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Rant About the Candidates

Where does one even begin with this? Is it really 2012 and women are having to fight for birth control? BIRTH CONTROL!! First off, the Catholic Church is the very LAST organization that should be complaining about being discriminated against. There was NO discrimination when they decided to cover up their unbelievable sex abuse scandal. The hubris of the Catholic Church in that situation should have been the end of them. But the whole ‘God’ thing kept them up and running. And to this day they seem very unapologetic for covering up the rape and molestation of young boys. I have NO empathy for their rights and beliefs. Cardinals and Bishops knowingly put child molesters in other parishes. The Catholic Church is really going to complain about Catholic hospitals/businesses having to include contraception in their insurance package? Those corporations are way more important than the little boys that were raped and sexually assaulted in their own Church. Nope. No empathy/sympathy from me.

The three GOP Presidential candidates have shown such misogyny in the last couple of weeks that it makes me ill. Of course we have to start with Rick Santorum. THE Catholic of all Catholics. Except he’s the least Christ-like. The amount of racism and bigotry he has shown since he entered the race, plus his history in politics have been in direct contrast with the teachings of Jesus Christ. I went to Catholic school. I went to Church three days a week for umpteen years and took religion and bible classes five days a week. I don’t remember Jesus being as hateful as Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum wants you to hate gay people and women more than anything. He believes his Faith and religious beliefs should be the law of the land. Not kidding. Can you imagine if a Muslim candidate wanted Sharia law to be the law of America? There has been so much hate for Muslims in this country that Republicans have started pulling ‘problems’ out of thin air just to have a fight on their hands. I don’t remember one American Muslim ever saying they wanted Sharia law to be the law of the United States. GOP politicians and pundits came up with this, and then stated it as fact. How despicable. And yet there are so many GOP voters that go ahead and believe them, even when the fact is that not one Muslim in America has ever said that they want Sharia law to be our law. Stunning.  Santorum said, “There should always be a Jesus candidate.” Except Mr. Santorum is the antithesis of Jesus. If I recall, Jesus was about feeding the poor and helping the poor. Mitt Romney said it himself, he is not concerned about the very poor. Well Jesus was. I’m pretty sure somewhere in the Bible it says, “Blessed are the meek, for they will Inherit the Earth.” Who do these guys think the ‘meek’ are? And that brings me to the point I seem to make every day of my life. These ‘Christians’ cherry pick the Bible like no other. 

And Mitt Romney, I can’t wait for you to be the GOP nominee and HAVE to answer for your constant flip-flopping. You really are the guy who says whatever needs to be said at the particular moment. Whatever crowd you’re in front of, whatever reporter you’re speaking to, you say whatever appeases what’s in front of you. That just means one thing. You have ZERO integrity. None. And who wants a President with no integrity? Nevermind. I found this amazing video, amusing really, of many of Romney’s flip-flops. I wish more than anything he would watch this and try to explain it. This guy’s talented. The dude can flip-flop twice in the same interview! That takes major skill. I wonder if all his aides are doing right now is finding ways for him to explain his massive flip-flops. I’m serious. There isn’t one single issue Mitt Romney hasn’t flip-flopped on. No integrity. 

And we’ve saved the best for last. Newt Gingrich. Such a horrible person that I don’t even have to prove it. This guy is such a blatant racist and doesn’t even try to cover it up. When you say that President Obama is a ‘food stamp President’, that’s racist. I don’t know why the media is so afraid to call it for what it is. The GOP has scared the media into thinking that calling someone a ‘racist’ is the worst thing to do. No, no. When you say racist things, constantly, you are a racist. He really is the Racist Face of the Republican Party. This guy actually said this:

“Our President is trapped in his father’s time machine. Incredibly, the U.S. is being ruled according to the dreams of a Luo tribesman of the 1950s. This philandering, inebriated African socialist, who raged against the world for denying him the realization of his anticolonial ambitions, is now setting the nation’s agenda through the reincarnation of his dreams in his son. The son makes it happen, but he candidly admits he is only living out his father’s dream. The invisible father provides the inspiration, and the son dutifully gets the job done. America today is governed by a ghost”


You know what’s worse than that? Americans who said yeah, yeah I bet he’s right. I do believe Obama is having a séance every night to channel his dead Kenyan father to get tips on how to govern America. Oh my God. I do believe this country is very dumb. Extremely illogical and irrational. And I blame Sarah Palin.


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Fox News: GOP Platform

First off, having to write this little bloggy blog is making me ill. Just the thought that in 2012, women as a whole, are under attack by the House GOP and ALL of the GOP Presidential candidates. It’s stunning that I have to even write anything about women’s rights being stripped. Especially women’s health rights. But why I’m doing this today is in response to Chris Wallace’s interview with Rick Santorum this past Sunday morning. Now I admit I don’t watch Fox News or even Fox on Sunday mornings and this is THE reason why. Santorum made the egregious claim that breast cancer is linked to abortions. This has been repeatedly debunked over and over and yet there he is still making the claim. And what did Chris Wallace do? Absolutely nothing. Great job. Please can we take away Chris Wallace’s label of ‘journalist’ now? Or ‘reporter’? Because he sucks at it. I would think a 5th grader would have said something to Santorum about that being NOT TRUE. Why didn’t you, Chris? You can’t call yourself a ‘journalist’ when all you’re doing is giving these candidates a platform to spew their lies to the American people, with NO challenge whatsoever. So all that makes you is a question asker. I’m sure your dad would be proud of your journalistic integrity. Oh wait. You don’t have integrity, which makes you a perfect anchor for Fox News.

And this going to anyone to interviews Rick Santorum in the future: Why are you so afraid to call him out on his lies? Ask him, “This theory of breast cancer being linked to abortion has been disproven over and over, so why are you talking about it as if it’s a fact?” What’s so hard about asking THAT kind of question?

I get this little blog means nothing to anyone at Fox News,or a Fox News viewer, but in the general election, people are going to see that you are a ‘news’ organization that just lets Republicans have a pulpit. No integrity.

Kathryn Scaglione

Obama 2012

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Protesting the Abortion Protesters

I believe I have a new calling. I found my passion. Today was an adrenaline rush I have only felt once before. Getting up, getting out of the house and driving down to Planned Parenthood to protest. That’s right, I went to go protest. Protest the protesters.

The first time I did this was on my birthday last November. I happened to drive by the St. Louis Planned Parenthood and saw a sign that just pissed me off. A woman had a sign that said, “Stop Black Genocide.” WHAT? So I slammed on my brakes, put my car in reverse and parked. I needed this woman to explain to me why she believes this sign to be true. And I did just that, first I asked if I could take a picture, she said NO but I did anyway. And then I politely (I swear) asked why she believes that sign to be a true statement. This was her answer, I’m not kidding, she said, “God told me.” So my face/mouth went into that wrinkly/crinkly position of ‘I promise I’m not laughing AT you’ except I was SO laughing AT her. And my response to her was, “You know abortion is not in the Bible.” The woman turned away and started walking away from me. So all the other protesters then gathered around me, about 6-7, telling me that ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’ is in the Bible and that’s where abortion is ‘mentioned’, obviously. How could I not see that? But I’m prepared. I did go to Catholic school and have been in abortion debates before and if there’s one thing I’m ready for, it’s ‘Bible’ talk. I smiled and said, “You know the Bible also says it’s ok to stone your disobedient children to death.” One person immediately called me a liar and the others, well the others, “that’s not meant to be literal”, they said. Really? By the way, here is the Bible verse giving the go ahead to murder your kids: Deuteronomy 21:18-21

But most of us know that the crazy Evangelical Christians do what they do best, cherry pick. And they cherry pick the Bible like no other. Yesterday at Planned Parenthood everybody they cited to me miraculously found ‘God’ at some point. There was one lady who had a ‘I regret my abortion’ sign was telling me to read Abby Johnson. A former Planned Parenthood director who ‘saw the light’. And listen, I do MY own research and homework. I like to be prepared & to have the facts. And guess what, Abby Johnson’s story is all about God and prayer. Well guess what? Not everyone believes in God and more important – THE BIBLE IS NOT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITES STATES. And the biggest myth is that this country was founded on Christian values. What a load of bull THAT is. Most of our Founding Fathers were Freemasons. But to the GOP & Religious zealots, facts don’t matter.

And this brings me to the most important moment of my time yesterday, there was a mother there with two children and seven months pregnant. After a discussion about rape and incest, which I’m sure is brought up in every debate on abortion, I asked her if she was willing to choose the fetus’ life over her own if her life was in danger. And without hesitation she said, “Yes.” I said, “Really. You could leave your children without a mother knowing there was an option?” And this was her answer. And I’m not making this up. She said, “My husband is a terrific father and if it comes down to it, there are wonderful adoption agencies.” Whoa. I knew she was lying, but can you tell a pregnant woman she’s a liar to her face? Well I could, because I’m a mean person, but I didn’t. I did say that if she really was in a position of having to leave her children motherless I don’t think she would be THAT decisive. And I also challenged her to actually go in Planned Parenthood and just say one thing, “I’m confused.” I wanted her to go in and see for herself that abortion is NOT the only option Planned Parenthood offers. The point here is CHOICE. I wanted her to see what really happens inside Planned Parenthood. I’ve heard over and over and over that it’s an ‘abortion factory’ and that abortions are their ‘bread and butter’ and that is so not the case. Not one person was willing to actually go inside and see for themselves. So at that point I said that your cause is lost on the fact that you are NOT factual. You have made up your own minds about this facility even though what you think to be true, isn’t.

A woman HAS to have a safe environment to terminate her pregnancy, no matter the reason. Rape, incest, or just a young woman in trouble. Not everyone believes that life begins at conception. I don’t. For the mere fact that miscarriages happen, twins sometimes morph into one another, there’s a thing called Vanishing Twin Syndrome. If life begins at conception, what happened to that life? Too many things can happen during the gestation period that scientifically prove that there is not ‘life’ in the womb.

When I was 15, I went to an anti-abortion rally in St. Louis, at Barnes-jewish hospital. I was actually on TV, not because I REALLY believed in the cause, but I wanted everyone to see my Bon Jovi bandana & t-shirt. Then I grew up and became a woman. The thought of being thought of a second-class citizen, just because I have a vagina, made me livid. If I become pregnant, no matter the circumstance, the Government is telling me what I can and can’t do with my own body? The Government is making life decisions for me just because I happen to be the one who can get pregnant? I don’t think so. I dare any of these disgusting old, white, Republican men to actually meet a rape victim. Meet a 13-year-old incest survivor and tell them to their face they HAVE to carry their rapist’s baby to term. They HAVE to carry their father’s baby to term. That is as cruel as anything. And I promise you none of these Congressmen/Senators who want to control a woman’s right to choose, DO NOT KNOW A RAPE VICTIM.

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