Journalists and Reporters Interviewing Romney & Santorum

12 Mar

Just for the record, this isn’t for anyone working at Fox News, for the simple fact that you have your own agenda and will never ask the GOP candidates any questions that actually matter. Now that that’s out-of-the-way ….

It’s kind of shameful to watch reporters/journalists interview the GOP candidates because it seems the ‘follow-up’ question is obsolete. Especially those talking with Mitt Romney. I don’t get it, is it because you’re scared? Is it because you don’t like confrontation? Are you just not informed enough about Mitt Romney and his constant flip-flopping? Someone help me out here because I am watching and SCREAMING at the TV which questions to ask, and which questions to follow up with. And I’m disappointed every time.

Now I get that Romney is pulling a ‘Palin’ right now, he’s really not available. And for the most part he’s going on Conservative radio/talk shows for an easy interview. But this also applies to the debate moderators. I mean seriously, the very first question to Mitt Romney at the next debate should be, “Are you aware you’ve flip-flopped on every single issue you’ve been asked about?” And not just the ‘I’ve changed my mind years later’ kind of flip-flopping, I’m talking that this dude flip-flops in the same interview in the same sentence. This should be the question posed to him every interview he does. And would someone please ask him this, “You’ve said that ‘slut’ and ‘prostitute’ weren’t the words you would have used, so please tell us what words you would use.” Why isn’t that asked to him? Nobody’s asked Mitt Romney THAT question yet? Really?

Also his stance on abortion. Here is Mitt Romney in 2002 in a debate when running for Governor of MA. Seems pretty convincing about his stance on abortion. If you actually watch the video, it looks like Mitt Romney was a career flip-flopper. But, someone needs to remind him of this and how he spoke so admirably of his mother. By the way, this is definitely a video the Obama campaign should start circulating. At the end of the video, Romney says over and over, “My position is very clear.” So the next reporter who talks to Romney, ask him what changed. This video shows Mitt Romney beautifully flip-flopping on abortion. And Climate Change. And this video is 4 minutes of Mitt Romney flip-flopping. I could watch these all day.

Now onto Rick Santorum. It seems like he does get asked the questions I would ask. One being, ‘would you make your daughter give birth to her rapist’s baby?’ His answer is ‘yes.’ It’s a no brainer for him. Which kind of makes me sick. What a household that must have been. To be a female in the Santorum household. They love zygotes more than their living, breathing daughters. If some misogynist in Wisconsin, Senator Glenn Grothman wants it to be ‘child abuse’ if you’re a single mother, I want it to be child abuse when you FORCE your daughter to carry her rapist’s baby to term. And Santorum should NOT get credit for ‘being consistent’, Absolutely not. Not when he hates all things non-white male. This guy thinks he’s a martyr, the Pope in a sweater vest. The fact that he’s proud of his views against contraception. “The dangers of contraception” as he puts it. The GOP discourse right now is extremely anti-women. And Santorum is their leader. Remember, he’s the guy who brought a dead fetus home so his other children could mourn it. He did that. And people support this guy?

I find it frustrating that reporters seem a little afraid to ask these candidates any serious questions. My theory is they are afraid Romney or Santorum will never want to be interviewed again by that person. But for the love of God, if reporters ‘back off’ during the general, I’m going to be really, really, pissed. The only reason why I kind of want Mitt Romney to get the nomination is because he’ll HAVE to answer for his flip-flopping. So here is just some advice to non Fox News reporters that will interview him.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Memorize everything Mitt Romney flip-flopped on, which IS everything. Bring video if you have to. Make him watch his own flip-flop videos on YouTube. (That would be freakin’ awesome) And most importantly, get a backbone. Too many reporters ask a question, the candidate lies through his teeth, and the reporter moves on. That happen ALL the time. And that’s why I think that these reporters are just not informed enough going into the interview. Am I right? Wrong?

This kind of reporting and interviewing is going to be so important in the general election. If Mitt Romney never has to answer to his constant flip-flopping, journalism is dead to me.


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3 responses to “Journalists and Reporters Interviewing Romney & Santorum

  1. Brandon Fibbs

    March 12, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Further evidence that the GOP continues its abysmal slide toward vile irrelevance. There was once a time when one could disagree with, yet still profoundly respect, the GOP. A time when it was run by intellectuals. That was a long time ago.

    There was a bit, near the end of HBO’s “Game Change,” in which the aides and advisors to Sarah Palin realize, in a moment of horror, that they have irrevocably changed the DNA of the Republican party by elevating a profoundly popular empty suit, by cheerleading a smile masking a hollow mind. Until the GOP has a Picard moment (“This far! No further!”) and begins to climb out of the grave it has been digging around its own feet, this descent will continue. So long as it bows to the whims of its most extreme margins, this will continue. So long as it champions anti-intellectualism, this will continue.

    I do not want to see the GOP wither and die–resistance, in the body human as in the body politic, is that which builds strength, and unchecked does indeed power corrupt–liberals need conservatives, whether they realize it or not. But this current consortium of conservatives is but a putrid shell of its former self.

    And don’t look to the media to alter the course of this raging river any time soon–castrated of its vitality by a 24-hour news cycle that demands nothing more exerting than soundbites, the media, like the GOP, is quickly becoming a flaccid shadow of its former glory. You know things have reached a pitiable state when the compare & contrast/taking politicians to task for things they’ve said and the polarity shifts of their stances is taken up under the banner, not of the free press, but of comedy programs like “The Daily Show.”

  2. baldbiker

    March 12, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    Great post.
    I have a question for Santorum.
    How will you get the vote of atheists, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Gay & Lesbian American voters?

  3. FromTulsa

    March 18, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    While I was reading your post, I was saying, “Yes!” out loud, several times. You put into words what I’ve felt for a long time. Thank you. And your Commenters are awesome, too!


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