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I’m Pissed! Right NOW!

ALL women in this country of ours, in 2012, should be so f*cking pissed when these old, white, Republican MEN stand up/do interviews & really think they’re doing us a f*cking favor by making sure ‘we have all the information we need’ when seeking an abortion. The hubris alone makes me want to punch a goddamn kitten in the face. Abortion has been LEGAL for almost 40 years, WE HAVE ALL THE FUCKING INFO WE NEED ALREADY. Why all of a sudden in 2012 do these OLD REPUBLICAN MEN think they need to ‘help’ women in deciding what to do with our own bodies? No seriously, someone answer this for me. No I get it, the GOP think ALL abortions are a form of birth control, and mostly black women are seeking these abortions. Right?

Ladies, the condescension alone in them standing there thinking they are doing US a favor, by providing info. Why haven’t we started a Revolution yet???

The state elections in November are going to be just as important as the Presidential election. The state legislatures are the ones taking away women’s reproductive rights. WE WILL NOT FORGET ANY OF THIS COME NOVEMBER! If the GOP takes over, I promise you there will be bills introduced by the GOP taking away our right to vote. “If you’re a single mother, you may NOT vote.” – Think that sounds crazy? Any crazier than a bill in AZ stating you HAVE to tell your f*cking boss you’re using birth control for medical purposes? THAT’S REAL. Or a bill in MN stating that if you’re a single mother, you can be charged with child abuse. THAT’S F*CKING REAL TOO. Don’t forget in November, ladies. The GOP wants to take away our rights, and that’s not a lie. It’s a fact.


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