The Ultimate Conservative Hypocrisy

09 May

What should have been one of the greatest weeks for this country, the Republicans have turned it very political. Okay I am sure some Democrats have done the same thing pertaining to Osama Bin Laden’s death, but, go read a Conservative’s blog. This is about me pointing out the ULTIMATE hypocrisy from Republican/Conservatives. Finding wrong in Bin Laden’s death.

Republicans’ hate President Obama so much that even killing Osama Bin Laden doesn’t change anything. I mean the GOP used 9/11, Bin Laden, terror, & fear for seven years of the Bush dictatorship on a consistent basis. And I remember that ostracizing The Dixie Chicks was the most important thing for this country, even though Sarah Palin goes abroad and bashes President Obama, nobody says anything about that.

We all know that Jon Stewart & The Daily Show are the very best at pointing out the Republicans’ blatant hypocrisy.One has to wonder if Fox News & their commentators ever watch The Daily Show. Obviously not since they don’t learn their lesson. All I know that when the Iraq Occupation started, Conservatives had no problem telling you to your face, that you are ‘with the terrorists’ if you said anything disparaging against Bush. If you questioned the President YOU are unpatriotic. Now all they do is question President Obama. I mean he can’t even kill Osama Bin Laden and get proper credit. The absolute worst thing that could happen to the GOP was that President Obama was the one who eliminated Bin Laden. So then the scheming started. Holy Crap they said … we need to get in front of this. Ding! Give credit to Bush! WHAT? Give credit to the guy who gave up on finding Bin Laden only six months after 9/11? You’re kidding me, right?

I remember how Republican & Conservative pundits would just brow beat anyone who questioned Bush about anything after 9/11. Conservatives screamed that you were unpatriotic if you questioned why we were invading Iraq. You were unpatriotic because to question a President during war-time was unheard of. And the liberals just took it, as usual. Conservatives NOW do nothing BUT question the President. Not just question him, call him every name under the sun. Look at Newt Gingrich, in only a couple of days he completely flip-flops on the situation in Libya.

The bottom line is best said by Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live on 5/7/11 during weekend update. “President Obama’s approval rating jumped to 56% after Bin Laden’s death. Which means there is nothing President Obama can do to please the other 44 %” – Ain’t that the truth. I mean it IS like a joke, “President Obama could kill Bin Laden and Republicans STILL wouldn’t give him credit.” – And how true did that turn out to be,

I did a previous blog on the Republican hypocrisy of 9/11. Obviously before Bin Laden was brought to justice. Check it out


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