Why is the GOP Still Questioning President Obama’s Patriotism?

22 Aug

This kind of crap makes me sick. What happened to the days of just questioning a President’s policies? I get that there is a two-party system. There needs to be one. But to actually question the President of the United States’ loyalty to America, his patriotism only means one thing. It’s about the color of his skin.

Sorry folks, it is. Thank you Tea Baggers for bringing racism back into the mainstream. Nobody seems to be embarrassed or ashamed to actually be a racist. However, we do seem to be overloaded with overt racists who deny actually being one. Rush Limbaugh is a HUGE racist. (Pun intended) His comment last week, comparing President Obama to an oreo cookie, WOW … he surely doesn’t hide his hatred for this black President. What makes it worse (if it can be) is that he truly doesn’t think what he says is disgustingly offensive. Most racists don’t, because they don’t care. Rush Limbaugh really doesn’t think he says anything that offends a whole race of people. Rush Limbaugh says these types of things on a regular basis. Rush Limbaugh has actually said, “If anybody looks down at black people and has a condescending view of them, it’s liberals.” – WHAT? Are you kidding me? Maybe he should listen to his own show once in a while. Rush’s problem IS his ego. Listening to him spew lie after lie, it literally seems like he’s just pulling this crap out of his ass. Who cares about truth and facts? Most GOP politicians and pundits DON’T care about truth and facts, which can be proven by watching any Michele Bachmann video, or Sarah Palin video. Palin believes Sputnik took down the Soviet Union, and Bachmann believes there still is a Soviet Union. How is anyone supporting these morons?

In January 2007, Rush Limbaugh called President Obama a “Halfrican.” – That is a racist comment. I would send Rush the definition of ‘racist’ but that wouldn’t do any good. The GOP and the GOP pundits make up something in their head and then present it as fact. The GOP ALWAYS state their opinions and present those opinions as facts. Just watch one Fox News program. That is EXACTLY what they do. Rush’s racist assault on President Obama doesn’t end there, he has also said President Obama is “a Chicago street thug,” “a half-minority,” and even “the little black man-child.” Now why would someone who isn’t a racist ever think to say things like that? They wouldn’t. Rush would, and has, because Rush Limbaugh is a racist.

The problem also is that the ‘is President Obama really American’ bullshit is back, thanks to Rick Perry. Last week a reporter asked him, pertaining to his speech, if Governor Perry was questioning President Obama’s patriotism. And the Governor’s response was the typical Tea Bagger response, ”I dunno, you need to ask him.” Really? Why? Seriously, what has President Obama actually done to make anyone think he isn’t loyal to America? Oh wait I know, he was born black.

Here is my theory. MY THEORY: It seems like the Tea Party and many GOP politician and pundits think ALL black people are Muslims. Seriously, they really believe that all black people are Muslim. And because of 9/11, ALL Muslims want to kill all Americans. Because extremists didn’t attack us on 9/11, Muslims did. I really think the Tea Baggers get together and talk about how they think the White House is now a Mosque, that once Obama became President, he turned it into a Mosque and that’s where the President is plotting his attack on America. The Tea Party and birthers do seem to be that stupid. By the way Governor Perry, weren’t YOU the one talking about wanting Texas to Secede from the Union? Yeah, ya did. And who’s questioning YOUR patriotism? That’s about as UNPATRIOTIC as you can get. There’s really only one word to describe you Governor Perry, HYPOCRITE. Enjoy your campaign.

Since President Obama was sworn in, he has taken out Bin Laden AND Gaddafi. Do I need to repeat that? PRESIDENT OBAMA TOOK OUT OSAMA BIN LADEN AND MUAMMAR GADDAFI. That happens to be a fact, folks. George W. Bush was a hero when he took out Saddam Hussein, and Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11. But President Obama is the Commander-in-Chief when Bin Laden is killed, and when Gaddafi is ousted, yet President Obama doesn’t get credit. But to the true haters of the President, they can’t for the life of them, even concede to the most blatant TRUTH about Obama being President when Bin Laden was killed. Nope, the GOP is in denial. Bush’s policies didn’t get Bin Laden. One person even have the audacity to tell me that because President Obama didn’t serve in the Military, that means he didn’t have anything to do with Bin Laden being killed. WHAT? Yes, someone did say that to me. These Tea Baggers don’t care how ridiculous they sound, because giving credit where credit IS due is never going to happen. They will look at the blue sky and tell you it’s green, to your face.


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16 responses to “Why is the GOP Still Questioning President Obama’s Patriotism?

  1. Conservative One

    August 22, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    Maybe you animals should consider the way you treat people that you disagree with before you begin whining about the way your Messiah is treated.
    After what you people tried to do to Sarah Palin, you have a lot of nerve complaining.

    EVERY AMERICAN has the right to question their leaders.

    You people had no problem questioning President Bush’s patriotism. Hell, you animals called him Hilter, Racist and some of your other typical pet names.

    And what’s wrong with the term “halfrican”. He is half black and half white.
    It’s always interesting how you liberals are so willing to cast your names and label people, but when it’s returned, you complain and whine.

    Tea Party Members and The GOP does not think all Black People are Muslims. This is simply more of your self absorbed rhetoric. It’s idiots like you the keep racism alive in this Country. It’s idiots like you that thrive on any chance to label someone a racist.

    You don’t even know what a “racist” is. You only mimic it because it’s what your cult demands.
    You don’t think Rush has been called a racist by your kind before ??? He’s still on the air, while Liberal Talk Radio still struggle to survive. He out lived Air America and their Left Wing assault. I’m sure he doesn’t lose much sleep over your uneducated accusation.
    Fact is, you liberals have made your mark using racism and accusations. Without the ability to accuse people of being racist, you have nothing.

    This Empty Suit you call President hasn’t “taken anyone” out. He has simply stayed out of the way and allowed “real” men to do their jobs. You animals are always trying to claim credit for things you never have the courage or spine to do in the 1st place.

    Here’s the thing. And I’m sure this will be a bruise to your self absorbed ego. Nobody listens to you. Nobodys hears you. You Left Wing Extremists spew the same lies and rhetoric and REAL AMERICA doesn’t even consider you relevant.
    You can come here to your little created safe haven and rant all you want. That’s what you people do best … You are only brave in your inner circles.

    The problem is, Obama’s popularity has come down to Earth, and you animals can’t handle it. Obama lied his way to the White House. And those Young Voters 18-25 are now out there trying to find jobs. And guess what, many of those jobs being sought after are from the “Evil Rich”. What those young voters now realize is that Democrats/Obama want to over tax those people that might one day be their bosses.
    Obama’s little slogans and Martin Luther King speeches aren’t working anymore.

    Keep preaching your Class Warfare … It’s pissing America off.

  2. Conservative One

    August 22, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    The biggest problem with liberals like you is that you get an accusation in your mind and you try to make it factual. You’re a propagandist and a liar.

    NOBODY thinks the White House is a Mosque. That’s your fabricated lie.
    NOBODY thinks all Blacks are Muslim. Another Lie to fuel your hate.
    NOBODY thinks the President is planning to attack America. Again, another lie by you.

    You see, you try to make these radical accusations because it’s what’s fabricated in your mind. Never mind that it’s all in your diluted mind. You try to pass it off as fact.
    This is how you fuel your hate. You people are not happy unless you’re fueling hate and keeping racism alive.

    You try to pass Obama off as a victim, when in reality he’s an empty suit and a liar himself.

  3. reflectionseed

    August 22, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    Conservative One: what is the difference between what the conservatives say about Obama and what liberals said about Bush? That Bush left the country in shambles and Obama inherited all his mistakes. One thing is to create the problem and another one not to fix it. No country in the entire world’s history has been able to resolve these types of crisis in less than 4 years! In case you missed the news, the reason for the the financial melt down happened during Bush’s 8 years. As well, under his watch, we indebted the country as is. Not enough? He engaged our nation into a war that lacked of all sorts of planing and logistic. But I may concur with Kathryn’s sentiment although I’ve not witnessed her facts.

  4. Falon

    August 22, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    I can agree with Conservative One on SOME things. Kathryn, I’m sorry but you are full of hate for conservative values so much that you actually hate the people themselves. That to me is racist. The fact that 71% of americans are now against Barack Obama and his policies is not relevant to you. The down grade of america was NOT because of the so called ‘tea baggers’ if you look back, you might see that Standard and Poors actually told the house that if you can’t find a way to actually save I think it was 4 trillion dollars over a period of time they would downgrade america. That’s why conservatives were stalling. They were hoping to come up with a plan that the liberals wouldn’t even listen to. So please, the next time you call us terrorists and accuse us of holding our country hostage maybe you should actually do a little research of your own instead of listening to everyone else on your side. I do agree with reflectionspeed when he/she says that both parties accuse each other for things they dont agree with. Conservative One is actually bringing him/herself down to your level by name calling. You are not an animal, I just think we are ALL a little misguided. No one is right if they are harassing someone. You yourself are wrong to harass anyone because you are so against harassing the president. We are all alittle self absorbed when it comes to our rights.

  5. UsneakydevilU

    August 23, 2011 at 2:21 am

    I can recall liberals continuously calling Bush, Cheney, and Rowe all racist, even though the Bush admin. gave more money to African than any other president “ever”, even Obama. If anybody’s racist it may be Obama, against his own race. He has a dismal record with giving aide to African nations and for America; the unemployment rate for blacks is close to Great Depression era.
    I’ve learned you can’t have a reasonable talk with liberals (“you people”) as yourself because your logic has been blinded by mountains of talking points and hateful BS. I’m sure you see yourself as enlighten but what is portrayed is “Hate”. Try looking at “the man in the mirror”, you do what you claim conservatives do. This kindergarten logic, should bother you, for example, you’re actually saying many conservatives believe all blacks are Muslim, where do you guys get this stuff; oh I know “the devil is active”.
    Liberals would follow a liberal politician at their own peril; you guys are the definition of insanity.
    Oh yeah, I’m ashamed that in America where there is suppose to be “free exercise of religion, and freedom of speech” I’m called a homophobe for backing what my religion says. I do not exept your label, I’m Christian and you will not change me!

  6. Anonymous

    August 23, 2011 at 9:00 am

    Wow. You’re nuts.

  7. Suzannah

    August 23, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    Kathryn, you are TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY RIGHT on this! They’re all afraid of the black man in the white house. And these people are idiots. Thank you!

  8. suzannah_mpls (@suzannah_mpls)

    August 23, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    Sneaky devil & conservative one,
    First of all we all have the right to our own opinions. If you want to voice yours, get your own blog.
    Secondly, “devil” your Christian views towards the LGBT people in our country has no place in this discussion.
    Lastly, conservative one, why don’t you to into a group of mixed race people and call them “halfricans” or whatever creative name you’d create for mixed race hispanics. Even white people are mixed somewhere in their families bloodless… I know I am, but dudnt know until an extensive family tree research project. But what I believe is that if you called anyone something as racist and stupid as “halfrican” you’d have a problem. Truth is we’re Americans. And not Native Americans (mostly, certainty not you) at that.

    • UsneakydevilU

      August 25, 2011 at 12:22 am

      suzannah, first it’s at, check it out someday.

      second, the author Ms. Kathyrn in her ‘About’ directly under her blog, calls all conservatives racist & homophobes; she put it in the discussion. And just as you trumpet everyones right to their opinion, my opinion is from the bible whether you or me like it or not, I have that right.

      Not much to the everyone is entitled to their opinion argument, when you call people racist, homophobe and curse them when they give an opinion you don’t like. proceed with calling me names.

  9. D Butler

    August 24, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    Questioning patriotism is fair game, because Barack Obama himself did it three years ago during the ’08 Presidential campaign.

    If you’re prepared to post this on your blog and agree that Barack Obama was wrong to question anyone’s patriotism, then you are being intellectually honest, a believer in “truth and facts” as you claim to be.

    If you aren’t, you’re being a hypocrite. Especially since Mr. Obama was calling it unpatriotic to raise the federal debt by four trillion dollars in eight years. President Obama has done that in less than half the time.

  10. Kathryn Scaglione

    August 24, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    As I am reading all of the comments, I am astounded at the hypocrisy from the right. But the thing is that the GOP has made it ok to be a hypocrite nowadays. It’s ok to be a hypocrite, a racist, a bigot – any form of hate, the GOP has sanctioned, with pride.

    @Conservative One: Everything you posted is nothing but rhetoric. It’s easy to say this, that and the other without backing anything up. But you are stating your opinion. The difference is that I tell everyone that it’s my opinion. You state your opinions as facts. Just like everyone on Fox News. And good thing for you and the GOP that there are so many stupid GOP voters who have no desire to do their own research and found out what is the actual truth, and what is a lie. Case in point: You can’t even give credit to the President for the killing of Osama Bin Laden. THAT can’t be denied no matter how you or any of the hateful GOP try to spin it. THAT action DOES NOT happen without the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES giving that order. What part of that don’t you understand? Barack Obama was the President when that happened to YES, he DID take out Bin Laden.

    My comment about Republicans believing that the White House is now a Mosque because a black guy lives there was really a ‘tongue & cheek’ comment, however, it’s not that far off a statement. Are you forgetting all the haters that protested the Muslim Community Center in NY a while back? A cab driver was stabbed because he was Muslim, so much vandalism across this country during that time. I remember, and I was disgusted. You don’t care because you happen to agree. Thousands of protesters with signs and screaming that Muslims killed us on 9/11. And in fact, I don’t remember anyone distinguishing between Muslims and Muslim extremists.

    What I am sick of is the GOP whining about how liberals are calling ‘racism’ on everything. That is simply not true. But I’m sure deep down you are a racist because you accept racist comments as not being racist. Most do. You’re no exception. When a fringe of the GOP party questions the President of the United States’ birth, and STILL question it even when two birth certificates have been released, there’s only one reason for that, the color of his skin. Were YOU with Newt when he said that Obama was ‘channeling his Kenyan father’s beliefs and governing the country with those beliefs’? Do you agree with him? Because that is unbelievably racist. When Michele Bachmann says that President Obama is ‘running a gangster government,’ do you agree with her? Because that too is very racist. All of Donald Trump’s fake campaign was racist. Calling Obama a ‘tar baby’ – I could go on and on. You probably forget these comments because you agree with them. I would wish that all of you pseudo racists out there would grow some balls and have some integrity and just own it.

    @UsneakydevilU: You mentioned ‘Freedom of Religion’ – but I bet you were out protesting the Muslim Community Center in NY, right? Or you were at least screaming about it. Talk about hypocritical. By the way, the bible is NOT the constitution of the United States. So get over yourself. If your religion calls for you to hate people, your religion pretty much sucks.

    @D Butler: What? You’re doing exactly what the GOP does, hold this country hostage, but the President in the corner, and then blame him. And you know that is EXACTLY what happened. The Republican congress, in December, said they would NOT extend unemployment benefits if the Bush tax cuts weren’t extended. THEY DID THAT. That is a fact. And then decided to take this country hostage again by causing a fake crisis with raising the debt ceiling. You will recall that only Tea Party members were on TV saying that it would be ‘no big deal’ if America defaults. So the GOP is really doing nothing to bring down the debt. The GOP, since taking over Congress, has never brought up a jobs bill, not one. But yet that’s what they campaigned on. They really are the party of NO. F*ck the country, as long as we do everything against Obama. That is a fact. And I’m pretty sure you weren’t bitching when Bush was running up the deficit, were you. No? Didn’t think so.

    • suzannah_mpls (@suzannah_mpls)

      August 24, 2011 at 9:38 pm

      Don’t forget Mitch McConnell state that he would “do anything” to make sure Obama was a one term President. The GOP seems to be living up to that idea… But I don’t expect it to work. Obama is a chess master dealing with amateurs. Mark my words.

  11. Falon

    August 25, 2011 at 1:03 am

    Kathryn, if we can’t name call, what gives you the right to? You can’t even comment back to me, because on some things, not everything, clearly you have set me straight on some things. But some things I am actually right on. The only reason people voted for Barack Obama is because of his color. Plus he promised change. Proper were starving for a better outcome hoping Obama would be it. Why is it that you can call Bush anf any other conservative names and its just fine, but if we take the smallest thing out of context you use it as ammunition against us. I’m sorry, but you are over contradicting yourselves. You are making fools of yourselves. I admit when I am wrong, I have no problem with that.

  12. David Buter

    August 25, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Kathryn, I wish you would respond to my point, that President Obama has also questioned the patriotism of Republicans. That was the title of this thread after all.

    Instead, you’ve been making assumptions about who I am and what I believe in. How am I holding this country hostage? Remember President Obama himself voted to deny an increase in the debt ceiling when he was a Senator. And he did it for the same reason — to make a point and try to affect political change. It was President Obama in 2008 who said it was “unpatriotic” to raise the debt ceiling and put it on a credit card to the “Bank of China”. THOSE ARE HIS WORDS. Not mine. Why is it just fine for President Obama to have said these things about Republicans, but not OK for Republicans to say them?

    And you are incorrect, we on the right WERE complaining when President Bush and many Republicans forgot what it is to be a conservative and let spending get out of control. That’s why quite a few Republicans in Congress were bounced out of office by conservatives in the 2010 election. Big-spending Republicans got bounced by conservatives. For conservatives, spending is NOT just an anti-Democrat issue. You want proof: Ask Bob Bennett in Utah. Ask Trey Grayson in Kentucky.

    And you’re wrong, it’s the Republicans who have passed budgets and cut/cap/balance that would bring stability to the economy and make it possible for employers to move forward and hire people. Right now it’s the uncertainty of knowing which taxes are going up when, and how much health care costs will increase, that are keeping businesses from hiring people.

    By contrast, it’s the Democrats who have NO plan for anything, not even a budget. President Obama’s most recent budget got to the Democrat-controlled Senate and was voted down, 97-0. There hasn’t been a Democrat budget for two years, just continuing resolutions, racking up the debt, but no sitting down and getting serious. You may not like the Republican budgets but at least they HAVE budgets.

    I get it, that you’re against Republicans having First Amendment rights (even though they aren’t saying anything that President Obama himself didn’t say during a campaign). But this is rock-paper-scissors politics.

    We know what you’re against. What are you FOR?

    The Democrats’ plan has been to give hundreds of billions of stimulus seed money to companies like GE to create new-age green jobs. Of course, three seconds later, the Democrats complain that GE doesn’t pay any taxes. And the stimulus jobs end up costing a half million dollars apiece. If you’re accusing Republicans of having no ideas to create jobs, I guess I’m glad that the Republicans haven’t tried to come up with their own version of THAT great idea.

    Republicans have largely gotten behind the Ryan plan as a blueprint to get the country on the right track. What is the Democrats’ blueprint? Don’t waste time attacking the Ryan plan, if you don’t have a plan at all. Tell us where we can read about your plan. In writing, somewhere, so we can learn about it. That’s called “transparency”. Then you can attack the Republican plan all you want.

  13. Kathryn Scaglione

    August 25, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Ok just a quck response, the long one is later, but NO WHERE in my ‘about me’ section do I say all Conservatives are racists & homophobes. You read it and then decided that’s what I meant. THAT is a true Republican. Just spews lies, blatant lies. Lies that can be proven to be lies. And that’s what you did. I never said ‘ALL’ – and you even read the ‘about me’ section and STILL decided to type a lie. I don’t know why that surprises me, seems to be what Republicans do these days. LIE.

    And all of you talking about name calling – I see you all watched Sean Hannity last night. Nice try being original

    • UsneakydevilU

      August 26, 2011 at 12:46 am

      Kathryn, you said this on this page, “My biggest pet peeve are Republicans/Conservative politicians, pundits, & commentators who state their opinions as facts. And I will call you out. And right now … I am ashamed that this country has become a country of racists & bigots & homophobes. I am here to try to call those haters out. Who’s with me???” (copy & paste from your text from ‘About Kathryn Scaglione’)

      I could be wrong but I believe you are linking Repubs/Conservs with racism, bigotry & homophobia in this paragraph. If I lie, I got it from you! You are lost within your own crap. Grow up Kat and please make some sense! Love always, UsneakydevilU.


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