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Rick Perry, Herman Cain, & Michele Bachmann

Watching this train wreck of a show, meaning the Republican party trying to find a Presidential candidate to rival President Obama in 2012, is entertaining and pathetic at the same time. The shocking comments coming out of these debates, and sound bytes coming from anywhere and everywhere, shouldn’t shock me at all these days. But they still do and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not the candidates or the GOP pundits I’m angry at, it’s the American voters.

I think that if you’re a staunch supporter of Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Michele Bachmann, you should be made to wear a letter on your forehead indicating who you’re supporting. P, C, or B. That way, the rest of us normal, rational, and logical people can pretty much tell the kind of person you are just by your support of a certain candidate. Quite frankly if you really would cast your vote for these three as President, you’re pretty much a moron. Oh and let me tell you why.

Rick Perry: If you are a supporter of this fool then you would have no problem joining a hunting club that goes by the name ‘N*ggerhead.” Seriously, you would have no problem saying, “Hey it’s Sunday! Let’s go to N*ggerhead and shoot some stuff.” Sadly, one could assume that if you support Perry, the ‘N’ word is likely part of your vernacular anyway so that point is moot. The biggest issue I have with Governor Perry is that he is responsible for putting to death an innocent man. Cameron Todd Willingham. That name should haunt Governor Perry every night for the rest of his life. Somehow I don’t think Perry is losing sleep over it. The story is awful in itself, but what Perry did after the fact makes him as guilty as if he injected the poison that killed Willingham. A committee was put together to investigate and Perry ended that quickly. PLEASE click here to read the cover-up. It’s disgusting behavior as a human being. So much for being the ‘party of family and life’. Another awful lie from Governor Perry is when he said that the 2009 stimulus created ‘no jobs’. Not only is that not true, Perry got a ‘Pants on Fire’ from PolitiFact because it was such a HUGE lie. Plus claiming and proudly rejecting stimulus money, even though he did. A lot of jobs were created under Perry, and for some reason, he won’t concede to the fact that receiving stimulus money had anything to do with it. Go figure. I don’t know. There is so much about this guy that’s shady. Nevermind his embarrassing gaffes at the debates. You can’t recall which three federal agencies you’d eliminate? The argument really is WHY he would eliminate the three he can’t remember. Rick Perry comes across as anti-anything non white. Just look at his PolitiFact page. It’s pitiful. You can go through it and it’s hard to find anything he has said to be true. And people are really going to vote for him?Can you imagine what would happen if we are in a real crisis? He’s going to want to pray on it. You think that if America had a group prayer God would have stopped Osama Bin Laden? Laughable.

Herman Cain: Rachel Maddow is correct is calling Mr. Cain’s campaign an ‘art project.’ If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about this guy over the last few weeks is that he’s misogynist. Unbelievably disrespectful to all the women he’s commented on. Anita Hill, Nancy Pelosi, and of course the women accusing him of sexual harassment. Not one, not two, five women. Five women accusing this guy of being a predator. That’s a pattern. Are they ALL lying Mr. Cain? And who can forget his awesome Libya gaffe. Gaffe? No. He’s ignorant to foreign affairs and foreign policy in general. Anyone who saw his ‘Ubeki – beki – beki beki stan’ comment at that point should have realized immediately he’s NOT Presidential material. He’s not even Congress material. His solution to answering questions is to ask a question back? So 5th grade, Mr. Cain. The only reason why Conservatives and the crazy Tea Party like this guy is because he allows them to believe we live in a post-racial society. Many, many Conservatives, and Tea Party people believe that racism doesn’t exist anymore, even though most of them are racist themselves. Herman Cain will NEVER win a general election. Although I want him to get the GOP nod. Most liberals do. Look at Herman Cain’s PolitiFact page. Not one true statement. That’s who you want running this country?

Michele Bachmann: Where do I start with this one? Other than the fact that she’s an embarrassment to ALL women around the world. What a horrible example of a Conservative woman. A liar, a homophobe, unacquainted, and what’s worse is that defends herself, even when a 3rd grader knows she lying and making up stories. The kicker for me was her speech about the Founding Fathers ‘working tirelessly to end slavery’. Whoa! That’s a ‘WTF’ moment. She wasn’t aware that these wonderful ForeFathers actually owned slaves? No, she was not aware. She knows her history like I know to speak Arabic. I don’t. And her rebuttal was even more astounding. She sure was defending what she said, even though she was reaching for the stars to defend it. It’s sad, actually watching her interview with George Stephanopoulos is cringe-worthy. She is unbelievably uneducated about out nation’s history. Then she comes up with this horrific story about meeting a mother after one of the debates who told her that her 12-year-old daughter got the HPV vaccine and then became mentally retarded. As a woman, she should be ashamed of what she did. She’s lying. She knows it and everyone who has a brain knows it. How dangerous to say something like that. With no proof, no back-up. Nothing. Just come out and say something that’s going to make HER look better to anyone who will listen. That is why she is an awful example of a woman. Mothers: DO NOT LET YOUR DAUGHTERS GROW UP TO BE MICHELE BACHMANN. She has her talking points and then she has her lies. Here is her horrible track record from PolitiFact.

I just realized this blog could have been a waste of time because these three will NEVER be the GOP nominee, much less President. But then again, the Tea Party exists.


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Why is the GOP Still Questioning President Obama’s Patriotism?

This kind of crap makes me sick. What happened to the days of just questioning a President’s policies? I get that there is a two-party system. There needs to be one. But to actually question the President of the United States’ loyalty to America, his patriotism only means one thing. It’s about the color of his skin.

Sorry folks, it is. Thank you Tea Baggers for bringing racism back into the mainstream. Nobody seems to be embarrassed or ashamed to actually be a racist. However, we do seem to be overloaded with overt racists who deny actually being one. Rush Limbaugh is a HUGE racist. (Pun intended) His comment last week, comparing President Obama to an oreo cookie, WOW … he surely doesn’t hide his hatred for this black President. What makes it worse (if it can be) is that he truly doesn’t think what he says is disgustingly offensive. Most racists don’t, because they don’t care. Rush Limbaugh really doesn’t think he says anything that offends a whole race of people. Rush Limbaugh says these types of things on a regular basis. Rush Limbaugh has actually said, “If anybody looks down at black people and has a condescending view of them, it’s liberals.” – WHAT? Are you kidding me? Maybe he should listen to his own show once in a while. Rush’s problem IS his ego. Listening to him spew lie after lie, it literally seems like he’s just pulling this crap out of his ass. Who cares about truth and facts? Most GOP politicians and pundits DON’T care about truth and facts, which can be proven by watching any Michele Bachmann video, or Sarah Palin video. Palin believes Sputnik took down the Soviet Union, and Bachmann believes there still is a Soviet Union. How is anyone supporting these morons?

In January 2007, Rush Limbaugh called President Obama a “Halfrican.” – That is a racist comment. I would send Rush the definition of ‘racist’ but that wouldn’t do any good. The GOP and the GOP pundits make up something in their head and then present it as fact. The GOP ALWAYS state their opinions and present those opinions as facts. Just watch one Fox News program. That is EXACTLY what they do. Rush’s racist assault on President Obama doesn’t end there, he has also said President Obama is “a Chicago street thug,” “a half-minority,” and even “the little black man-child.” Now why would someone who isn’t a racist ever think to say things like that? They wouldn’t. Rush would, and has, because Rush Limbaugh is a racist.

The problem also is that the ‘is President Obama really American’ bullshit is back, thanks to Rick Perry. Last week a reporter asked him, pertaining to his speech, if Governor Perry was questioning President Obama’s patriotism. And the Governor’s response was the typical Tea Bagger response, ”I dunno, you need to ask him.” Really? Why? Seriously, what has President Obama actually done to make anyone think he isn’t loyal to America? Oh wait I know, he was born black.

Here is my theory. MY THEORY: It seems like the Tea Party and many GOP politician and pundits think ALL black people are Muslims. Seriously, they really believe that all black people are Muslim. And because of 9/11, ALL Muslims want to kill all Americans. Because extremists didn’t attack us on 9/11, Muslims did. I really think the Tea Baggers get together and talk about how they think the White House is now a Mosque, that once Obama became President, he turned it into a Mosque and that’s where the President is plotting his attack on America. The Tea Party and birthers do seem to be that stupid. By the way Governor Perry, weren’t YOU the one talking about wanting Texas to Secede from the Union? Yeah, ya did. And who’s questioning YOUR patriotism? That’s about as UNPATRIOTIC as you can get. There’s really only one word to describe you Governor Perry, HYPOCRITE. Enjoy your campaign.

Since President Obama was sworn in, he has taken out Bin Laden AND Gaddafi. Do I need to repeat that? PRESIDENT OBAMA TOOK OUT OSAMA BIN LADEN AND MUAMMAR GADDAFI. That happens to be a fact, folks. George W. Bush was a hero when he took out Saddam Hussein, and Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11. But President Obama is the Commander-in-Chief when Bin Laden is killed, and when Gaddafi is ousted, yet President Obama doesn’t get credit. But to the true haters of the President, they can’t for the life of them, even concede to the most blatant TRUTH about Obama being President when Bin Laden was killed. Nope, the GOP is in denial. Bush’s policies didn’t get Bin Laden. One person even have the audacity to tell me that because President Obama didn’t serve in the Military, that means he didn’t have anything to do with Bin Laden being killed. WHAT? Yes, someone did say that to me. These Tea Baggers don’t care how ridiculous they sound, because giving credit where credit IS due is never going to happen. They will look at the blue sky and tell you it’s green, to your face.


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Christian Politicians

Just a quick note, but if Governor Rick Perry were to become President, it would be a disaster to this country. Proof? The horrible, hateful, racist, & bigoted ‘preachers’ he invited to his ‘Prayer Event’ aka. Klan meeting … this past weekend. This video from the Rachel Maddow show is VERY important and I hope it will be used many, many times over the next year to show how an awful judge of character Rick Perry is.

Now after you watch this in its entirety, if you’re ok with that these men are saying, then that’s on you. The Republican pundits, mainly Sean Hannity & Sarah Palin, made it a point, night after night, to tell everyone that Barack Obama was ‘palling around with terrorists.’ But they always forgot to mention that Barack Obama was 8 years old when Bill Ayres was a part of the Weatherman. So according to the GOP’s own logic, we should assume that all of these Republican nominees think Oprah is the anti-Christ, and that God called on Hitler to kill SIX MILLION Jews, because he wanted to send them back to the Promised Land. Yup, one of Rick Perry’s invited ‘Preachers’ said this. Did you watch the video? John Hagee said this. Do you agree with him? I bet if you’re a Tea Bagger you do. So I say this again, we should assume that is EXACTLY how Rick Perry feels because he is associated with John Hagee, right? I mean that’s their own logic, the GOP’s own words. Barack Obama IS a terrorist because he sat on the same board as Bill Ayres 40 years AFTER Mr. Ayres was part of the Weather Underground Organization.

Two things: THE BIBLE IS NOT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. Separation of Church and State exists for a reason. All of those racist Americans who want to take our country back from the black guy, and get it back to what the Forefathers wanted show know it was the Forefathers who came up with Separation of Church and State. Do you Tea Baggers get that? Of course not, because you just cherry pick the Constitution and the Bible to suit YOUR needs. And screw the TRUTH.

The day this country elects an Atheist President is the day this country starts thriving again.

I won’t see that in my lifetime, I’m sure. But imagine someone who governs us with a clear head. Who doesn’t pray to an invisible man in the sky. Who doesn’t believe angels are going to save the day, or that the devil showed up in some catastrophe. Wow, talk about focus.

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My Vagina

Yesterday, my vagina and I had a conversation. First thing she said to me was, “We can NEVER go to New Hampshire, or Kansas, plus both Dakotas, Texas.” My response was terribly sympathetic. I knew what she was talking about. These states HATE women, or at least their GOP Governors/Legislators.

You know my vagina has been a part of my body since, well, I was conceived. Aren’t you GOP Christian zealots all about life beginning at conception? Well my vagina was there when I was conceived. In fact, if any of you have daughters, YOU decided that they would have a vagina. YOU did. And that sexy feeling you feel at night, with your wife, or mistress, the point of coitus that turns boys into men? That’s a vagina you’re putting your penis in. Without that vagina, you would NEVER know what that feeling is like. So is it fair that I am not supposed to give my vagina the BEST CARE I can? What the hell are you old, white, GOP ‘men’ doing? I can’t go to Planned Parenthood and receive proper health care for my vagina, the one body part I own that you CAN’T live without? Seriously.

Martha Plimpton tweeted yesterday that a woman’s vagina is just as much a part of a woman’s body as her heart, lung, kidneys, brain, and needs proper care in order to function. That inspired this blog.

One question I do have for these misogynistic GOP politicians, what the hell are women suppose to do now that you want to take away Planned Parenthood? Do you know how moronic you sound wanting to de-fund a place women go to receive birth control, THE very thing that prevents those abortions you’re so against. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. And I have yet to hear any of these politicians answer THAT question. What do you think birth control does? You want to take that away from women? Really? And what about screening for diseases that only a vagina can have? You don’t want women to be able to have that? The vagina isn’t only for STD’s, cancer can show up in there. Did you know that? I promise you, the vagina is NOT only for your pleasure. But we women know this already, that’s why we need and want to take care of it. And you GOP ‘men’ are taking away that right. How disgusting.

WOMEN: Please join me in calling, spamming, these misogynistic GOP ‘men’ and letting them know this is NOT acceptable. Our vaginas deserve the best and proper care available. And these ‘men’ are taking that away from us. All of us. This is 2011. Not 1911.

The Republicans have waged a war on women, and women’s health care. This CAN’T be tolerated. This is unacceptable, and we need as many women to stand up for other women and women’s right to choose. MEN are making these decisions, people. MEN who will never know the pain of an unwanted pregnancy. We could throw every one of these ‘men’ in prison and they STILL won’t know the feeling of having to carry their rapist’s fetus.

Councilor Raymond J. Wieczorek: He was a HUGE part in defunding Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire.

Governor Sam Brownback: He signed bills into law in Kansas that makes it impossible for a woman to have an abortion.

Governor Rick Perry: This guy also wants to make it impossible for a woman to have access to health care in Texas

I find the most ironic part of this is how all we’re hearing is less givernment, we need less government. Yet THIS assault on women from the GOP seems to be THE MOST INTRUSIVE form of Government I have ever seen. Don’t you agree?


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An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Dear Sarah Palin:

This is an open letter to you, one I know you won’t read, but I am compelled to write it anyway. Someone HAS to tell you how it is, my dear. You are surrounded by YES people, and that’s just not a good thing. Now, I don’t care about you. I don’t. However, I think you are extremely dangerous to America. You know, with all the lying that you do. And the misinformation you put out there, someone HAS to take a stand and tell you like it is. Your base is the dumbest of the dumb. The really stupid Americans who believe everything you say. The ones who are either too lazy, or uneducated to do their own fact checking. Whenever I say anything, I welcome anybody to check what I say. Fact-check me. Now, who am I? I’m a lowly blogger in St. Louis, MO. But an educated blogger who doesn’t even need to fact-check you because I already know what you’re saying is false. But I do it anyway. So let’s get started.

The first thing I want to address is what happened a couple of days ago. You and your family were visiting Mount Vernon and your daughter, Piper, made a comment that you were so proud of. Except us real educated folk were horrified. You missed a golden opportunity to share with us the education YOU could give your daughter about slaves.

Wait. In fact, at the moment she made that statement, YOU should have said, “Honey, we need to talk about slavery. The darkest mark on this country’s history.” But I don’t know if you just simply don’t think black people exist, or you just don’t care that slavery was a huge part of the foundation of America. This quote was from Sarah Palin’s web site about what happened:

“When Piper laid the wreath at George Washington’s tomb this afternoon, I wished that every American school student could be here to see and feel the spirit of our nation’s first father. Even Piper was able to grasp the significance of being in the presence of our first President – who had such diverse interests – when she told me later “how hard he must have worked to keep that farm going!”

I would like to know one thing. Who are the people around you? Who is approving and going over what you’re publishing before you publish it? Are they just as dimwitted as you? I guess so, because you’ve had MANY of these faux pas.

I could start from the very beginning when John McCain unleashed you on an unsuspecting public back in 2008, but then this would be the longest letter ever. I did a couple of blogs on you previously, so maybe take a look at them as well. But I think I’m going to start with your lying about Obama’s death panels. That was one of the most irresponsible statements to ever come out of any politician’s mouth. Do YOU not do any research? Do you not care about truth and facts? Seriously. I would like to know if the actual truth has a place in your political life. This is what YOU said about President Obama’s health care reform bill:

The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.”

Wow. Stunning. The fact that a grown woman would even think such a thing. And since the health care reform bill passed, have you kept up with your claim? Have you actually met anyone who has been in front of ‘Obama’s death panels’? I’ve noticed that if you are anything, you’re a contrarian. Whatever puts you on the opposite side of what’s popular. The problem with that is you have no idea what you’re talking about. You are only a GOP talking point. I have yet to hear you speak of an original thought. And I have asked many, many times for anyone to find me a speech you gave, that wasn’t a GOP talking point. It can’t be done. Even your disastrous VP debate was all GOP talking points. I’d hate to call you a media whore, no wait … you ARE a media whore, with absolutely nothing to offer anybody. Nothing original, nothing new. And people just eat it up. It’s embarrassing.

Here’s another question I need you to answer. You called for Rahm Emanuel’s job after he called his own party ‘a bunch of retards.’ You were so outraged because you believe you are the only woman to ever give birth to a special needs child. Then Rush Limbaugh said it and it was cool with you. He was using satire. WOW. But here’s what I want to know: You told Dr. Laura Schlessinger ‘don’t retreat, reload’ because you felt the mainstream media was taking her First Amendment rights away? After she said the N word on her show 11 times in one segment. You seriously believe the word ‘retard’ is worse than the word ‘nigger’? Well your actions speak for themselves. Given THIS and the fact that you have no desire to educate your daughter about slavery is proof you are racist. Those two things DID happen, Sarah. That is a fact. Your responses speak volumes

Also on this insane bus tour, you made the statement that “Obama has accumulated more debt than previous 43 presidents combined.” Guess what? It’s a lie. Did you know it was a lie? Do you care that it was a lie? Do you not have a research team? Do you have a research team that does actual research? And not just Sarah Palin research? Will you ever be held accountable for anything you’ve ever said? THAT, my friends, is the hundred thousand dollar question.

When I think of you, Sarah, I think of a couple of things. Not good things. Things I would tell my daughter to NOT become. If my daughter ever displayed signs of your personality, any of your characteristics, or your disposition, I would have failed as a mother.

Sarah Palin is a Victim: Are you really a victim, Sarah? NO. But you play one on TV. Show me one time, just one, where you accepted responsibility for telling a lie, misleading, or just plain-looking stupid during an interview. You have been blaming the lame-stream media since YOU couldn’t answer one simple question, ‘What do you read.’ Really, Sarah, YOU couldn’t answer it, and because it backfired, you blamed Katie Couric. That’s a victim. Except you’re not a victim. Then your unbelievably entertaining and hilarious sit-down interview with Katie Couric went even worse, yet you still blamed Katie. Even though the words were coming out of your mouth. At that moment I realized you really didn’t know anything. You then invented your ‘gotcha’ question excuse for everything. Everyone was out to get you. Lady, you were running for second in office, for Vice President of the United States, not the PTA. And the media did have John McCain dead in less than four years so you were indirectly running for President. But you knew nothing. And you still don’t know anything. I mean if there was one thing you should have learned from the Katie interview, was that you needed to educate yourself. But that was lost on you.

Sarah Palin is a Hypocrite: Sometimes I wonder if you even know what that word means. What you say and your actions are always two different things. Your mantra is always about the lame-stream media, but it’s beyond hypocritical to chastise them, yet you won’t go on any other station but Fox News. I want you to do a sit-down with Lawrence O’Donnell. I wish I could say Rachel Maddow but she is just way too nice. Lawrence would call you out on your bullshit. But we all know that will never happen. You are a coward, Sarah. Hiding behind Fox News and that horrible journalist Greta Van Susteren. Greta: You’re kind of the reason why journalism is dead. You let Sarah Palin come on your show and spew whatever crap she wants to, and you have no desire to hold her accountable. It’s disgraceful. You have no integrity or dignity, Greta. You should be ashamed. Sarah, on YOUR show, said Sputnik eventually was the reason for the fall of the Soviet Union. Yeah, she said that on YOUR show. Yet you didn’t correct her at all. A fifth grader could have corrected her. I hope you don’t introduce yourself as a reporter or a journalist, because you’re not.

Sarah Palin is a Narcissist: Which plays perfectly into you being a victim. Your display of narcissism was in high gear after the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy in AZ. You certainly made it all about you. Let me remind you of something, Sarah, YOU did put up a map of crosshairs targeting Giffords’ district. YOU did do that. And crosshairs only means one thing, Sarah, it’s a target. You put a target on Gabby Giffords’ name and district. YOU did that. So the media making a connection to what you DID do, and the gunman, was NOT far-fetched. But then you came out with a video response that had narcissism written all over it. You turned this horrific event around, and made it about YOU. Pathetic. YOUR ‘blood libel’, Sarah? Really? I’ll say it again, YOU PUT UP A MAP WITH CROSSHAIRS TARGETING GABRIELLE GIFFORDS’ DISTRICT. That is a FACT. But in Sarah Palin fashion, you made it all about YOU.

I do have another pressing question for you. Do you think you can go your whole political career and never have to talk to reporters and journalists that don’t work for Fox News? If you do decide to run for President, and God knows I hope you do, you WILL have to go on MSNBC, and all the major networks. But I don’t think you’re informed enough to think that you do. You think that because you are Sarah Palin, you can do whatever you want. You don’t have to go on another network and answer questions. And you call that being Mavericky. And what it actually is, Sarah, is cowardly.


Kathryn J. Scaglione


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