The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 3 Premiere

18 May

I did warn that 90% of this blog IS politics, however, 10% is going to be me reviewing all of the Real Housewives. My guilty pleasure. I am conceding that this franchise has captured my heart and mind, and makes me human. Anyway, if I’m flawed, it’s because I enjoy the Housewives to a degree of embarrassment. Whatever.


I think I quite possibly experienced the greatest 90 minutes of my life last night. between 8-9:30pm. CST. The third season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey began. And boy did it. The episode started with every Italian in New Jersey at a Christening. The baby was the nephew of Teresa Giudice. This year, we have the pleasure of being introduced to two new girls joining the show, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile. Both are related to Teresa and both have major family issues with her. Thank God. I absolutely abhor Teresa since her big ’80’s hair flashed before my TV on 5/12/2009.

Melissa Gorga married Teresa’s brother. She spoke of family, and cooking for her husband, being a mother, and a lot of Jesus in her interviews during the show. Her son Joey is being Christened and she keeps asking her infant if he’s ready to enter ‘Jesus’ Kingdom’. I have always found the “Jesus” aspect of these Housewives to be the most entertaining and the most hypocritical. First off, wearing a hot pink mini dress to your son’s Christening is not what Jesus would want, I’m guessing. And the fight that broke out at the party was both amazing and disturbing. As an Italian myself, all I kept thinking about was that this was no better than The Jersey Shore. Do the rest of Americans really think this is how all Italians act? All we do is pick fights, have sex, and have ties to the mob. (Mob Wives takes care of that last one.) But as I watched this piece of fine television, all I could think of was that this was for the camera. Was it scripted? I don’t think so. But the drama that ensued within the altercation itself did come off as fake, to me. But I’m not complaining. This anger was directed at Teresa & her disgusting husband, Joe Giudice. And chicks dig the long ball.

The core of why Teresa and her brother are squabbling has to do with Teresa’s husband, Joe. (There’s A LOT of ‘Joe’s’ in this family) Teresa’s brother, Joe, says his brother-in-law has been saying some very hurtful and unkind things to Teresa and Joe Gorga’s father about him. What was noticeable was the constant reminder that ‘family is everything’ and Joe Gorga has to work to support his family, and that they ‘actually pay their bills.’ That was in reference to Teresa and Joe filing for bankruptcy in 2010 for $11 Million dollars. (Reason #1 WHY I can’t stand Teresa.)

But this is only episode one! Other Housewives did appear in the show last night. But nothing as breathtaking and as exciting as the ‘Baptism fight.’ I have to say I do have the utmost respect for Caroline Manzo and her family. She has three amazing, well-adjusted, and respectful children. And obviously a husband who loves her. But that does not make for good TV. Her scenes were quite boring. Loving family kinda boring.

Now at least Jacqueline Laurita’s scenes were a little more entertaining than Caroline’s. I still don’t know what to make of this girl. She comes off as a doormat even though she’s trying not to. She is trying to be more assertive. She is failing in that department with her daughter, Ashley. Ashley, as you’ll recall, infamously pulled Danielle Staub’s hair last season and there were court dates and blah, blah, blah. THAT’S boring. But now Ashley somehow got an internship at a PR firm in NYC. Her mother came to visit and sent Ashley into a crying spell. And I seriously don’t know who was more annoying in their scenes, mother or daughter. Ashley comes off as extremely sensitive and everything anyone says about her makes her angry and also makes her cry. But she does get ‘curve’, she’s only 20. And I felt that Jacqueline was a little cruel to Ashley.

Especially in the restaurant where she met Ashley and her husband Christopher Laurita. It was obvious Ashley was not responding at all to her mother and was at least attempting to hear what her step-father was saying. Well Jacqueline was having none of that. She threw a hissy-fit and stormed out of the restaurant like a fifteen year old. Nice job, Jacqueline. Bad mothering moment. You chose your ego over your daughter. Period. And you were making these back-handed, hurtful comments to her. I hope you looked at that footage and realize you could do better.

And very quickly, the other new Housewife, Kathy Wakile, kind of didn’t contribute at all this episode. Just some colorful commentary on Teresa. She’s actually Teresa’s cousin. This season should be fun. Gang up on Teresa: Season 3. I love it.

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2 responses to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 3 Premiere

  1. Anonymous

    June 8, 2011 at 7:31 am

    so after watching that episode this is all you have to say. you hate teressa because she filled for bankruptcy. are you kidding me??????? who the hell do you think you are. you are a trouble maker, low class bitch who does not admit to wrong. i dont really care much for teressa, but your behavior and that of melissa was pure evil. terrible, people like you should not exist. and remember whatever you do will come back to you. hopefully someday you will be woman enough to say you were wrong.
    you evil evil evil evil biatch

    • Jamie

      June 9, 2011 at 1:34 am

      Wow, such a vicious comment. She didn’t say she hated Teresa for filing bankruptcy. It was because it was for $11 million – which is an INSANE amount of money for her to have spent on frivolious items. I am also unclear as to how recapping a tv show by what they actually showed makes you a trouble maker? Come with actual citations of what you have issue with and defend your stance with reasonable arguments and then you can criticize this blog posting.


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