My Vagina

12 Jul

Yesterday, my vagina and I had a conversation. First thing she said to me was, “We can NEVER go to New Hampshire, or Kansas, plus both Dakotas, Texas.” My response was terribly sympathetic. I knew what she was talking about. These states HATE women, or at least their GOP Governors/Legislators.

You know my vagina has been a part of my body since, well, I was conceived. Aren’t you GOP Christian zealots all about life beginning at conception? Well my vagina was there when I was conceived. In fact, if any of you have daughters, YOU decided that they would have a vagina. YOU did. And that sexy feeling you feel at night, with your wife, or mistress, the point of coitus that turns boys into men? That’s a vagina you’re putting your penis in. Without that vagina, you would NEVER know what that feeling is like. So is it fair that I am not supposed to give my vagina the BEST CARE I can? What the hell are you old, white, GOP ‘men’ doing? I can’t go to Planned Parenthood and receive proper health care for my vagina, the one body part I own that you CAN’T live without? Seriously.

Martha Plimpton tweeted yesterday that a woman’s vagina is just as much a part of a woman’s body as her heart, lung, kidneys, brain, and needs proper care in order to function. That inspired this blog.

One question I do have for these misogynistic GOP politicians, what the hell are women suppose to do now that you want to take away Planned Parenthood? Do you know how moronic you sound wanting to de-fund a place women go to receive birth control, THE very thing that prevents those abortions you’re so against. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. And I have yet to hear any of these politicians answer THAT question. What do you think birth control does? You want to take that away from women? Really? And what about screening for diseases that only a vagina can have? You don’t want women to be able to have that? The vagina isn’t only for STD’s, cancer can show up in there. Did you know that? I promise you, the vagina is NOT only for your pleasure. But we women know this already, that’s why we need and want to take care of it. And you GOP ‘men’ are taking away that right. How disgusting.

WOMEN: Please join me in calling, spamming, these misogynistic GOP ‘men’ and letting them know this is NOT acceptable. Our vaginas deserve the best and proper care available. And these ‘men’ are taking that away from us. All of us. This is 2011. Not 1911.

The Republicans have waged a war on women, and women’s health care. This CAN’T be tolerated. This is unacceptable, and we need as many women to stand up for other women and women’s right to choose. MEN are making these decisions, people. MEN who will never know the pain of an unwanted pregnancy. We could throw every one of these ‘men’ in prison and they STILL won’t know the feeling of having to carry their rapist’s fetus.

Councilor Raymond J. Wieczorek: He was a HUGE part in defunding Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire.

Governor Sam Brownback: He signed bills into law in Kansas that makes it impossible for a woman to have an abortion.

Governor Rick Perry: This guy also wants to make it impossible for a woman to have access to health care in Texas

I find the most ironic part of this is how all we’re hearing is less givernment, we need less government. Yet THIS assault on women from the GOP seems to be THE MOST INTRUSIVE form of Government I have ever seen. Don’t you agree?


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8 responses to “My Vagina

  1. Mary Cummings

    July 12, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    Well said!! I like the fact that you speak out for our vaginas! 1) You give us a feeling of permission to treasure and respect it, care for it, just like all our other parts! Well, of course!!! You also make a point that more men should embrace. IF THEY LIKE IT SO MUCH, THEY SHOULD SUPPORT THE CARE OF IT, TOO!

  2. Anonymous

    July 12, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    You know what? I don’t give a damm about your vagina, and any other except mine for that matter.
    And I’m not gonna pay a penny for your “free birth control” Stupid idiots like you screw this country.
    But you won’t know it, because it requires actually a brain, and yours was replaced with the vagina.

    • Kayla Marie

      July 17, 2011 at 2:17 am


      You know, you people say we’re screwing this country up. I’m not a Democrat by any means, but I do want to be responsible when it comes to safe sex. And safe sex doesn’t always require keeping your legs closed. It also requires contraceptives to avoid accidents, so that we don’t have to get the damn abortions that you people complain about so much. I can’t believe you fools lack common sense when you put the pun on the innocence. A choice is a choice and trying to control another person’s life style in this sense is VERY wrong.

      NO abortions! WAHHHHHH!!!!! But a lot of people can’t afford contraceptives, so they go to these clinics like Planned Parenthood to get them. So they can stay safe and save your little precious so-called, “tax dollars” on abortions.

      If you people actually required a brain, then you guys wouldn’t be taking away the things that keep us from…”reproducing.” It’s your own fault. Not ours!!! Also, these organizations are important for a woman’s health. Planned Parenthood has A LOT of fantastic programs cheap and sometimes free and a lot of other health clinics nowadays require health insurance, which most don’t have thanks to the GOP and pussy whipped Democrats.

      I’m not a fan of either party, but I am for the humanistic rights of the people and what’s happening to innocent woman, is wrong! Bottom line! The people who are screwing this country up are the same people who cut the funding for these organizations, such as Planned Parenthood.

      So here’s my middle finger up to you!

  3. Kathryn Scaglione

    July 12, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Of course you’re anonymous. And your post says more about you than anything. I sincerely hope you don’t have daughters. And the fact that you think Planned Parenthood is only about abortions, just means you take the same approach as Sen. Jon Kyl – nothing you say is intended to be a factual statement. Right? You don’t have daughters, right? Because I’ll have my dad light a candle for them at church on Saturday, because they’ll need all the help they can get if you are their mother

  4. Perry MacNeil

    July 16, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Anonymous hecklers, eh? Kath, my Dear, you have hit the big time! You’ve struck a nerve! Congratulations, and welcome to the club! You must be doing something right (no pun intended) if the chicken-s**t “Anonymous” types are complaining.

    Well-stated and a well-written post. Love your passion for fighting the good fight. Keep up the good work, Girlfriend!

  5. savagery

    August 17, 2011 at 2:47 am

    Men need to make their voices heard, too; don’t leave it all to women to defend women. We may not feel the pain of childbirth but we surely know that we must speak up for our wives, sisters, daughter, etc. It’s only common sense; women need all the help they can get. We must vote for men and women legislators that will repeal these unfair laws that do injustice to all women in the US. My heart hurts for single women and women single parents that don’t have any support from the people that should be able to provide that support. What’s at stake here are a few dollars that provide the services desperately needed by the less fortunate, whether they are kin or not. We don’t get raped, women do. We cannot comprehend the depravity of such an act. But we can fund Planned Parenthood in the event it is needed by someone that has been raped, or for other services to women.
    If men want what women have, then it is time to care for them as an equal or lose them to someone that will look after them.


    November 25, 2011 at 4:26 am

    My penis is so happy today. I ask him why. He told to me that he just get fun with Kathryn’s vagina.

  7. Laura

    November 28, 2011 at 8:45 am

    Unfortunately, my vagina was born and raised in Texas. Moving is not really an option. I take some comfort I live in a more liberal county, though.


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