Right now I am in ‘love’ with two things. Bon Jovi, & Politics. My ‘love affair’ with Jon Bon Jovi has been ongoing for 25 years. (And my mom said it was just a phase!) Maybe his humanity is the key to longevity. I absolutely do adore him and his band. I’ve been in the fan club since its inception in 1989. And my mom & dad made  this jacket for me -in 9th grade – also 1989.

Jacket from 9th Grade - 1989

I went to Catholic school and because of the wonderful education I received, (I really did) I am now an Atheist. So I do want to thank the Catholic education system for giving me the academic knowledge to realize the belief & moral system they were trying to instill in me was a big FARCE. I am not one to try to make someone not believe in God, but if you are a psycho Christian zealot … I will do my best.

I am a liberal, a proud liberal. For a moment last summer I discounted myself as a Democrat because I was SO pissed off at the Dems in the Senate & the Congress that I wasn’t even going to vote this mid-term. Then I realized that a do-nothing Congress was WAY better than a do-terrible- things Congress. And now we know … we are waiting for the ‘terrible things.’

To be quite honest … my debate/blogging style, I think, is to make people accountable for what they believe in. BASED ON FACTS. That right now is the essential part of why this country SUCKS right now. Nobody bases their opinions on facts. And you have Fox News doing the one thing that pisses me off the most – Stating their opinions AS facts. That does not happen here. Logic & Truth & Reason TRUMPS everything. If you can’t base your opinion through facts … I’m gonna call you out.

Please follow me on my social networks if you care to. I would appreciate it … AND … I love a great debate/discussion with anyone … Democrat or Republican.

I hope everyone enjoys my rants/2 cents. Please comment too!



Ain't That the Truth


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