming started. Holy Crap they said … we need to get in front of this. Ding! Give credit to Bush! WHAT? Give credit to the guy who gave up on finding Bin Laden only six months after 9/11? You’re kidding me, right?

I remember how Republican & Conservative pundits would just brow beat anyone who questioned Bush about anything after 9/11. Conservatives screamed that you were unpatriotic if you questioned why we were invading Iraq. You were unpatriotic because to question a President during war-time was unheard of. And the liberals just took it, as usual. Conservatives NOW do nothing BUT question the President. Not just question him, call him every name under the sun. Look at Newt Gingrich, in only a couple of days he completely flip-flops on the situation in Libya.

The bottom line is best said by Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live on 5/7/11 during weekend update. “President Obama’s approval rating jumped to 56% after Bin Laden’s death. Which means there is nothing President Obama can do to please the other 44 %” – Ain’t that the truth. I mean it IS like a joke, “President Obama could kill Bin Laden and Republicans STILL wouldn’t give him credit.” – And how true did that turn out to be,

I did a previous blog on the Republican hypocrisy of 9/11. Obviously before Bin Laden was brought to justice. Check it out


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